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  1. I went to the government hospital yesterday. During the last flooding 2 years ago they, a lot of equipment was damaged. After that, they installed a new hospital computer system and new workstations on almost every nurses desk. And what do those workstations run? Windows XP!!! All you need to activate WIndows XP forever, is a volume license key. Windows does not verify it with the local DC, just runs. I just wonder what runs the server? Windows NT?
  2. On the other hand, and just because of that deterrent, the crime rate in Saudi is extremely low. It wasn't that long ago that the gold shop owners in Balad (Jeddah), didn't even bother locking their shops when they went for evening prayers.
  3. That's all good news. Means that my wife can now come with me if we decide to visit old friends.
  4. That Bangkok-SuratThani sprinter is a real "killer-train", no pun intended, but it has a reputation of running over trucks. What is it now? Four this year?
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