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  1. You could always use MozBackup.It's old but it still works fine, it will backup all your add-ons and bookmarks and such. Personally, I'm using Firefox ESR release that doesn't update unless you force it. The new and updated FF always brakes my really good and old add-ons that I use a lot. BTW, Opera includes a free VPN that works pretty good here.
  2. 4 lanes on PCIe that the current crop of NVMe drive use will give you a maximum bandwidth of just under 4GB/s (4000MB/s). With the overhead for the controller and Win drivers, your NVMe card seems to peak out and using maximum bandwidth available. My figures are about the same for a Samsung 970 Evo Plus. it takes about 2-3 seconds to boot to Windows 10 desktop after BIOs finishes. I have an ASUS MoBo and didn't had to configure anything for the drive except for booting sequence.
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