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  1. Went past there yesterday, just to make the location. Thanks to the GPS coordinates. It's far from anywhere.... It will not be much fun when the IO want's additional copies of that or a printout of something else... Especially with a 2.5 hour drive home.... I hope they got new waiting room chairs....
  2. Seems that required supervision by a qualified PADI Instructor is ignored too.. If, in fact this was a DSD event.
  3. My manual says: 1st dive: Confined water (i.e. pool) 6m, realistically there are very few 6m pools. 2nd dive: Open water 12m The incident happened in open water.
  4. PADI has try diving program called Discover Scuba Diving. I wonder if that was it. My latest PADI Instructor Manual from 2015 states max depth on open water dives as 12m/40ft. Participant to instructor ratio of 4:1. https://www.padi.com/courses/discover-scuba-diving I just wish that every country consulate would be as concern about their citizens as Chinese are...
  5. The Thai maps a re notoriously weird. The thing that works best for me is simple GPS co-ordinates. These locked in, I'm sure my GPS can find me the way. Almost everybody's got a GPS on their phones, no? And I don't have a clue what Mays Kitchen is... The new office is supposed to serve the whole of PKK province, over 220km of Highway 4. Pity they didn't build it in PKK city as the plan once was. Other than that, any comments on the new office? Did they get any new waiting chairs? improved the staff?
  6. I sympathize with OP. Every time I build a new rig I seriously consider Win7. It was, IMO, the best Windows ever, it just worked. Apart from the early BSDs with nVidia drivers, which nVidia refused to accept. Made me switch to AMD for couple of years. It seems that with every new Win 10 update, there are new problems. I was forced to upgrade Skype recently, which killed the microphone in my WebCam. The mike works everywhere else, but not in Skype. The biggest problem installing Win7 is that the manufacturer might not provide specific Win7 driver. This is especially true for Laptops, and as the OP states, it came preloaded with Win10, so I would expect the Win7 drivers might not be available. Best to check on the manufacturers support website. Microsoft has also been making problems installing Win7 on certain platforms.
  7. So have I, but did have problems. Eventually replaced most of them with Seagate. 2TB Barracuda are the fastest spinners on the market. Still have six 1TB WD Green that I don't use anymore, some in USB enclosures. Anybody wants, I'll sell them cheap....
  8. What he's talking about is the corporate data... as in ledgers, balance sheets, maybe ERP whatever.... Not the actual user data. My movies run into 4TB, porn close to 4TB, photos into 1TB, and I'm frugal. BluRay rips can be up to 40Gb a movie.
  9. Yes, but the only problem is it's a Western Digital drive.... unreliable at best!
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