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  1. Correct. Hence the referendum in 2014. That is my argument. The Scots keep banging on about how they want the choice. They had the choice and said NO. As a matter of fact, I would be happy to see Scotland gain independence. In fact I think England should beat everyone to it and have a referendum themselves. A referendum for England to be an independent nation. Leave the rest of the union to Scotland, Wales and NI. England takes everything they want and closes the borders. Then let's see the complaints from across the borders about how nationalistic we are.
  2. You mean "another one" and when that result is NO you want another one and another one and another one........That is not how referendums work.
  3. Oh dear. Short memories again. Scotland had their referendum. The voters in Scotland voted NO. I would say that the majority of MPs in Westminster are Conservative, not SNP.
  4. Scotland has already had a vote. It was the Scots that voted against independence, not Brexiteers.
  5. Not is so many word, no. However, you have continuously suggested that it is the English that are blocking Scottish independence. Those are the words of someone in denial as it simply is not true.
  6. Exactly right. That is why the British Government, not English Government, gave the opportunity for Scotland to vote on independence. The result of which escapes me right now. Could you please confirm if the result was YES or NO? One word answer will suffice.
  7. Yes. You said that the "majority" of Scots don't want the Union. In fact, the "majority" voted the complete opposite of what you claim they think. You also claim that it is the English that are stopping Scottish independence. In fact, the referendum result was a NO. Voted for by Scots.
  8. Face facts and stop denying them. " "No" side won with 2,001,926 votes over 1,617,989 for "Yes".
  9. That's good news. Slight difference, I feel. You say that the hospital "screwed up". Likely easier to get their mistake rectified than to change something that was done correctly.
  10. I I may get raked across the coals for this but why are they vaccinating the terminally ill?
  11. Not at all. The new economic situation has no bearing on Scotland alone. It is the UK that left the EU. When those in Scotland realise this they will no doubt feel better. Particularly the majority. That is those that voted NO.
  12. That is correct. However, the subject of this discussion is NonO. Not Non O-A.
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