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  1. should be 5 years regardless how many owners. To save time and money by going to another DLT place, just have it tested for a few hundred thb. fairly sure there is a place near the DLT you went.
  2. Owned a KLX250 6 years ago. Had it for a year. It's a very good package for a 250. Well equipped and bullet proof. Rode a CRF 250 last week and I have to say that it feels a bit more comfy for everyday use. The KLX is a bit more hard core.
  3. Of course Trump will not be tough on Saudi, Russia etc because they buy his apartments. Once you realize that he has a double agenda his actions aren't that strange anymore.
  4. 7/11 is taking credit for doing nothing. How about just not giving out any bags anymore? Neither government nor 7/11, BigC etc would ever do that because it hurts business. Money first in Thailand, the rest is not important.
  5. for me that little black box is the deal breaker. What were they thinking...
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