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  1. I love trying to get them to say 'Laundry'......lol.
  2. Can u believe how stupid these people are??? Someone tries to stab you so you stop your car and get out!!!! You try to stab someone then knock them out but hang around to be identified or for the police to possibly arrive!!!
  3. Not sure where u buy tickets to the border but for the minibus drop off service it is the counter just to the right (inside) of the door as you exit. Yes 'Centran'...lol! Ive never discovered why the Thais change 'L' to 'N' at the end of words.
  4. Taxis 150-200thb or minibus drop off service 80thb.
  5. Thanks Senior Player. Im just about to start an application (Ive been waiting for my last visa to expire) so Im sure your info. will be invaluable. Can I ask if, with all your successive attempts to log in and continue, did u have to re-enter your application ref. every time? And did u initially write it down as I advised in my thread on this? If u recall I lost my almost completed application as I failed to write this down as soon as it appeared and when out of the blue the 'error return to home' message' appeared and when I returned to the home page I was unable to continue where I left off without the application ref. It would be a good idea to also warn people about this in your excellent step by step guide.
  6. The 7.07 would miss it even if on time but if u get up early for the 5.44 which arrives 6.25 u have an hour to allow for lateness.
  7. I forgot about that thanks. Can foreigners use it? Have u used it? Any idea of the times please?
  8. Almost guaranteed.....lol.....but no sweat unless u must get to the Thai Consulate AM the same day, and u'd be pushing it to do that even on the 8am Thai Lao bus.
  9. Even more direct to the train station. You cant use the bus without a visa and I've a vague recollection of someone telling me that Udon travel agents can no longer issue Laos visas. So its a minibus or train to the border......Your choice.
  10. Here you go....all your problems solved: There is a train at 7.07am; A short pleasant journey. Very expensive though 11thb....lol. You mentioned arriving 6am so you could easily walk to the station in 10 minutes if u dont have baggage, or a tuk tuk should be 50/60thb. The route is short and direct. http://procurement.railway.co.th/checktime/checktime.asp?lenguage=Eng Origin : Destination : Train Number Type Udon Thani Departure Nong Khai Arrive Timetable Fares Train Tracking 1 25 05:44 06:25 Train No. 25 check 25 2 133 Rapid 07:07 07:55 Train No. 133 check 133 3 415 Ordinary 11:33 12:20 Train No. 415 check 415 4 75 Express 16:58 17:30 Train No. 75 check 75 5 77 Express 3:35 4:15 Train No. 77 check 77
  11. Or the Laos bus service from the bridge to Vientiane...20/30thb.
  12. Sorry I dont know but given that they record your passport details when buying a ticket to use this service, I doubt it.
  13. Returning from Vientiane to Udon on the Thai Lao bus takes about 3 hours. I have used it many times. Going may be a bit quicker if it doesnt allow farangs without a Lao visa.
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