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  1. The only falang in Chonburi moving slow enough for them to catch! They just managed to outrun him!
  2. Yes. Sadly this is the norm in Thailand. A falang aquaintance has moved 3 times with his teacher wife. Each time he has bought a new teaching job for her. I cant recall the amounts but when I asked him how much he said it depended on whether a job at the desired school was available or not. If one was not available you had to pay more to get an existing teacher dismissed! Shocking!!! This is why so many government employees are so useless at their jobs!
  3. As it drives around the villages It has a loud speaker system which, with special BMW software, can announce loudly in any foreign language and accent: "Special promotion! today only! 'Free icecold beer"....and out they come with tongues hanging out! It works like a charm....!
  4. That would be great and not fill up passports with stamps before the passport expires.
  5. I remember a few weeks ago someone who visited Vietnam regularly from Thailand said on here that the Vietnam IO's always put his visa and in/out stamps at the back of his passport. He thought it was just for him because he made so many visits but maybe they do it for everyone. Makes sense really, as it makes their job quicker and easier; unlike Thailand it shows a bit of common sense! Mind u, it only works as long as no other countries IOs decide to do the same...lol.
  6. A priority should be to introduce a red 'alarm' button to report verbal abuse, bullying, suspected grooming, crime and scams etc. in Facebook and Messenger's private messaging system. Any 'red alarm' reports should be monitored closely 24/7 and given a priority response to trace the perpetrators.
  7. Could have been caught on the flight or in a transit airport. Both, especially airplanes, are perfect breeding grounds, and means of international travel for bacteria and viruses.
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