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  1. Please disregard my post above (except the lat paragraph) as my photo uploaded at 1st attempt in Chrome! lesson learned: Dont apply for visas in Firefox.
  2. I am mentally exhausted by getting all required information and lining everything up to apply to return toThailand. But yesterday my 90 day O visa thaievisa application stalled because my photo was rejected. This even when it was previously accepted when uploaded on a cancelled OA application just 3 weeks ago! 3 more photos taken yesterday were also rejected I think because they claim they were jpgs larger than .5mb even though they were not. I compressed them to .28mb but all are still being rejected. Can anyone help please? I have emailed the London embassy and I will try phoning them this
  3. I am in the UK and applying for an OA visa to hopefully enter Thailand in December. I cannot/dont want to stay for 1 year so plan to book a return flight to return in 5 or 6 months time. I want to know if, when shown my return flight ticket date, Thai immigration at Suvarnabhumi will accept travel insurance with the required Covid cover for the 5/6 months and stamp me in for that period or will they insist on insurance with 1 year's cover? I know that 'logically' they should insist on one year's cover because maybe I will overstay and remain without cover, but with Thailand, logic often does n
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