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  1. Yes! A very appropriate Freudian slip from president T w a t.
  2. Blame everything on immigrants....Even CV! ..................Far Right S h i t e!!!
  3. Why? Do they use more sugar and put extra salad cream on it?
  4. I'll come! As long as I can stay for my winter 6 months as usual.
  5. What a joke! Reminds me of my misspent youth when I disliked discos because with the music so loud u couldnt have a conversation without shouting in each others faces! Drunks also tend to shout at each other. It always amuses me observing a young group drinking. As they drink more the conversation gets louder and louder and they end up shouting at each other; even without the music...lol.
  6. Snacks mate. Also our little'uns like to buy 5/10/20 thb toys.
  7. Kanom, kanom, kanom....For the kids.
  8. Maybe they are medical tourists here for a lobotomy.
  9. Same poison that The Far Right spew out in the West.
  10. I learned many years ago never to roll up at a hotel with a suitcase when they can charge what they like; falang or Thai! Always book in advance thru an online agent like Agoda.com or get the missus to phone in advance, or enter the hotel or business first to check the price.
  11. Depends which country you are in. I get really annoyed at Facebook when Im in Thailand as it often opens in Thai. Also the tabs are in Thai so I dont know where to go to change the language!.....ggrrrrrrr!
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