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  1. Why should every one just give in and walk away, stand up to them then they will learn.
  2. If the lady is not leaving the Airport she does not need a Visa.
  3. if both partys agree you dont need one, just go together to the Amphur, maybe cost you a small amount for divorce but a big amount for the other party to agree.
  4. My Mother taught me to swim at a young age, In the local canal, Getting out of the bag was the difficult thing.
  5. Confront the person, Tell them you know they took the money give them a chance to repay you, If they cannot maybe a business opportunity,
  6. My Thai Mother inlaw worked at a hospital In Sahmt Sahkon. They had a swimming pool. There was a lot of foam floats about, I got some old bike inertubes cut them up and made bands of them to go around Children's and adults waists with the floats, within a few days many people where trying to use them and a lot got confidence to try and swim without them eventualy,
  7. If its in the Public domain then its legal in the UK.
  8. I have been able to swim since i was 7 years old, could not imagine not being ale to swim, Best form of exercise there is. Taught the wife to swim in about three days, Its all about confidence, Good luck once you ahve learned you will realize what you have been missing out on.
  9. If he is successful maybe he can give a few tips to guys with missing wives and children,, Thais a re good at disappearing if they want too.
  10. If you sell the house you will need the chanut, And if you have it and not the loan shark the buyer would look to see if any money had been borrowed on the chanut.
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