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  1. bump this thread. .im having a small portion of mine removed now. . just was done poorly and having it fixed up. .

    .. there is a new treatment called the r20 method. . they now can do one laser treatment wait 20 minutes and do another . . could do up to 4 lasert treatments in one sitting. . painful as fauck though. . because after they burn your skin 20 minutes later they come back and do it again. . just had one treatment so not sure of the results yet. . keep u posted. .took some bnefore pics and will post the afters a s well for those interested

    Heng are yours completely gone? any updates from anyone who's had laser tattoo removal?

  2. his name is Mr. Ruk and he worked at Eak studio in Kao San 2 years ago. . i called and they said he no longer works there. . does anyone know if he is a t a new shopp. . i know its a shot in the dark, but i figured it couldnt hurt to post. .

    here's a video of him tattooing. . (not me getting tatted in video but all i can find on him)

  3. agree, in the uk if you are caught over the limit ( limit being 2 pints of beer ) you automatically lose your licence for a year !, and after that it is very difficult to get motor insurance

    they need to impose a proper point system on the licences here, but only problem with this is the BIB wouldnt inforce as they like there tea money...

    We are not in the UK. . or Australia

    I agree drunk driving is bad but if u start license point systems and things of that nature. .ur just turning Thailand into another law flooded western country. .

  4. I mean people are saying that Phuket tourism is dead and then turning around and saying the beaches are overcrowded?. . .

    I was at Nai Harn yesterday and there was 1 row of beach chairs. . and they werent being used . .it didnt bother me I walked past them and sat on my towel .. there was literally 20 people on the entire beach. . of course there are going to be massage palors, 7/11s, ladybars, and pharmacies. . supply and demand. . Of course it is nothing like the 80's. . but lets be realistic here. .

    Phuket is a tourist destination. . Chewang beach and lamai beach are 10x worse than Nai Harn. .

  5. Like I said many times before, after Phuket is turned into a sh1tehole the tourists will move on to better places... and there are a lot in Asia.

    Tourists don't like

    overcrowded places,

    demolished nature

    tuk-tuk and jet-ski scams,

    beach chairs like no one can see sand anymore

    and no safety at all on the roads.

    The current exchange rate does the rest.

    But no problem here for me. I hope the island will become what it once was, without millions of tourists. If you made money on tourism and now don't, sorry but that's not the locals' fault!

    If you are one of these guys who bought a Rai for a million, cut it in 4 pieces for 4 million each and sit now on your property...som nam na.

    I still think alot of you are confusing Patong with Phuket. . There are some really nice beaches other than Patong in Phuket. . Patong is one of many beaches. in which none of the above are bad. . Koh Samui and Koh Phangan are getting just as bad as Patong. . ...so If your disliking Phuket based on patong its really your own fault .. Its like saying bangkok is all sex bars because u spent a week at Nana. . . . I was at Nai Harn Beach the other day and it was amazing.. not overcrowded at all..was not stopped by a single tout. .there are a ton of nice resturants and bars in the area..

  6. Not only the store owners but now the police..everywhere u look a policeman is writing a ticket to a farang or locking their bikes together for a parking violation..then they make the farang walk or pay for a tuk tuk to the police station to pay the fine..

    But I do hate when people speak if Phuket as if it is only patong..Phuket is huge and there are still a couple of nice beaches to be found..

  7. Im currently living in Bangkok teaching english and I am making my first trip down south. . landing in phuket on thursday morning and staying for 7 days. . as of now thats all i really have planned. . was thinking the normal route patong, kata/koran, phi phi islands. . any other advice, must see places, places to avoid ect. .

    im 31 traveling alone. . will do my fair share of partying but would love to explore and see and do some different things as well. . \


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