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  1. Under humanitarian reasons : 3.3.2. One party or both parties must earn much enough to provide patronage or having annual income of at least Baht 30,000 per month in average, for at least 2 consecutive years before the date of application submission and evidence of tax return is required. was a time this would have interested me but as I'll probably be leaving Thailand next year not worth bothering with now.
  2. In 1979 I arrived in Bangkok. A week later I had to wade in water just below my knee to my apartment in soi 22 Sukhumvit. Only way to get there as there were no talks or tuk tuks. Not much progress in 40 years.
  3. You are forgetting that a lot of people on Non O multi visa had no money problems at all but used that visa because although based here , they work overseas a lot and fly in and out of the country regularly. Had they gone onto an extension this would have been inconvenient. Not everyone with a multi Non O is a penniless tefler.. In fact , it is actually cheaper to be on an extension than it is to leave frequently. Hotels, flights and taxis etc are not free.
  4. We've never had one as rarely need it even though we live northish. However, on days where it gets down to 15-17 and a cold shower is a bit too bracing we just boil up a big pot of water on the stove ( about 5 minutes ) then mix it with cold water in the bathroom galamang. Low tech but actually prefer a big cascade of water to a shower. In any event , only need to do this about 10 days a year
  5. And where have you profited ? How does it effect you ? Were they stealing from you in some way ? Those people were still spending money here and their departure will not benefit the Thai economy in any way. Quite the opposite. They say they want tourists to return but the covid free ones they still have are being obliged to leave. Not very smart. One day, the people with permanent resident visas ( the correct visa for living here full time ) will probably say the same thing about you .....fiddling the system by extending ad nauseum.
  6. He would just not go down would he ! Six slugs but managed to run out of the house. Or maybe she missed 6 times, he ran out of the house and tripped over giving her time to put in another clip and try again.
  7. People who hate Trump are like those that hate Thaksin. The mere mention of their names send some running for a big box of kleenex.
  8. I believe this is correct. You know this , I know this. We all know this . But do all off them know this.
  9. Mine says up to 27th November. I guess that extra day is inclusive. Will be applying for 1 year extn in early November.
  10. Wherever you have applied they seem to be not up to date with the official rule that all extensions start from November 27th. I applied for my 60 day extension 11th September but they put the start date at 27th September. I double checked that they would do this before handing them my passport.
  11. My permission to stay had also expired because the borders were closed and I could not reactivate my Non O multi. My last border stamp had expired in June. Nonetheless my local immigration gave me the 60 day extension to visit wife ( Petchabun ). However, if your actual visa has expired as opposed to your last entry stamp then others have reported the problem that immigration would not give them an extension because their Non O visa was past its sell bt date. What the actual official rule is on this I don't know but I would phone immigrations help line number in Bangkok and ask. They are very helpful but it might be extremely difficult to get through at this late stage.
  12. I put off my Telecaster copy purchase for months but got it in the end at the beginning of Lockdown. There are some really fantastic copies out there at incredibly cheap prices. Paid only 2700 baht for mine and wasn't expecting much. When it arrived it way exceeded my expectations. Great quality for the price if you don't mind doing your own set up. As for strimmers. I bought an electric one a few years ago and it just will not die despite the hard work I put it to. I don't buy the manufactures refils any more as too expensive. You can buy a strimmer spool a lot bigger for around 30 baht you like any thickness you like. I use very thick for weedy areas and thin for the lawn.
  13. You havn't seen my MIL in the buff. Trust me ..... sometimes nothing is better than something.
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