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  1. bangkok bank can update the FD books with current balance. i usually get a balance 3-1/2 months before, 1 month before, and morning of application when i get the bank letter. all show the same amount (if no interest added), accepted at CW. the passbook update machines will do this, but i prefer to go to the counter (any mall bank while shopping...). if the machine print is illegible or overwritten, i want the clerk/manager to correct it while i'm there.
  2. 1. take whatever documentation you have to your immigration office and ask someone there for guidance. 2. unless i've missed an update, the new rules now require 800k 2 months before application for all retirement extensions.
  3. but you don't gotta do that; you have to import the equivalent of 65k baht. immigration will accept foreign currency accounts. only have to exchange what you actually need. just have to be careful; the amount of krones you send over at the beginning may not satisfy the requirements 6 months later.
  4. ** cough ** ** cough ** ** cough ** ** cough ** ** cough ** ** cough ** ** cough ** ** cough ** ** cough ** ** cough ** ** cough ** ** cough ** ** cough ** ** cough ** ** cough ** ** cough ** ** cough **
  5. so bus or taxi to o'smach crossing. from there catch a bus to surin, train to bangkok. chong chom market has food and a few cheap motels if you're too late for the last bus.
  6. haven't read (m)any reports of agents arrested or fined for false paperwork, fraudulent applications or brown enveloping. those agents don't "circumvent" immigration.
  7. wow. amazing they'd print that. ....suggests if they'd paid the proper percentage, they'd have gotten authentic stamps.
  8. any buses from siem reap or poipet via o'smach border crossing to ubon or buriram or surin?
  9. not mrs. p's mistake; was mr. p's mistake! it's not a joint account, and mrs' p. should not have access to it, especially during seasoning season. in future, you should have a separate account with no atm card solely for immigration seasoning.
  10. 1st was an international swift. got it. but why convert to baht? you can send usd to bkk, they do the forex and give you a better rate. i'm unclear on the second xfer. you said a wire; i assume a domestic ach, not a swift. in that case, that option goes away in five weeks.
  11. are you comparing two transfers? a domestic ach to bbkny and they internally route the transfer to thailand vs a swift directly to your thai bkk bank branch?
  12. if you send a swift to BBNY as the destination, it ends there. they are no longer doing the internal routing to thailand. i would guess they are doing the same thing as transferwise.....accepting funds at a bank in country A, and distributing funds in country B, as they have branches in both countries. you could use BBNY as a correspondent bank if needed, but you're back to doing an international transfer.
  13. employer abroad if the report will be sent abroad for the application package. that would indicate which country RTP needs to add the notation "FOR THE AUTHORITIES OF xxxxxx ONLY"
  14. i got reports in english for myself and thai girlfriend for work abroad. both were in english. if you go in person, you are expected to provide a letter from your employer requesting the report. the report will be addressed to the authorities of the country of employment only. then had to have them legalized at CW, then authenticated at the embassy. the report costs 100 baht and will take about 6 weeks. there is a link on the rtp page for express service, maybe it was 3000+ baht? not sure. when i went in to apply, the nice lady said i could have it in a week for 2500. before that, a nice gentleman at a local police station told me he had a friend at the report office who could get it in a week for 1500.
  15. would the 20-topic limit proposal constitute a separate topic?
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