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  1. immigration has no problem with a thai non-o retirement and a china work visa in the same passport, if that helps.
  2. you have to deposit $15K into a fixed account and can never touch it, AND you have to transfer $1500 monthly? and insurance is required.
  3. ultramarathon. 50km or 100km off-road trail running. http://www.runthailand.com/race/thailand-ultramarathon-100-km-2014/
  4. just got mail-in receipt from CW this week, turnaround 6 weeks. if you send EMS, the tracking will show who signed for the letter. include a registered SASE in your package. when (if!!) your tm30 is signed and sent back from the post office at the government complex, it will be entered in the tracking system.
  5. when it comes to finances, absolutely! mine was deeply in debt when i met her, owed the equivalent of several years salary on multiple cards. instead of paying off her loans, i collected her cards (she has one card left that is never used) and showed her how to manage her money and pay off her debt. she now has a healthy savings account, fixed account and some mutual funds......
  6. file yourself. if they try to fine you, give 'em the landlord's letter where he refuses, in place of he owner id and housebook. i've read some landlords are being fined, i think it's 1600 baht, for non-compliance.
  7. correct, she does not. i handle the finances. she gives me her salary paper, i enter all the info on my budget spreadsheet, follow the balance in her bank accounts to keep updated. she knows when she met me, she won the lottery.
  8. what phone calls? i told my gf two years ago to stop buying lottery tickets. (this was just after i confiscated all her credit cards!) she hasn't bought one since, and nowadays doesn't even slow down when we pass a vendor on the street.
  9. it's all very confusing..........i was thinking specifically of "sor por gor" agricultural land, with a use permit, not a title, still in the name of the original family, (illegally) sold numerous times, now "belongs" to her uncle. seems like too many potential (actual!) problems. it don't matter if thai people do it alla time. i'm not thai people.
  10. yes, they are working on the backlog. we have two applications in....one submitted the end of may, the other (with more documentation) the beginning of july. both received and confirmed email the same day. since then the status has been "waiting for approval". this morning, after nearly 3 months, the status of the first application changed to "not approved." that was expected, but surprised it took so long. NOT surprised there was no message indicating why not approved, what was missing, or whether could add documents to resubmit. also surprised they didn't set up an automatic email to notify the denial. beginning of this month finally got the owner to apply. she is still waiting for her password............ สถานะ : ไม่อนุมัติ Status : Not approved เจ้าหน้าที่ สตม. พิจารณาไม่อนุมัติ Immigration Bureau officials do not approve registration.
  11. gf's family is in the process of concluding the purchase of 10 rai in the countryside. she is to get 1/2 rai and wants to build a house. sure, we can do that, but..... they're getting the land surveyed next month and will divide. they even have some "sor por gor" ownership papers! no, maybe not. that's agricultural land, given to poor folks by the government, that can not be sold, only given to heirs, and only for the purpose of farming. oh, she says, that's just the law, doesn't matter, thai people buy and sell this land all the time. yes, they do, until the government goes to survey the land and provide actual deeds, and then it's chaos for the community. can't see how it could go well for a foreigner. gf would have a house, but no title to the land. how will she get a housebook with no title, and how can she report me on a tm30 with no book? and how long will a foreigner be allowed to hang out in a mini-mcmansion in an agriculture zone? i told her to keep looking for some land with a proper title.
  12. they're not wrong. it was easy to APPLY.....takes less'n 5 minutes if you have your documents ready to upload, longer if you have to search through your hard drive directories. don't recall them making any promises about the ease of getting a response.
  13. we applied twice, end of may and again early july. both stll "waiting for approval"
  14. if insurance were required for in-country (retirement) extensions? depends on immigration requirements. i already have insurance. renewable for life. already past the exclusion period for pre-existing conditions. half a million bucks coverage in-patient and repatriation coverage. no out-patient coverage. my deductible is $2000 --- more than the suggested out-patient cover of 40k baht. i don't plan on canceling this policy in favor of a scam policy to appease the authorities, so would have to purchase in addition. at some point, the cost of remaining in thailand exceeds the benefits. i suspect adding out-patient to my existing policy would double the premiums, currently just over $1k/year. with dozens of insurance companies, hundreds of policies, there's no way for immigration to confirm/approve more than just a few. and even if they were to accept other policies, what documentation would be needed? i'm sure they would require the policy to cover the entire period of the extension, but unless your insurance renewal date matches your (retirement) extension renewal date, you're out of luck. i'm thinking most policies with annual renewal won't let you change the re-up date. to do that you have to cancel and sign a new contract.
  15. if you are renting the apartment and the lease is in your name, then you are the possessor. it is your responsibility as well as the landlord to report your girlfriend. so fill out a tm-30 and circle "possessor" in the heading, then mail the form to CW along with the required documents. turnaround time for the receipt is around 6 weeks.
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