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  1. nothing wrong with the design. pickups are designed to carry stuff in the bed.....NOT a dozen unsecured idiots.
  2. liberal? applying labels? how does that assist in the discussion? if it helps, i'm not registered with any party. would be considered independent or libertarian, i suppose. usually vote republican for fiscal reasons. i'm actually more right-wing, constitutionalist. if not for the tinfoil-underpants nutjobbery, i'd be more inclined to side with the minimal government militia types. so, no, definitely NOT liberal in the fox news sense of the word. you keep harping on trump "preventing the virus." as i stated, that would be impossible. it will get in, it did get
  3. sure, wave away reality as "talking points." i suppose just wishing it away, claiming we're turning the corner, mocking wearing masks, disregarding science, and hosting superspreader events all make for sound, rational policy? 250,000 dead............zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  4. i wasn't clear? yes, it's trump's fault. it's NOT possible to prevent the virus getting in. not condemning whatabout nations i don't have a steak in. we had and have no coherent national policy.
  5. not necessarily laundering. even with stricter currency controls, chinese are allowed to transfer US$50K annually with minimal paperwork. 1.5 million baht should buy a decent condo in pattaya, or make a nice down payment on a villa. plenty of northern retirees with cash for 2nd (or 3rd or 4th!) apartments who would prefer not to pay US$15K/square meter in beijing center, or $US7.5K/meter in the suburbs. wow! for the cost of just 1 square meter in beijing, you can get an entire thai style 30-meter efficiency condo in an older building in the bangkok suburbs! (yes, i know, apple
  6. there's no way to stop a virus from entering a country. you may slow it down, but it will get in eventually. once it's in, you have to deal with it. the trump regime has failed spectacularly. the virus was in china first. they dealt with it. of course, their president allowed himself to be seen in public wearing a mask, so there is that. so blame the governors, blame the mayors, blame the local dogcatchers.....anyone but trump. it's not like he disregarded the advice of........oh, wait, he did. the buck stops there. i'm not condemning those other lead
  7. you can keep repeating that if it feels good, but the fact is that china managed to contain the virus. they enforced lockdowns when required, they mandated mask usage, they tested and tested and tested some more. life has returned to normal, their economy is running, and they're seeing a positive gdp for the year. a country of 1.5 billion has fewer cases, and fewer deaths than most (or all) us states. the virus DID originate in china, but what difference, at this point, does it make? we're ten months into a global pandemic, and the "leader of the free world" and his
  8. first thing to do is connect a standard keyboard to a usb port. that should tell you if the problem is the laptop keyboard. unless she's taking the laptop back 'n forth to work, no hurry to get repaired, if ever. just use the external keyboard.
  9. china says no. https://www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2020-10-21/china-says-will-maintain-ban-on-outbound-tours-due-to-virus-risk
  10. aaaaaaaaaaaaaand it's gone. China Says Will Maintain Ban on Outbound Tours Due to Virus Risk SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China will continue to suspend outbound group tours and ban travel agencies from allowing inbound tours due to the risk of a resurgence in coronavirus cases this winter, authorities said. https://www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2020-10-21/china-says-will-maintain-ban-on-outbound-tours-due-to-virus-risk
  11. these are not princess/carnival cruise ships. on average 10 foreigners (not passengers) per boat? assume that includes the crew. nope, they're counting on billionaires arriving aboard super yachts, doing their quarantine on board their own vessels. i betcha they get to count sailing time since the last port as part of the quarantine period as well.
  12. this is a statement from the losing camp trying to pre-spin blame. yes, same as hillary blaming "the rooshins" for stealing our democracy even before the results were in. ...and i would'a won if it weren't for those meddling.....
  13. if he acts this way in public, imagine how unbearable he must be in his white house staffing meetings, briefings with generals and cdc officials. i imagine those briefings must be even worse than the circus where he ordered his pandemic experts to "look into" injecting disinfectant into the lungs, like a cleaning, and to bring yu-vee light into the body, somehow. trump acting pompous, giving orders, while the real experts bite their lips and take it.
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