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  1. really? the economy is going into the toilet, tens of thousands losing their jobs, and thais refuse to accept employment. too bad for them then.
  2. why, with the tens of thousands laid off from their tourism-related jobs?
  3. got it. it's deadlier than the annual flu. like a lot. 3-20k/year in the usa. and the spanish flu was even deadlier. like a lot. 675k total in the usa. covid19 is somewhere in the middle, for now. 160k in six months is not enough to take it seriously? let's see after the second wave hits, perhaps the leader of the free world will stop saying it'll magically just disappear.
  4. there are a number of different tests, with different procedures. would you have a link to an article from a reliable source with this information?
  5. as we all know, seasonal flu is nothing like a pandemic flu, and none of the bruhs claiming "it's just da flu, mon" are making that mistake. they're claiming covid19 is little more than the annual flu, so let's get out there and party! https://www.cdc.gov/flu/pandemic-resources/basics/about.html webmd says "The number of people who die each year from flu-related causes in the U.S. is 8,200 to 20,000" https://www.webmd.com/cold-and-flu/qa/how-many-people-die-from-the-flu-each-year-in-the-us#:~:text=The number of people who die each year,causes in the U.S. is 3%2C000 to 49%2C000. we've lost 160k in under six months. well, it is what it is.
  6. 5 million infected, 160k dead. how to respond? it's just the flu, bro! lets get 250k riders together to party! Defying virus, thousands of motorcyclists flood into small US town Shrugging off the five million coronavirus cases now tallied on US soil, thousands of motorcyclists are converging this weekend on a small South Dakota town for what is billed as the biggest cycle gathering in the world. In past years, the 10-day rally in the town of Sturgis has drawn hundreds of thousands of bikers to socialize, drink and party together -- raising fears among some locals that this year's version could be a superspreader event. https://news.yahoo.com/defying-virus-thousands-motorcyclists-flood-194101612.html
  7. i can't speak for oz or india or russia, but china does have plenty of middle class that have the money and desire to travel. it's wishful thinking to believe all the factories are closed, and the chinese are all unemployed and starving. with border closures all tourism is currently in-country. once borders are open and quarantine is dropped, they'll be back.
  8. cool beans! as a stinkin' foreigner, i'm not allowed to take the bus to not be allowed to stay in a hotel near where i'm not allowed to participate in a marathon! amazing, thailand!
  9. pandering publicity propaganda. the money for the extended unemployment? the fed portion comes from reallocated fema funds and would last perhaps six weeks. well, unless there's an emergency they need to manage. the rest from the states that don't have the surplus in their budgets to pay for it. payroll taxes are to be deferred, not eliminated. eventually those deferred taxes will have to be paid, meaning big cuts in paychecks coming up. (suppose they'll blame president-elect biden for that?) and what about the ssn and medicaid funding? you think all those senior (former) maga voters, the one's that have survived the flu hoax, want to see their beloved programs made insolvent? and stopping evictions? hahhhaha! trump's orders require agencies to form committees to consider potentially setting up workgroups to study suggestions to halt evictions. less that worthless. oh, the winning!
  10. okay, then....... had to "show" it before ticketing to get the stamp on the paperwork. officer did not check the serial number, did not check the brand, only looked to see there was what looked like a laptop in my bag. the airside clerk did not ask to see the laptop either time, just stamped the papers and handed me some cash. there is a note at the bottom of the tourist VAT refund page linked above that certain items above a stated minimum baht sales price require physical check a second time inside.
  11. since a non-o retirement/marriage extension confers no special privileges (not even the right to run in a marathon), we're really just long-stay tourists. i claimed and received the vat refund at the airport last two years with recently-purchased laptops. paperwork in order within the time limit, no questions about visa/extension type. YMMV. both times was required to "show" the laptop, which meant unzipping the case so the officer could see there was a black square thingie inside.
  12. nothing to worry about, unless you plan to travel to inner mongolia. ...........or colorado. https://nypost.com/2020/07/17/first-human-case-of-bubonic-plague-since-2015-reported-in-colorado/
  13. with all the recent talk and well-wishing of ms. maxwell, perhaps his mind was preoccupied with mr. epstein's wonderland.
  14. c'mon mister president! you can fix this like you fix any other problem! sign an executive order banning covid19 from great, fantastic america, and slap bigly sanctions on any unpatriotic citizens who dare consort with the dreaded virus! oh, the winning! maga, baby, maga.
  15. the article did not claim grace was using all 55 stamps on all visa and extension applications, only that 55 stamps, among them stamps from various government agencies, were found on the premises. nor did the article claim they were all unique stamps. for an o'visa conversion or a simple cash-in-bank extension, would usually just need a bank stamp for the guarantee letter, maybe another style bank stamp for the fake bankbook. if she was providing the fake documents for other type visa extensions or applications, she'd need stamps from police or mfa or tax office, etc.
  16. how is that at all relevant to an agent supplying false documentation to immigration? and i think you mean "you're" if ya wanna correct me.
  17. how large a room will be needed to house the books various DA's will be throwing at the ex-president?
  18. "Immigration police announced they have arrested a Thai woman who has admitted providing expats with fake visas at a well known company in Bang Na." "They arrested a 34 year old Thai woman with a Western surname (withheld here). She reportedly has admitted providing fake visas using fake documentation." whether a new visa going the conversion route, or an extension to an existing visa, the point is fake documentation. call it a visa, call it an extension, same same, considering this is the terminology used by a reporter who doesn't need to explain the details of visa/extensions to report the story.
  19. library? at this rate he'll be lucky to get a reading room at a strip mall. it is what it is. 155,000 fellow citizens had friends and family that will be voting, and they'll be thinking about this comment when they mail in their ballots. it was what it was.
  20. if it were me, i'd visit grace at thaivisacenter! she can provide all the credentials and certificates needed, no questions asked.
  21. so if i get a work permit/work visa based on photoshopped diploma and transcripts, with forged mfa stamps, it's cool? or a visa extension with forged bankbook and homebrew guarantee letter? no consequences for me, ever, if this is uncovered? my visa or extension can not be cancelled? haha, immigration! no backsies!
  22. not necessarily. you could have gone through a dodgy agent who used fake documentation to submit to their affiliated io(s). in that case, your visa/extension and reports were authentic, but based on fraudulent documentation. when that is confirmed your visa/extension will probably be invalidated. whether that puts you on overstay is up to immigration. but in that case, i'm sure the nice officer will have a cousin who just happens to also be an agent.......
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