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  1. It's a genuine concern and I am sure it has happened to many falangs over the years. I think it's a good idea to bring the matter to the attention of the readers and can't see why you have been criticised for doing so.
  2. In the weeks running up to the referendum in the UK myself and several friends were offered sums of money by a Russian sounding fellow if we voted to remain in the EU. The contact was made over the phone and the caller withheld his number. We never discovered if the offer would be honoured because none of us acted upon it.
  3. Where is the 'bigotry' in these posts? It's not bigotry to recognise acts of revenge when they're taking place all over the world and have been since time began.
  4. Had Salman Ramadan Abedi stopped to consider the consequences of his actions at the Manchester Arena on 22 May 2017 before he pressed the button and blew all those young girls and their parents to smithereens this atrocity would possibly never have happened. The same goes for similar events in London, Nice, Paris, Bali, Bangkok, Brussels and plenty of other atrocities all over the world. We should keep Islam at arms length and leave Muslim countries to handle their own affairs because we've seen what happens if we don't. Things will only change when terrorists attack politicians and only then if they do so repeatedly.
  5. One things for sure. We're going to see a continuation of these tit for tat atrocities for the foreseeable future.
  6. Terrorist atrocities will always occur until politicians realise that different peoples can not be made to integrate nor live together in harmony. And act upon that realisation. There has been ample evidence if not absolute proof in recent years that extremists will often come out of the woodwork and commit unspeakable horrors. And I am as aware as I'm sure you are as to what the common denominator is.
  7. "In keeping with other media and the NZ authorities, video link made by the shooters has been removed." Above is a quote from a previous post. Apparently not all that appears on social media is as acceptable as you seem to suggest.
  8. Would you care to indicate where I've said or even insinuated that? The desire for revenge forments in all races and religions, it's an integral part of human nature.
  9. Are you for real! You might be shocked if it was your innocent friends and family being murdered in cold blood for no reason and then having their slaughter put on the internet for all to see. I bet you'd be singing a different tune then nor would you be saying 'welcome to social media'
  10. I'm shocked that the shooter filmed it and even more shocked that someone has put it on view for the general public! Muslims all over the world are going to be seeking revenge for this vile atrocity and who can blame them.
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