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  1. What 'gloating Brits'? Do you mind! No British people I know are gloating I can assure you of that.
  2. The fly in the ointment in this case is that the helpless victim was killed while pleading for his life on video. And the person who for 10 minutes appeared to be relishing in the deliberate taking of his life was supposed to be a policeman, an upholder of the law who had promised to protect and serve the public. Take the ethnic identities out of the equation, a man has been murdered in cold blood in broad daylight for all the world to see. Any previous form George Floyd may have had is of no consequence nor is the authenticity of the mysterious vanishing fake $20 note. The resultant rioting was a foregone conclusion that even a mentally deficient tadpole could have foreseen and should not detract from the awful crime we witnessed taking place on our TV screens.
  3. Not really. Would you take the time and trouble to explain it to me. A couple of paragraphs should do the trick.
  4. But this bit of trouble is solely down to the actions of those four so called policemen.
  5. You've got a point there. Russians, Iranians and Chinese are probably phoning up black Americans right now and telling them to go out and riot and maybe get a new TV set! Just like back in June 2016 a Russian sounding gentleman phoned me up and urged me to vote against Brexit.
  6. I met a British police officer holidaying in Pattaya a few years back and would sometimes chew the fat with him. He told me much the same thing. He said words to the effect that "We know the public hate us and we in turn hate the public. You can't speak your mind at work for fear of colleagues grassing you up. I hate the job and can't wait till I can retire". He also expressed a hatred for a certain ethnic minority and came across as a very bitter and f......ed up man when he spoke of his true feelings. But I could see it from his point of view and it did not surprise me. It made me see why so many coppers we encounter are often nasty ba...ards and rarely have civilian friends. I did not envy his choice of profession. But none of this excuses the actions of those four cops in Minneapolis.
  7. Allegedly using FAKE MONEY. Has the note yet been confirmed as having been fake. There are rumours that that Chauvin and Floyd had bad blood from when they worked as doormen at the nightclub. Chauvin is reputed to be on suicide watch probably for a number of reasons not just for the obvious one.
  8. It's come to light that Chauvin and Floyd had both worked as bouncers at the same night club in the past and this incident could possibly be the result of some grudge that existed between the two in the past. Bouncers are often somewhat unsavoury characters and if there had been bad blood between the two of 'em this killing could have been the final chapter of a long standing feud. I'm not saying that it was just that it's a possibility. More speculation but a bit of a coincidence.
  9. How do you know he was on coke or crack or that the dollar bill in question was fake. The only report I've seen about the bill being fake admits it's just an allegation. You kneel on a fit healthy 20 year old man's neck for nearly 10 minutes he's still going to die. Try it some time, Oh no you'd better not, you'll get arrested for murder.
  10. What exactly are or were these 'potential intoxicants' and how exactly did they affect his underlying health issues?
  11. Where does the report mention how long it takes to die if deprived of air. It's a stupid, meaningless report for stupid people who want to excuse the actions of a power crazed thug and his cronies in police uniforms.
  12. And maybe the cop, Chauvin should have taken a breather and asked Floyd if he had any underlying health condition that might prove fatal if a cop knelt on his neck for ten minutes. I watched the whole video and did not hear Chauvin ask Floyd a single question about his health. So you could say Chauvin was even more guilty of murder for not inquiring about the victim's health than he actually is. Most middle aged people are going to die if deprived of air for more than a minute. Also from the internet. It Takes Only 60 Seconds to Drown & Other Water Safety Facts ...
  13. I think that most on here as in the real world think that the cop was a murdering thug who should have to answer for his actions and be treated like any common killer regardless of race or colour. It crazy how some can't resist any opportunity to do their 'racist routine'.
  14. OK, so Trump should not support the arrest of a murderer. I get it, cheers.
  15. I don't actually believe Trump did actually order any arrests nor try to. But he should have, both for moral reasons and if he wants to win in November. Black Votes Matter
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