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  1. It's also sometimes referred to as The Tin Cup Cafe. Just before you come to Sugar Sugar on the other side of the road.
  2. I turned on my toaster one time and a strange smell and smoke started coming out of it. When I turned it upside down a barbequed cockroach fell out. The experience quite put me off my usual beans on toast for a few days.
  3. CCs do not own the premises so must pay rent. They also pay staff, electricity and all the other costs just like their competitors. If others close it will be because of a lack of punters and an inability to be competitive. The Western attitude to hard times is to be competitive. Look at the success of the Wetherspoon chain of pubs in Britain. More British shoppers use Lidl than use Waitrose because of price. The Thai attitude is to compensate by putting prices up. I patronise the Thai Hole in the Wall cafe in Bukhaow down towards LKM because it's good grub and affordable just like CCs. Getting 37 B for our £ has been a massive kick in the nuts for the majority of us UK customers who usually feel no loyalty to any eating places. Many of us don't even know nor care who owns nor operates what. They are more concerned about their personal budgets and are attracted by the menus on the notice boards outside. We also patronise bars with the best girls in and cheapest drinks. I for one could not care less who owns them nor who I'm being poached from. Hard and changing times drive many enterprises to the wall. Look at the boarded up shops in many British high streets. Whole rows of them in some places. The same in the USA.
  4. They charge you an extra 20 B if you order the meal to take away probably to cover cost of the polystyrene box which is unusual even for the LOS. Maybe it's also to do with not having bought a drink as well. But at 120 B it's still not too bad for 2019. What street is this bakery just down. Bukhaow, Diana Lengkee? I know the bakery next to the Triangle in Soi Xcyte and the one in Lengkee a little way past the 7/11 but don't know one that sells stuff off cheap? And I've always got my eye out for a bargain.
  5. Please don't tell me one of our colonial friends ran in, stabbed someone and ran out again!
  6. He's telling the truth, hating Thailand is the last thing he's doing. He's commenting, you're reading what he's writing and so are the rest of us. The was a bar off Walking St in Pattaya that's thankfully gone now that used to play black man's gangsta rap 'music' at full blast. This is in a town whose bar customers are 90% middle aged and elderly white men. There are other bars playing the same. music and also struggling. One of them was Paradise Agogo in LKM. I dunno if it still does. When you suggest something a bit more in keeping with the clientele you are told the girls can't dance to that. The do not dance anyway they just hold the pole and casually sway backwards and forwards. That's not 'dancing' so what does it matter what the music is, it might as well be something the punters are likely to enjoy listening to.
  7. The fact that Cheap Charlies offers meals like the roast chicken dinner for 100 baht is the reason it's busy. With the lousy exchange rates places like Charlies are always going to appear to thrive. Before it was the Queens Arms. That was cheap but didn't last long.
  8. I used to go in both the P&W and the Butchers Arms. There was nothing wrong with the management as far as I could see. There just are not enough punters any more. Rosie O Grady's next door to the P&W might now get a bit more trade but seeing how quiet Soi 7 has become in the last few years I bet the people in ROG's are just marking time and hoping for the best. There's little more they can do. As far as I can remember both restaurants ROG'S and the P&W have been there for at least 20 years. The Butchers Arms must have been there for around 10 years. I also remember the Two Fat Ladies Pharmacy that was next door, those girls were angels if you had any minor health problems. They've been gone about 6 years.
  9. Some people think that Thailand and other nations with the same attitude to foreigners and immigrants have got it right while the more liberal Western nations have got it wrong. Those who have tried to make Thailand their home are obviously going to think the Thai attitude is unjust and you can't really blame them because they put in more than they could ever take out. But we live in two different worlds and the different regulations, laws and cultures simply can't integrate. This topic and others like it are ample proof of that.
  10. The Independent is a notoriously liberal journal that promotes multiculturalism at every chance it gets. As do most politicians. They know that in large parts of the UK the immigrant vote now decides who wins the elections and who gets to be an MP on £80,000 a year plus expenses.
  11. How do you get away without paying hospital bills. Unless it's for a minor problem your visa card is the first thing they ask you about.
  12. You're on here reading and carping about it so it must be worrying you as well.
  13. A friend of mine brought his Thai wife to the UK. They had two children. They soon split up. Within weeks she got a free council flat in London, free medical care and free money to live on. She supplements these hand outs by working cash in hand in a massage parlour. She loves England.
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