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  1. If you look back you'll see we seem to get confused by this here every year. The technical FBAR deadline is April 15. However Fincen automatically grants everyone an extension until October 15, no action required to get it. https://www.fincen.gov/sites/default/files/shared/FBAR_Due_Date_Clarification_PD02-02-2018.pdf
  2. The rule is the same across the States: no charge to the patient but if the patient has insurance, including Medicare, the patient is supposed to provide the insurance number so the insuror can be charged; otherwise the Feds pay. (The charge is for administering the injection not for the vaccine itself, which the Feds always pay for.)
  3. Walmart plans to make its vaccination records linkable with the Commonpass digital vaccination passport. Now you may or may not be comfortable with Commonpass or with Walmart holding your medical records, but digital vaccination passports likely are the future, especially for those who travel. Even if not formally required they'll probably make border crossings a lot easier than waving a flimsy CDC card. So if you do head back to the states at least bear in mind whether your vaccination record will linkable.
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