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  1. Thaidream

    Time To Call It Quits.

    Everyone to their own- While the luster has gone off my Thailand of 1971- it maybe I have just gotten old. I do hear Mongolia has a vibrant expat community and then there is Cuba with it's Cuban cigars; cheap Rum and lovely ladies. All probably bad for the health- but sounds like alot of fun. I also hear North Korea has beer for about 10 Baht a Pint- nightlife maybe a bit sparse. Like one of the posters said- it's a big , bright World.
  2. Thanks for reporting what happened and where.
  3. Never happen in 1,000 Years!!!
  4. They have already started by investing in huge infrastructure projects. Next will be trying to control food production and making sure all the exports are controlled by friendly officials. After that- the intermarriage will produce progeny in key positions in the government. Then it's over.
  5. Thaidream

    Time To Call It Quits.

    Very true- having come first in 1971- lived and worked in \Thailand for decades - speak Thai fairly well- this is a country that has changed for the worse. They have ignored their culture- created an atmosphere in which Westerners are tolerated without true equality and associated themselves with a foreign power that is authoritarian anf a World threat. Their goal of making Thailand another Singapore is so far fetched that it is laughable- Bangkok is turning into a sterile city in which only the uniformed will visit. High land prices and home prices have forced the average Thai to abandon the city for the provinces. The wealth inequality in Thailand is a serious problem and will cause a reaction in time which will rock the country. I have enjoyed the Thailand of the past and its people and still love the people but their destiny is limited unless things change. I don't blame the OP for telling the truth and indicating there are better places because I see the same thing. While I have no intentions of leaving due to family considerations- I completely understand why others who have the means are going to destinations which are more suitable.
  6. Yes- possibly= but my actual point is that once we really look at how transfers work and the accompanying paperwork- bank Books; Bank Letters- Transferwise documents or Bank Advises proving foreign transfers- the IO will be overwhelmed and at this point they will say who cares where and how the money gets in the account-
  7. Only if you hit that keystroke and shows the balance on your account summary- seems like alot of paperwork to go thru. I can show 3 pieces of paper and prove I have 65K as income each month and bring that much into Thailand without doing any bank transfers. The reason they don't want that is they really don't care about income- and I doubt in the end they really won't care about source of money in bank nor how it got there.
  8. The Keeping it Simple proviso now does not seem so simple= -If one makes 12 transfers per year- each month- there are 12 entries in the Passbook the IO is going to look at. However, if one is making more than 12 at various amounts based on income there maybe many items- the IO will allegedly- add them all up- check the coding- possibly check the Bank letter which apparently verifies the account is open and is true. Then there is the coding on each transfer- it appears each bank has its own codes- not only FTT and each transfer even if international may not be coded as such and then there is the Transferwise conundrum- will an Imm Officer want to look through not only 12 transfers (or more) add them all up-and then look through the documentation- another 12 sheets of paper proving there were indeed 12 international transfers. I have a feeling they will end up not caring about whether they are International transfers but only whether there is 65K in the account each month. Otherwise- the lines will get longer and longer. So much for the KISS principle.
  9. Because it's true- learn to speak Thai and have a discussion- it's common practice in Thailand because there is no legal way to make the men pay for their children. I have also seen Westerners father children in Thailand and not take responsibility for their progeny.
  10. What Immigration office did you use. Thanks for your info.
  11. Idon't consider myself- entitled to anything free. You missed the point- I am saying that the 10 year visa will have a high cost and the average retiree will never be able to afford it. The Average UK and Australian Pension is less than 65K per month. The average American Pension is the same. How many people do you know who can park millions in a Thai bank. Hell, many can't even get together 800K right now. I have no problem with health insurance- I have US military disability but it isn't about me- it is about a potential proposal for retirees. The OX Visa already exists- never heard of 1 person that has it and the requirements are 3 Million Baht in a Thai bank. Apply for it- if you desire.
  12. Of course those of us who have built a family- taken care of our spouses and children (many fathered by Thai men who pay nothing) are never going to be treated equally in Thailand. The 10 year Visa already exists- It's call O-X- the requirements are stiff- minimum 3 Million Baht. Can only extend 1 year at a time. They may update the Immigration |Act of 1979 which now only allows extensions of 1 year at a time to unlimited extensions at the IO's perusal of evidence. You want a 10 year extension- cost a. 1900 X 10= 19,000 bAHT b. 800,000 x 10 years= 8 Million Baht in the bank c. Health Insurance- if over age 70= 100,000 Baht per year. d. No 90 day report or Re-Entry Permit needed. Can't wait to apply? Forget about it!
  13. Yes and that is why there will never be a recognition of what I suggested. Too much loss of face for the fragile Thai male ego and it appears some Farang ego's also.
  14. I would rather have a 90 day report than a 10 year visa which isn't 10 years with the accompanying requirements of 3 Million Baht and outrageous medical .requirements, He's not talking about anything new but a change in the Immigration act so local Immigration offices can process this Visa which is not new. I'll get excited when he recognizes my marriage to a Thai along with the fixed assets I have provided my Thai family such as a house; support of Thai children abandoned by their Thai father; various purchases of land; as well as cars and other monies sent on a yearly basis which I can easily prove. Sorry, If I don't believe any of this nonsense
  15. The devils in the details- there already is a 10 year Visa- O-X- it comes in two five year issues. However, it comes with heavy qualifications starting with medical insurance purchased from only a Thai Company unless one already has the proper health insurance from the home country. There is also a 3 Million Baht needed in a Thai Bank. Once can find the exact qualifications on the Thai Embassy website in Washington; London and Sydney. I will believe him when I see the possibility of a 10 year extension of a normal visa without added qualifications. I will believe him when I see people married to Thai citizens allowed to use their wife's income; land acquisitions; houses; and other fixed assets. The 90 day reporting is simply a straw man - it is all the other things that will require large amounts of money in the bank that will count. I hope I am wrong but I really don't see Thailand being a preferred destination for retirees in the future unless they are very wealthy I would also add that if he really wants to do something fair for foreigners- how about a 10 year permanent residence- without quota- allowing a long term retiree or a foreigner married to a Thai to get a form of PR good for 10 years- without the huge cost- and without all the onerous requirements currently needed. For a person who is successful during the 10 years- no problems with police; payment of taxes etc- the PR then becomes permanent.