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  1. It's good to know that Donald Trump is not a Russian agent or collaborates with them. Whether he obstructs justice or not is to be left to the opinion of the American people. without conclusive evidence- I will give him a pass but there are way too many other things that will cause his defeat in 2020 1. He is violation of the emoluments clause of the Us Constitution- he us using the Presidency to enrich h himself and his family- how many trips to Mar A Logo does it take where his large entourage stays at his hotel and the US Government gets billed billions does it take to show this? 2. Once his tax returns are shown to the World , we will see the amounts of Russian money purchase Trump properties at inflated prices and these inflated prices being poured into his Company to keep it afloat. His many bankruptcies would not allow him to borrow funds but the Russians are happy to support him economically. 3. Trump's policies are placing the US in a position of being strongly disliked by our allies to include all of NATO; Canada and Mexico/ With the complexity of the World- America needs friends. We do not need a huge increase in the military budget while our citizens are forced to abide by a federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hours and our citizens have to go bankrupt because they can't pay outlandish medical and pharmaceutical bills.. 4. As far as his tax cut- I just don't know where I will spend my extra $2.00 per day that his tax bill has provided for the Middle Class while the wealthy have received breaks that will provide them millions . 5. Trump's Immigration policies are not only cruel but simply incompetent. I guess separating children from their parents; locking them in cages, and then deporting the parents while the children languish in the 'system' somehow translates to border protection but the majority of people aren't buying into it. The point is that even if he never spoke to a Russian; obstructed justice or had Russian hookers in his Moscow Hotel -he is still a completely incompetent President and will never be re-elected. He has done nothing for the average American; done nothing to bring Americans together as a people and is reviled by the World.
  2. Absolutely correct- there are ongoing investigations involving Trump in the Southern District of New York. In addition= we have not seen the Mueller report- Trump could also be considered by the Feds as an unindicted co-conspirator or obstructing justice. I want to see the full report- since my tax dollars paid for it and I want all the attachments and investigative documents that go with the report. I don't think Trump himself actually collaborated directly with Russia to get elected but members of his team sure as hell did. Trump is too smart to get involved in a direct collaboration but if he knew and let it go on- it shows that he is certainly no patriot and would sell his soul to the devil. there is the emoluments case against him in which he is enriching himself and his family through the Presidency in direct violation of the US Congress. I agree completely with the House Speaker who does not want to impeach Trump due to the hassle and cost involved. Let's vote the narcissistic megalomaniac out of office and send him back where he belongs- the scrap heap of History. IMO Trump will go down in History as the worst President ever. His foreign policy is a shambles and his domestic policy is a lie. His modus operandi is to continue lying and eventually enough people will believe it. As a human being he is reprehensible. His rhetoric and personal attacks on people- even when they have died show no moral compass. Americans better wake up- because the rest of the World has lost all respect for Trump's vision of America. America cannot go it alone- it is a disaster in the making.
  3. It's obvious if one is under 50 and staying in Thailand on exempt entry or Tourist Visa- they are looking carefully at you. The purchase of the Elite Visa makes everything go away and allows entry on a long term expensive-Tourist Visa with extensions for 5 years. At no point does anyone care about money to live on ; where the applicant gets their funds or how they plan on supporting themselves while in Thailand. It's just like the agent system- pay an agent x amount and everything that was a problem becomes cleared up quickly.
  4. It's hard living in Thailand if everything you do or think is compared to the Western world. You have to at least understand nothing you do will really make a difference except the way you conduct yourself. You cannot change the Government; you cannot make people drive safely; you cannot change the education system and you can't change the Immigration rules. It used to bother me when I first came decades ago but since then I have adapted- some of the unpleasantness I don't even see anymore. Resistance is futile.
  5. So true!!! The Thai smile is still there but it is not as prevalent as it once was. However, don't forget to look at the reasons based upon the Thai perspective. Life for most Thais is really not better but much more stressful. Oh sure- more people can afford cars; can buy Condos but the sacrifices they make are enormous. Pollution is horrid for everyone. The traffic situation is bad. Children leaving for school at 5 AM and coming home at 8 PM. The vendors cannot ply their trade and are forced away from areas they used to make a living from. The cost of everything for Thais has gone up just like for us. Sending your Thai children to school is hard due to tuition; books; clothes; room and board. the minimum wage is bad in Thailand. It is not a living wage. Thais are worn out; tired as hell and without a whole lot of hope for change. Yet- if you do engage them in conversation- most are polite and will smile. Having to face what they face- I am not so sure I would be smiling. Remember, the same corruption we face- they also face but for different things. Those of us who have been here a long time want the Thailand of old but so do the Thai people. They want the stress free days of old when they could actually afford to live and the mai pen rai existence. This coming election will be the most important in Thai history and that is why more people will vote than ever before. Remember this- their future is also our future-for those of us who desire to remain in Thailand.
  6. I don't think it is absolute- but as a rule most Thais now hold Westerners in low esteem until proven otherwise. When I first came to Thailand in 1971- there were hardly any foreigners- a few Westerners and the Us Military- many Thais were afraid of Westerners because they had no interaction with us. As the years have progressed- Foreigners- especially Westerners were held in High esteem- as we were well dressed; had money and acted politely. This all changed with mass tourism and the growth of sex tourism. the more Westerners that came in due to low cost flights brought in not only the good but also the bad. In the early years- even with the US military on leave from Vietnam- I cannot remember foreigners acting up; criminals; overstays in numbers etc. In the last 10 years- there have been almost daily reports of Foreigners- mostly Westerners- getting into bar fights; killing each other; stealing; and just generally unable to hold their alcohol or committing a crime in Thailand. Throw in criminal Westerners posing as school teachers abusing children; running boiler rooms; selling drugs; robbing banks In addition- the advent of the social media-the internet and smart phones means it is immediately sent to millions. While we all know that locals have their good, bad and ugly; I believe that abhorrent Westerner's stand out to Thais because most Thais didn't expect there would be so many Westerners that could cause so many social problems. I try and keep smiling; treat people with respect and generally get a smile back. However, when I don't- I try and remember why. The bottom line is that while Thailand is not as 'friendly' as it once was and there are myriad reasons for this besides Western fatigue- I would also postulate that our countries are not as friendly as they once were for also a myriad of reasons.
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