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  1. The day China invades Hong Kong and crushes the protesters is the day the majority of the World will place sanctions against China that will all but destroy their economy and place the Communist Party at risk of losing power.
  2. Once you get sorted- please write a long letter to your Embassy explaing the difficulties you have faced as a result of the Embassy refusing to provide an Embassy Letter. Make sure to provide an Info copy to your Home Office. The 3 defiant embassies need to be reminded over and over again the havoc they have caused their citizens, while the other 80 Embassies in Thailand have no problem issuing the letter and it is accepted by Thai Immigration. My best to you
  3. It has been labelled a 'pilot project' a term used by one of the authorities quoted in the media. IMO- they want to see how many people will continue to get an O-A Visa and purchase the insurance and what effect if any there is on non paid hospital expenses. They must realize the failure of the O-X to attract hardly any interest. They will soon find out that the O-A will be in the same boat and that unpaid hospital bills will increase, simply because those on retirement Visas or extensions are not the problem. Even if one believed there were 80,000 people on a retirement O-A (which I don't believe) there are almost 40 million 'tourists' that arrive. The law of averages would mean that many more of the tourist arrivals will fall; get run over; or injured in some way and this group is the one most likely to do a 'runner' on a hospital bill. The long term expat has a firm address in Thailand; visits Immigration 4 times a year to confirm their address and would be easily found to be presented with hospital bill The whole issue is a smoke and mirrors exercise fueled by doctors/adminstrators in the Ministry of Health who want to force insurance on expats at a high cost with little coverage. If today- I purchased the Thai policy- at 400K/40K coverage and then got really sick with a catastrophic illlness- and was presented with a one million baht bill- I would still be short the difference. I would have to pay and I wouldn't be running away because as most expats-Thailand is our home. If the powers that be truly wanted to make insurance mandatory due to non paid bills- they would come up with a variety of affordable coverages for everyone- not forcing a separate pool for people 50 - and over. This is pure incompetence and IMO solves nothing except generating income for a select group.
  4. Because at some point a person with an O-A dated after 31 Oct 2019 may wish to extend their stay and thus the insurance requirement would apply to that extension . Remember, the O-A just like any other Visa has an end date but can be extended by going to Immigration.
  5. Why don't people cal the Embassy and ask to speak with the Consul General or the Ambassador and complain to them that the system is not useer friendly. If this waas me- I would be on the phone constantly until they could give me an answer how toget the Visa. If no one complains to the source- nothing will change. At the very least- start writing letters addressd to the Thai Ambassador.
  6. Completely agree- the best set of proposals yet. Instead- The Thai Government has set up a fail-fail situation attempting to mandate health coverage for a pool of people 50-100 which limits the pool of applicants and makes the coverage too low and the cost too high. At the very least-under these proposals everyone currently in Thailand needs to be 'grandfathered'. There are elderly people in Thailand who have been here for decades- there is no way they can be insured unless Thailand allows them to buy into the Thai Social Security scheme which in fairness should be a solution. The way the proposed police order is written it is definitely discriminatory as it applies only to a certain class of people. It would never be allowed in a Western country and I am certain it would be thrown out in Thailand if challenged in court. There also must be provisions for people to self insure- one can be required to sign a statement at Immigration that they self insure for any health issue much like the statements we already sign indicating we are aware of the overstay laws.
  7. What reason would an IO at an airport check for insurance covereage after 31 October when the Embassy/Consulate would be required to verify the financials; the police report' the medical and the insurance. The IO at the aiprot never checks the financials again- why would they check for jnsurance. Makes no sense- The intent of the police order is to have the IO at immigration in Thailand check the insurance along with the financials etc when a person applies for extension of stay. I may be wrong but it is totally illogical to check the insurance at the aiprot and never check the other elements. IMO it will not be done. Howevere, if one wants to plan for the worst- get your insurance policy- have it translated to Thai speifuing the requirements are met and present it to the IO if asked, I won't be doing it- but others may want to do it.
  8. Good. then we agree that the current police order states O-A visa for insurance. Could they ahnge the requirments in the future- they could and they probably want to and they are using the O-A as a test to see how it will be accepted. If it is accepted by most- they will go forward but if it fails (as I think it will) just as the O-X has failed they will think twice about applying the requirement broadly. In the last several years since the O-X has been available- I know of only 1 person who has this Visa. It is an abject failure. The requirements are too high. As I mentioned- the marriage Visa is a separate category and a single entry has no financial or other requirements other than proof of marriage- keeping a husband and wife apart are in violation of the UN Declaration of Human Rights and even Thailand has agreed to abide by its provisions . There is also the question of reciprocity- Both the Us and UK have an approximate financial requirement of around $21,00 for an Immigrant Visa with the insurance requirment niot stated but implies that a spouse in the UK becomes eligible for the NHS and in America the spouse is added to the applicants policy. In either event- the sponsor is responsible for their spouse and the paperwork states the same. The OA Visa applies to retirement only and has no bearing on marriage extensions. If we are speculationg- the powers to be can increase the money in the bank or monthly income requirements- increase the insurance coverage- ask for complete medical examintions and on and on but they know at some point- long stayers simply won't do it.
  9. I am not speculating about the current police order for Insurance- it clearly says ONLY, ONLy, ONLY for O-A type Visa. Read the police order- you people are going on and on about every doomsday scenarion on earth- My speculation comes in when I comment on whether it will ever apply to the rest of the Visa catories- My specualtion is based upon many decades of having every Visa category there is except an immigrant Visa and how the authorities have handled these issues in the past. Most times- regarding these issues- they have 'grandfathered' holders of the their current Visa except when they raised the income requirements for those married to a Thai from 250K to 400K but they allows a one year phase in. According to you- your speculation is better than mine- give me the number of the police order that states you are right and I am wrong. You can't because it doesn't exist.
  10. They will NOT do it as they know full well that making it imposible for families to be together is in violation of the universal declaration of humn rights- hence they provide a Non O Visa good for 90 days to those married to a Thai and they do not limit these type of Visas. Retirees are in a separate category and they can make their own regiulations to either restrict or encourage these categories of people just like other countries do. All Western countries have a special visa cateories for those married and these are always different that the other categories. There is not a quota on entry numbers and the requirements are very similar across the board between countries.
  11. It makes perefect sense if you are thai- they may eventually want to force insurance coverage on everyone but they are afraid it will drive many long stayers away- they started with the Non X- it failed- now they are trying the non O-A- if the long stayers buy in to this it will most likely be extended to all Nonm Os and that will include the Elite and Education Visa- they will find out that Thailand will not be the prefered destination of anyone and people will vote with their feet- I would suspect if they do eventually include all Non Os- they will 'grandfather' anyone who has a current entry and extension. IMO the police order change is clear- ONLY (their words not mind) applies to the Non O-A and it only applies to those visa holders issued after 31 October 2019. Anyone implyinf or suggesting anything differnet is speculating- When you show me in writing via a change in the police order specifying it applies to all long stay people I will believe it. Otherwise- I will continue to plan my financials and other documentation for my next marriage extension based upon the police order that is in force.
  12. \there is no inconsistency bewtween English and Thai- ONLY- means only and that is what the Thai Police order says- applies only to an O-A Visa iissued after 31 October 19. The order is clear. 1. Since the OA can only be issued in your home country Thai Embassy/Consulate- they will want to see the proof on Insurance just like they would for the O-X Visa. Once the visa is issued- there would be no reason to check the requirement again upon entry at the airport. The Airport Io's do not check the financials or the medical- why would they even consider checking for insurance? 2. The Insurance requirement applies to any O-a issued after 31 October 2019- so any extension within Thailand would involve making sure the Insurance is valid for the extension period. 3. Anyone with an O-A dated prior to 31 October 2019- is exempt from the requirement- They are grandfather and all extension thereafter are issued based upon the original date of the Vsa. IMO Grandfathering is approved. There is a letter issued by Immigration that indicstes the same. One can extended their stay off the original visa add infinitum based on the requirements in force upon issuance of the original Visa. No requirements are applied retroactive hence the 200K requirement for financials prior to a certain date. 4, The only possible thing an airport Io would be interested in is the date in one's original O-A. Any date after the 31st october 2019 may cause further questions. I cannot imagine- an airport IO asking for insurance verification for each person entering- they don't do it for financials; medicals or other. Why would they do it for an O-a when the Embassy has already verified all the requirements.
  13. Indeed the USA system of Healthcare is the worst I have ever experienced. Americans actually go bankrupt due to an unholy alliance between Medical Insurance; For Profit Hospitals and Big Pharma. This makes medical costs the most expensive in the World. What is also a fact that Hospitals hide their prices; charge a person with no insurance at the highest possible price; give discounts to Insurance Companies and when an individual cannot pay- they get a letter from a lawyer threatening a suit and are then sued. Americans lose their homes; at times lose their lives all to stisfy pure greed from an industry that cares only about profit and could care less about human lives The system is completely broken and will be the number 1 issue in the 2020 Presidential Campaign and the Healtehcare indstry will spend untold millions to stop any change in the system. Unfortunately, Thailand is following the American model of Healthcare as the majority of doctors get trained in the US. The private health industry in Thailand is overpriced as is private insurance. Even the Thai Government admits to the overpricing in private hospitals but cannot control it because they simply refuse to enforce it. If the Thai Government wants to enforce mandatory insurance on anyone- they need to put everyone in the same pool; get rid of any pre-existing condition issue and spread the premiums across the whole age group 1-100. Instead, they are forcing a separate pool for expats 50- 100 years and what we are getting are high, mostly unaffordable premiums with little real coverage. The whole concept of this solves no issue- it simply makes money for the insurance company and their Board of Directors. As far as Visas being offered the 5 year O-X is a failure as the financials are high and the insurance requirement has always been there. The O-A was popular because one could obtain it with financials in your home bank and no visit to Immigration was necessary.If handled properly-one could get 2 years out of the Visa and then head home for another one. Now with the Insurance requirement added- the O-A has -as of 31 Oct 19 increased radically in price and I seriously doubt many people familiar with Thailand and contemplating retiring will use this method. To the powers that be- they don't care-current holders of O-A are increasing in age yearly and at some point will expire- and there is always newb ies who will purchase the coverage from the Thai Insurance providers. As long as Thailand has 40 million tourists visitng- the majority of which are in and out within 30 days- their unpaid imedical bills will increase. Tourists have accidents; tourists are not familiar with Thai driving habits; Tourists fall down-get injured. While the expats have the same issues- compared to 40 Million tourists- the expat long stayers are negligible. Unless the Thai Government mandates travel insurance- there will be no change- except for those who have stock in the Thai Insurance Companies; the Board of Directs and the Hospital Officers who are part of the Board. Their income will go up.
  14. I am American and have worked both domestic and overseas for 50 years and I am quite familiar with the tax code and social Security. I am already retired; live a quiet and decent life and wish no one harm. Just to clarify- when I used the term paying double- it was meant to illustrate that a self emplyed person pays around 15% for Social Security/Medicare while a person employed as a worker in a company pays 7.65% for SS/Medicare- meaning the employer pays their share and the woker their share. I will say it again- digital nomads mostly are contractos and therefore receive a 1099 form- which is to be used to file US taxes and Americans owe taxes no matter where they are. Whether they folow the law is up to them. They mostly receive no benefits like retirement or health and I do not beleive they can pay into the Social Security system and if they can- most do not do it. The whple purpose of my post was not to discuss US tax law but to warn those working online that unless they are indeed thinking about what will happen when they retire-and get into a situation where they are putting funds into the US Social Security Scheme they will not have a retirment. People in the age group 20-50 would be better off getting a University Degree in an occupation that is saleable and then a Master's or techincal degree and working for a company in the Top 50. I completely understand why a young person feels alienated for several reasons- I never really enjoyed working 12 hours per day every day; going off to places at the whim of my employer and sometimes the hardship that i endured. Howver- there is nothing easy -people pay their dues and there is no way around it. Millenials want to live the dream because they rationilize they have no future and they are going to live life to the fullest right now. Instead- they are selling their future for momentary gratification. In the 50 years, I have been in and out of Thailand- I have known 5 foreigners that have made a substantial living by staying in Thailand and the rest couldn't make it and eventually left; died; or ended up as alcoholics or addicts. At the end of the day- I wish people well- I would love to see more foreigners succeed; make an impact in Thailand and the World and show the Thai people what real success means.
  15. IMO- it is always deliberate- no matter whate officaldome wants to do- it is always passed through a financial lens and those at the top always get their share- either through kickbacks, being appointed as a board member, or as paid advisors. None of this is directed at foreigners per se- but anyone in Thailand. However, foreigners are deemed to have more resources than Thais and thus we pay more. Every rule, every regulation, every utterance has some way to be able to be 'interepreted' in a way that will benefit officialdom- either by completely ignoring the law; bending it; or interpreting it in a way that benefits all concerned. Of course- a gratuity is always expected Why was money in the bank for retirment extnesion changed; proof of income changed- the impetus was 3 Embassies refusing to provide a simple document vereifying income. When the Thai officialdom was rebuffed- they simply made it more difficult for the applicants- not impossible and the out was use an agent. The insurance issue has no bearing on how many people can't pay their bill. It has everything to do with getting Thai Insurance Companies providing costly policies and providing little real coverage. If a person has a 400K limit on their policy and the bill comes to one million baht- they will still be short the difference . Money will be made off the O-A for new retirees coming in simply because the O-X failed to sell as the levels of finances and insurance were too high. The new police order grandfathers current O-A holders but eventuall all of us will expire and there are plent of new fish . I have given up worrying about any of it- until there is a change in adminsitration- nothning positive will take place. I hope for the best and plan as much as possible for the worst.
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