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  1. You know it is something I have been doing for 35 years ...I love it When I was younger I competed in Time Trials, Hill Climbs etc & also did Triathlon But now that I'm older I just enjoy riding for the beauty of cycling That it also keeps me in good health & as part of the package I have always watched my diet as better foods give better energy are all a side benefits You see things while cycling you do not see while speeding along in a car. You smell things etc etc A form of meditation for me also because I ride alone While in Thailand I experience incredible climbs in the North that rival anything I have ridden before So many reasons really
  2. 1 baht at 0.33 compared to 0.31 does not make a smidgen of difference to US tourists Think again as to why they are no longer eager to vacation in Thailand
  3. You folks may be a day or two late as Medical Marijuana is legals in almost all the US States Getting the permit to use & grow is usually less than $50 Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida Hawaii Illinois Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Missouri Montana Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island Utah Vermont Washington West Virginia
  4. That is about the size of it. We have been thru this discussion before in this very forum To the folks that wait till 70....Thank you for your contribution I started at 62 with no regrets I had no debt...own my home outright in US & Thailand Stopped working when I was 55 not because I was rich but because I wanted to. I think I know better what to do with the money I started taking at 62 Good luck to you & sorry but none can help you except to say what they did & that is probably irrelevant to you,
  5. Sorry I guess you & I know different folks... We know not only tourist who would not go to such a Junta controlled country but also know folks who moved away. Then again what you said above about Yingluck kinda tips your hand/opinion But we do agree on your second half of your post as it is basically the same as what we know & a lot of it is due to forms of corruption. Once some see that works others try the same gouging etc End result same....grass greener elsewhere
  6. Sorry every tourist I know does not complain even at getting 30/1 USD But what they do not like is the BS government the previous overthrow of a democratically elected government & what they hate most of all? Corruption at almost every step of the way. Tourist I know who made annual treks to Thailand have found greener pastures They were very much in love with the Thailand of 10 years ago & still came yearly But year after year they saw/felt the changes & finally said enough. It is just not that nice of a place to visit anymore. My wife & I we come every year of course as we have a country house & family to visit that will not change. But folks we know without Thai ties that loved Thailand no longer vacation there & to be honest an improved exchange rate would not change their minds.
  7. We no longer live in Thailand but still spend 2-3 months per year there Funny thing is my life here or there is pretty much exactly the same Wake early...coffee & small thing like banana or toast On the road by 7-7:30 cycling 2-5 hours during which I eat while I ride & in Thailand with all the cafes I usually have a mid ride stop for coffee/snack Wife also loves to workout 2 hours or so 6 days a week but does so at home or running nearby. Then likes to work in garden/greenhouse Once back home I get cleaned up, eat & do some internet things/work around house/ hang with wifey Six days a week we basically enjoy that & the 7th we go to town for things or to just cruise about etc. Writing it out I see it sounds boring But we enjoy it
  8. Nice for the $$$$ spent grabbed 5? guys out but.... How many disgruntled tourist will remember standing 2+ hours in lines at Suvarnabhumi airport after 10+ hour flights? Will that have any economical impact on an already failing tourism in Thailand??
  9. Did not when we lived there but we left in 2016 Rule was there but Imm was not doing the 1600 fine yet Since 2016 we visit each year for a few months & of course do not file as we have no need to enter imm So far no problems
  10. So extra long lines at Suvarnabhumi Airport bars tonight?
  11. Problem immigration does not see with all this "additional" checking is that it basically makes their whole system look weak/useless Because first off a long stay expat gets a 1 year visa extension This extension is by no means simple...yes not too hard for folks but not simple meaning it is quite thorough with many forms & checks even physical checks by imm officers at your home Then they will ask you to get a reentry permit if you leave the country & return wanting your ext to still be valid ok fine & fair enough Then they want you to check in every 90 days even though they just went thru all of the above to qualify you for a one year extension??? Ok all the above checking & double checking...all good? Heck NO ! If you want to visit your wife's family in the neighboring province & spend the night....well that is now another whole kettle of fish As other mentioned now your MIL has to report you...good? Not quite...when you get home be sure to report yourself again Why? Because you spent the night next door? So what does it all say about Thai Immigration original extension super paper trail to grant you a 1 year extension? That your ok/good guy until you sleep anywhere other than your own bed?
  12. So makes one wonder what the Imm Boot Licking Brown noser's get
  13. If a Thai had been wrongfully accused like that they would then of course sue for defamation/loss of face
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