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  1. With Thai construction methods - build it as cheap as you can, cut corners whenever possible, and pocket as much as you can, once these hi-speed lines are open, I'll give them 6 months, max, before there is a major breakdown and massive loss of life.
  2. If I'm dying, then TELL ME! Don't give me "well, maybe" b.s. I'm a big boy who has had one hell of a life. Trust me, I can handle it. Probably a lot better than my family could.
  3. I would also add cancelling whatever visa they are here on, and then blacklisting for 10 years.
  4. Been here 10 years in Chiang Mai. Married all that time. I just turned 70, my wife just turned 60, but looks 40. I adopted her Thai son, who then legally changed his last name to mine, to "honor the man who is my father. He's a school teacher who loves what he does. March will be the final payment on our house, which is valued at over 3.5mil. I don't keep 800k in the bank, but my monthly VA Disability and Social Security combined go well over double the 65k a month income figure. Chiang Mai has changed, grown, over the past 10 years, but I still love it here and can't think of anyplace else I would rather live. I'm here for the duration.
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