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  1. Hemsworth is pretty good size already, but to play Hulk Hogan, he's definitely going to have to bulk up something serious.
  2. In the United States, some States have MANDATORY helmet laws. You get caught driving without one, MAJOR fine for the first offense, jail time for any offense after that. Also in just about every State, if you get caught on a bike with no valid bike license, same scenario. Major fine for first time, jail time after that.
  3. They ALWAYS do the shooting in the wrong order. Shoot THEMSELVES first, then the others survive.
  4. No helmet and no license on him. He should be grateful that all he had to pay was 200 baht. In a country with REAL laws, his butt would be walking - after paying a hefty fine and some jail time.
  5. With Thai construction methods - build it as cheap as you can, cut corners whenever possible, and pocket as much as you can, once these hi-speed lines are open, I'll give them 6 months, max, before there is a major breakdown and massive loss of life.
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