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  1. Try here, http://www.smallarmssurvey.org/fileadmin/docs/S-Trade-Update/SAS-Trade-Update-2019.pdf
  2. The UK is an example of an old democracy gone senile and dying. Thailand is an example of a democracy that was still born.
  3. The same can happen if you blow your nose too vigorously.
  4. For working class Thais aircons are a rare expensive luxury, in Singapore everyone has them.
  5. Smoke pacifies bees so it can't be the incense. However if you injure a bee it releases a pheromone that triggers all other bees to attack.
  6. why not just take aspirin you can buy a low dose 5mg tablet for blood thinning.
  7. So take DNA samples of all male relatives and neighbours.
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