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  1. Reuters is even stronger into project fear than the BBC.
  2. He, ''worked tirelessly'' and looks very fit and healthy on it, no sleepless nights.
  3. This scam has been on FB for about 6 months now, Many people have reported it, FB does nothing. It has featured places like Singapore and people like Bill Gates. FB seems happy to take the money for the advert.
  4. One assumption is that the EU will continue to exist, in fact it seems increasingly unstable.
  5. That will mean the usual spectacle of everyone wearing multiple garments and huddled around fires in the road, and all the owned cats and dogs wearing jackets. whilst everyone looks in amazement at me sitting on my patio in shorts and sleeveless top.
  6. But this was before the era of mutually assured destruction.
  7. The different in weight between a gold nugget and pyrites should be a dead give away.
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