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  1. I'm sure to the Police what is perfectly clear is that assaults and violence are against the law and if they concentrate on arrests and charges for those involved then the Taxi side of the problems will probably disappear ?
  2. What is needed for some person to defy the Police and allow the Courts to decide if non alcohol beer can be drunk and sold on alcohol free days. Would be interesting to see if the police would progress the case to the Courts.
  3. I don't know about any other readers but I can not believe this statement from DLT. "A total of 25,636 buses, and their drivers’ sobriety and rest periods, were checked, but no flaws that could affect road safety had yet been found"
  4. There is a microbrewery in Samui who for sure do not brew 100,000Litres/year -
  5. One of my family visited Korea for 4 days last year in a school party that consisted of 3 students and 3 teachers. Of course the students had to pay for their journey but the teachers...............?
  6. My wife works for an International Five Star hotel where the service charge is divided equally by all staff. Last month they received 19,700 TB each. I am aware of some locally owned 4 and 5 Star Hotels that take a large slice themselves and share the balance with the staff. The "Thai Way" ?
  7. I think if I was "Blacklisted" I would appoint one of my family or friends, Power of Attorney, and buy them a ticket to Thailand to go and dispose of my property.
  8. Prison sentences and time served are two variable things. I had a friend convicted to 12.5 years for drug offences and was released in 8 years. The reduction was mostly because of his good behaviour and Royal Pardons. The Court where he was convicted or the prison where he is held will give you a better indication but probably not an accurate one unless the sentence is near it's end.
  9. I think all Farrangs should be exempt from this regulation as we are not involved in the voting !
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