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  1. Not if these farangs are members of the centi-billionaire gang
  2. I don't hear anyone complain about Wagyu or Kobe beef... These cows are subjected to a diet of 2-3 bottles of beer a day (real lucky ones drink sake!); they are massaged daily with beer as well... Aroi maak maak
  3. UK wanted their Brexit; now they got it and they start moaning about the EU (France in particular) NOT stopping people that want to go to UK. If people want to go to UK (don't ask me why...), who is the EU to tell them 'no'? These immigrants WANT to go to UK, not EU... BTW, trying to cross the Channel in a dinghy is very stupid and dangerous, but NOT illegal as they are in international waters. ONLY when they try to enter UK they are illegal immigrants.
  4. Her bum was bitten, so why is her hand bandaged?
  5. He NEVER has... Why do you believe he would now? I'd say, just another lie
  6. You call that organism (can't call it human!) a president?!? Biggest lying idiot in human history.... He has NEVER said anything true....
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