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  1. The most addicting drugs worldwide are alcohol and tobacco. How many people die every day of these drugs? All governments make too much money on taxation on alcohol and tobacco, so please don't stop smoking or drinking! Nobody EVER died of weed, and any other drug (heroin, yaa baa, etc) just have a couple of deaths, compared with alcohol and tobacco. Stop being so hypocrite!
  2. Always assume that the real truth is completely opposite to what that idiotic liar says. Provide PROOF...
  3. I don't keep up with usa history, but I am pretty sure in all... As in many (most?) places in the world
  4. Obviously he is talking about usa, as these women are full-blood americans! They hold american passports, don't they? All white americans are definitely not native to usa, so clearly trumpy is a huge racist and a white supremacist. Hopefully one (or more) of these women will become president, preferably during trumpy's lifetime! That would be awesome, but if he dies soon, that wouldn't be a problem either
  5. He was one of the best governors Chiang Rai ever had! BKK should be happy to get this no-nonsense guy, he is very OK and liked by many Thai
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