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  1. You get the transfer service in phuket as well, but I wouldn’t buy elite for that. I have had an elite visa for the past 5 years, and it’s been fabulous due to how easy it makes everything. If you can afford it then go for it. With regards to the 5 v 6 year question, my elite visa expires in December 2019. I last entered in sep 2019 at bkk and I have been admitted until sep 2020 so unless I leave I have been given the extra year. No one has contacted me to say any different. Hope that helps
  2. Variety of reasons probably - same as other parts of thailand. High baht makes it expensive, they have been before and want to try somewhere new, don’t like all the chinese, fed up of rude thai people in taxis and shops trying to rip them off, don’t like poor service that Thais give (go to indonesia to see genuinely nice staff in restaurants / shops etc. In summary, i would say thailand has got what they wanted. Out with westerners and in with the chinese and Indian mass market tourists. Good luck to them.
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