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  1. Thanks for your comment, Joe. It's my understanding that people who are out of the country when their extensions expire will need to return on a new Visa. Right now the options seem to be an elite, an STV or an O-A Visa. Regular tourist visas and non-O visas are not available. That makes returning to Thailand quite expensive for people who have had extensions of stay based on non-O retirement visas. To all of those who recommended not leaving the country: I wouldn't think of leaving if I didn't need to move out of my house and dispose of my possessions in Tokyo. If worse come
  2. I wonder how retirees feel about the security of living in Thailand in light of plight of so many who can’t return to Thailand and will see their residence status expire. Do you see the pandemic as just a one-time glitch and believe that once it is safe, it will be safe to live in Thailand and once again become routine to consistently extend your permission to stay? If lockouts occur in the future, retirees will need to have two residences: one in Thailand and one somewhere else. That will not be easy for people who have all of their assets in Thailand. What are the options? Stay in Thail
  3. So far as testing goes, the PCR test is relatively useless without timeliness. The staffing of testing personnel and rapid movement of the test samples and reporting of the results is vital for the test to be useful. Rapid testing could have been set up but the CDC and others fumbled and dragged their feet. Dr. Birx was one on the task force who consistently called for increased testing. The others - not so much.
  4. Uh, check your facts. It was Dr. Tony Fauci and the White House Task Force who originally discouraged the wearing of masks. It took quite a long period of time before it was acknowledged that wearing a mask could be PROTECTIVE. For a long time it was claimed by Dr. Fauci and the task force that only infected people needed to wear masks. Let’s not gloss over the history of how long it took before everyone was advised to wear a mask. So far as issuing a national mandate, America has states’ rights. Governors and local authorities have the power to issue mandates, not the Preside
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