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  1. Cute little animals but their number is infinitesimal compared to the illegal animal trade out of China and SE Asia. There are videos on YouTube. Watch one and you will be shocked at the numbers and varieties of animals smuggled to various countries. It's too bad that there isn't much feeling that the animals lives should be preserved and the animals should have decent living conditions. Just look at the conditions the animals live in in various Asian wet markets including the one here in Bangkok. Go down and have a look. You should be revolted by their condition.
  2. Thanks, Joe. I interpret your comments to mean that it will be September or later until travel options become clear. I hope to avoid the 14-day quarantine whichever direction I travel. Right now Japan is mandating a quarantine at a "government specified" location. That's not very appealing. I hope to wait that out and travel after it is lifted.
  3. I had not received a new 90-day report slip after mailing it in late February by the time I went to extend my stay in mid-April. There was no problem. The report had been processed and the officer just printed me a copy off the system. I did finally receive my new report slip in the mail two weeks ago. I now have more confidence that if I can track the EMS envelope as having been received at Lak Si, it probably will have been processed and a copy will be in their system.
  4. Many of us long-term stayers like to return to our home countries in the summer and come back to Thailand late in the fall. Given the various travel restrictions, will that be practical for this year or should we just resign ourselves to staying through until summer 2021? My adopted home country is Japan but a friend, being bored with Bangkok, will return to Germany on June 6th. He has no idea when he will be able to return to Bangkok and his Thai girlfriend is quite anxious about this. Has anyone figured out how travel to and from Thailand will work out in the future?
  5. I believe in equivalent privileges and rights appropriate to each sex so that the balance is perceived as fair by reasonable people. Equality is nonsense. Men and Women ARE different. Ideology does not lead to fairness. Empiricism does,
  6. I have mailed in my 90-day reports for several years. The only problem that I have had is with the report that was due in March of this year. I didn't receive the reply until earlier this month. I checked on it when I did my one-year extension in April and the officer confirmed that it had been processed and gave me a copy of the receipt. This year I had the problem of some TTF transfers being printed out of order but the IO let it slide for this year. Since then I've had the problem of some transactions actually being printed over other ones by the bank book updating machine. I took the problem up with a teller at the Bangkok Bank Central World Branch. She suggested that I have my bank book updated at the teller's desk in the future and, best of all, told me that next April, she could get me a year's record of transactions if I requested it five days in advance and paid 200 baht. Being able to get the statement at Central World will be a nice time saver for me. I had previously thought that I would have to go the bank's central office to request the year's statement.
  7. Many of us old timers came here when things were much, much cheaper and then fell victim to unexpected calamities. That leaves many of us between a rock and a hard place. We can’t afford insurance or medical expenses here but we can’t afford to return to our home countries either. It would be nice if there were some fund to pay our medical expenses here or some charitable organization back home to welcome us back and help us get settled in. I don’t suppose that some of the insanely rich companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google or Amazon would be willing to set up such a fund. There seems to be plenty of money around for illegal immigrants. Why not some for poor and stranded citizens?
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