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  1. Right now, finding English-speaking conversation partners with my friends stuck back in their home countries unable to return to Thailand for their 6- month stints herenis difficult.. Not every foreigner you meet is a good conversation partners. I don't drink so don't go to bars. Two years ago, there were plenty of foreigners passing through Central Chidlom so striking up a conversation with someone was easy. Now I am limited to telephone calls and email messages. Hopefully, my friends will be able to return in a few months. There are, of course, gathering places like the Siam Society,
  2. Ever been to Japan? Ceilings and doorways in newer houses are getting higher but chair legs are still too short.
  3. There is a lot of magical thinking about the vaccines. Even doctors on CNN say that a vaccine shot makes you immune! A vaccine is a magic potion to many people. Dr. Tony Fauci explained the vaccines at great length on Front Line. I recommend people watch it. Personally, I want the J & J vaccine. Its efficacy is that 69 days after injection, there are zero hospitalizations from the virus.
  4. It is now gaining recognition that digestive problems and many other physical problems may be due to histamine intolerance. Besides histamines, salycilates and sulfites can cause a myriad of reactions in sensitive people. Dr. Georgia Ede is a psychiatrist who has a website devoted to digestive problems. It is worth a look. You may be surprised at the number of problems that eating unsuitable food can cause. Her website is https://www.diagnosisdiet.com/about
  5. People entering the country from abroad should be required to undergo a fourteen-day ( or maybe twenty-one day ) quarantine and be given a choice of the vaccines when the supply becomes plentiful. I want the J & J vaccine if I can get it. One injection and sixty-nine days later there have been no hospitalizations for anyone of any age group. Will the J & J Vaccine be available in Thailand? I have a hunch that only the locally produced vaccine will be available. Yesterday on Front Line, Dr. Tony Fauci unequivocally stated that vaccinated persons could be infected and transmit
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