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  1. Difficult as it may be, people who worked in the tourism industry should find a different way to make a living to survive. It doesn't appear that tourism will come back soon and the numbers will never be what they were in years past. The world has changed and travel will take a long time to recover, if it ever does. With the huge loss in income world-wide, people will not be able to afford vacations in distant lands.
  2. Pfizer and Moderna did not test all recipients of the vaccine. If they were interested in discovering whether their vaccines conferred immunity, they would have. Apparently they do not expect their vaccines to confer immunity. They do not state that their vaccines will confer immunity. I'm sure that they would announce it if they did.
  3. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines do not confer immunity. They only prevent people who contract the virus from developing severe symptoms and are 90-95% effective at doing this. Only the Oxford Univ vaccine (AstraZenica) is said to be able to confer immunity to a certain percentage of people and it's not 70%. It seems that the quarantines will stand.
  4. It has been the popular assumption that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines would prevent the person vaccinated from contracting the virus. It turns out that they do not. They appear to prevent a person who contracts the virus from developing more severe symptoms and are reported to be 90-95% effective at doing so. During the vaccine trials, only vaccinated people who reported having COVID symptoms were tested. They were then monitored to see if they developed severe symptoms. People who did not report COVID symptoms were not tested so we don't know what percentage of the vaccinated group con
  5. The 95% effective rate is rather dubious. The vaccine was not given a "challenge" trial. The people who were vaccinated were not then exposed to the virus. They were allowed to go about their normal lives. Whether they were exposed to the virus is not known so their remaining uninfected could just be due to chance. The various vaccines' effectiveness could be much lower than reported. I am curious to see detailed reports of the vaccines' trials.
  6. Sorry but I do not use agents and am not knowledgeable enough to recommend one. Perhaps someone else can suggest one.
  7. The infection rate is being kept to 1% in some American schools. Dr. Birx, who has been advocating widespread and frequent testing for the past six months, said that in schools that test all of their students every week, the infection rate can be kept to 1%. She says that widespread testing in which the results are posted within 24 hours could dramatically lower the spread of the virus. Apparently this is just too expensive for the federal and state governments.
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