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  1. I multi-quoted a few posts I wanted to comment on and then lost them. Oh well. I couldn't agree more, and that has been one of my arguments. But, ask a Thai that is not dependent on Tourism what they think -- my wife included -- and the answer is we must prevent the spread at all costs. That is something I have wondered about; as well as all economists vs scientists. Interestingly (to me), Thaksin (in the Nation) came out and said the close down was a bad idea. Fitting I guess, because he is known to be more of a capitalist/business person who would lean away from the shut down. Brazil is the fastest growing Covid hotspot (#2 under USA). Unofficially, it appears that their policy is "<deleted> it, whatever happens, happens". History will show whether that was a good idea or not - and whether they are the first to hit herd immunity or not. Another person talked about other things affecting Thailand that doesn't seem to get any traction. "Officials reported a total of 128,964 dengue fever cases from all 77 provinces in 2019" " The Department of Disease Control (DDC) ... has revealed the latest number of influenza patients in Thailand from 1st January to 30th November 2019 at 363,837 cases" I realize these are "cases" and not "deaths", but the sheer volume compared to the Covid cases gives pause to wonder whether the shutdowns are really in the best interest of the country. At least, in my opinion. And finally, back to Thailand tourism. US citizens can travel right now. But are they?? Of course, we aren't a blip on the radar of Thailand for number of tourists anymore. High season is approaching, They must do something. I can't them letting the season pass with no tourism. But I could be so wrong ....
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