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  1. I'm watching on True now, and in English. BBC iPlayer is about a minute behind.
  2. Whilst somewhat true that is also mostly wrong. You have to look at the overall efficiency. The pollution caused by generating the electricity to power the Skytrain, for example, is far less than the pollution that would be generated by transporting the same amount of people in cars or dirty busses. Also it is moving that pollution out of the city - the power plants are generally in remote areas. So whilst it would obviously be ideal if the electric transport systems could be powered by renewable energy, to say that they don't do much good at all because they aren't is silly.
  3. I use Nord: https://nordvpn.com/ Sign up for around 100 baht per month, easy to use. You just choose which country to want to be in from a drop down menu and - voila - that's where you are. I use mine mainly for watching UK TV but it also has its other uses.
  4. And if Thailand had the annual rainfall that Holland has I am sure they would manage just fine too - it is very little. That really is a nonsensical comparison. Holland has around 800mm per year, spread pretty evenly through the year. Thailand gets up to 4,000mm and it is pretty concentrated during the rainy season (funnily enough), with months with no rain at all. Put it another way, dump Thailand's rain on Holland and see how well the Dutch cope then - you can't compare the two at all (unless it is just to bash the Thais and say "look, Europeans do better").
  5. Yeah of course it was! All the private companies were told to just pretend they were in talks, then they were all told to not agree their own deals. Oh, and the 300 million baht rights were paid for by a private individual, not the government, so that was all staged too - the poor guy that had to fork that out just because Prayut told him to to make him look good. We sure are lucky to have internet detectives like you looking out for us and showing us what's really going on!!
  6. Stop what? Like it or not, Bangkok IS on the way to having a well connected urban commuter rail network. What is your issue with that? Or would you rather just pretend it's not happening? About 170kms of electric mass transit already running, 125kms more coming online in the next couple of years, and a total of around 540kms by the end of this decade. That will put Bangkok in the world's top 4-5 commuter metro systems by total length. After decades of being way behind where it should be Bangkok is actually doing an incredible thing that few cities have done in such a short period of ti
  7. Try reading the article. The TAT is not making policy but it coming up with ideas to boost international visitors on a long term basis and therefore benefit the country. It is a proposal from them which has been presented to the Prime Minister. The headline is typical TVF clickbait as it doesn't mention it is a proposal. However it has done its job of getting the TVF populace clicking and replying based on a headline alone.
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