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  1. So typical TVF. Post a load of dribble, get some pathetic "evil farang" comments in there, wait for your likes to roll in from the other deluded / paranoid posters. So typical. Care to explain what you are actually talking about? I would love to know. What laws have been violated by the finance ministry divesting itself of some shares? None. What has a 51/49% ownership regulation got to do with this? Nothing. (The company I work for is 100% foreign owned by the way - and perfectly legal). Who is going to direct blame to "evil foreigners" and for what? Nobody, and nothing. How will the government re-nationalise it according to your made up laws of ownership? It won't / can't. Oh, and you do realise that TG has maybe 2% of foreign ownership? With all your amazing knowledge of how things work you obviously know that. So, again, what are you actually talking about? Most ridiculous post I've read in a while (and that is saying something).
  2. Oh yeah - that free and open beautiful democracy is a shining beacon! Remind me how Hun Sen came to power again and how he has clung on to it for 35 years. Oh, and didn't they declare a state of emergency last month?
  3. Yes, thanks for that. OK, I'll rephrase it "the 747 has a small rest area for two people that couldn't accommodate two dead-heading pilots plus the pilots of the actual flight". Doesn't change the fact that the claim of hi-sos pushing paying customers off the flight wasn't true.
  4. What on earth are you taking about? I've lived in Bangkok for 25 years. Remind me when these years of curfew were because I must have missed them. Please? And bars are closed because they don't want people to meet and share ideas and plot the revolution. Nothing to do with the global pandemic. Right. Gotcha. You really know your stuff., I'm impressed.
  5. In every single thread related to Covid you have to pop up and warn of the impending doomsday scenario. Absolutely none of them have transpired - not one scenario you said was inevitable has happened. What makes you think opening schools will turn children in super spreaders? Why will this be the one that comes true and brings us all great peril? Have you heard of the boy who cried wolf?
  6. There are permanent workers and dozens of contractors who clean London's sewers continuously so not sure why you think they don't need cleaning. Also London would never see rainfall as intense as Bangkok - not even close.
  7. The majority of Thais really have absolutely no interest in it and couldn't care less what happens to Thai Air. Go and ask some. (It might also be a nice opportunity for you to talk to a Thai rather complaining at them)
  8. Thank you for the informative post. Finally someone that knows what they are talking about. So tired of reading the same old hysterical posters ranting on about how the exchange rate is impossible (because they are currency experts) and the government is obviously fixing it.
  9. *Sigh*. I didn't make a claim. Somebody claimed they would sell your number and data from the app to telemarketers and I asked them what that claim is based on. If you make a claim (especially a bold one such as that) then you need to back it up - the burden of proof lays with you. I could claim I live in a $10m dollar mansion and tell everyone on this forum. If I state that I should be able to provide evidence if challenged. It would not be on everyone else to prove I don't live in a $10m dollar mansion. I did provide some anecdotal evidence that I have never been bothered by telemarketers despite using many government services, despite immigration having my number, despite scanning in and out of places, despite having this number for over 15 years, which is a whole lot more than the guy who claims the government is selling your contact tracing app data has done. Not one anecdotal story of someone getting marketing calls after submitting their number.
  10. Colin's confused again but has no answer. It seems you just react to headlines so I give you an explanation and it confuses you?
  11. So again you are not providing any evidence of the plague of the hi-sos filling up aircraft for free. The incident you are probably referring to was the case of the two dead heading pilots bumping two passengers from first class. Those two passengers had been upgraded (for free) from business class and refused to relinquish their new first class status. Due to a technical issue the aircraft was changed from a 777 to an old 747 which did not have a crew rest area for the dead headers to sleep in (and they needed their rest hours as they were back on duty after the flight) so they claimed the rules stated they must have a first class seat to sleep in as business class on the old 747 is not lie flat, hence asking the upgraded passengers to move which they refused to do so. Did Thai handle the situation very poorly? Yes. Was it a PR disaster? Yes. Was it a paying first class passenger getting moved for a hi-so free loader? Nope, not at all. Got any other "evidence"?
  12. You won't get any. Every time there's a Thai Airways thread the same people shriek about hi-sos blah blah blah and I always ask for evidence or a link or anything..........and nobody ever provides it.
  13. Ok I don't want to go round and round on this, but if you make a claim you need to back it up - that goes for anyone and anything. I have not made any claim, I only asked the poster to back up his claim that the app sells your data to telemarketers. He hasn't, and no doubt he won't. Just another typical TVF bash and run with no evidence behind it.
  14. Eh?? Sorry, that is a child's argument. If someone makes a claim it is up to them to provide evidence, that's how it works. It is not up to everyone else to provide evidence against that claim. "I can juggle 17 batons simultaneously whilst they are on fire and I am riding a unicycle". Prove it. "Nope, you need to prove I can't juggle 17 batons simultaneously whilst they are on fire and I am riding a unicycle". If you can't prove I can't then it means that I can. If someone claims your data is being sold to telemarketers then sure they have evidence to back up that claim. No? Otherwise why make the statement?
  15. Been here 25 years, and with the same mobile phone number since mobile phones were a thing. No-one is saying your data is perfectly safe all the time with every company you use, but I can count on one hand the amount of telemarketing calls I have had. See? That's called answering a direct question - some of you guys should try it sometimes instead of just replying with an insult and not backing up anything you say or replying to questions or offering anything factual. So I'll try again, what evidence is there that the contact tracing numbers get sold to telemarketers? Even some anecdotal evidence - even a rumour - that you have heard of someone getting telemarketing calls since using the app to check in somewhere. One story? Anything? Please don't come back with "Joseph Bloggs is a sheep" or something, try answering an actual question.
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