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  1. Joining the US military is an aspiration?? Pledging allegiance to a bit of cloth is different to standing to attention and singing songs??
  2. You guys are hilarious. The Thai government will administer vaccines to everyone for free - that is stated. Private hospitals are offering people to buy the vaccine of their choice if they prefer. Private enterprise is buying these - if they don't sell them they lose money. So yes, they sell them at a profit - and 2k THB is not a massive amount as the vaccine needs to be purchased, stored in controlled conditions, shipped in controlled conditions, insured, delivered and administered. And you think that is worthy of a slur of Thai profiteering. How much are the western companies m
  3. Again, why? Why would an airline be announcing a police matter? Just because he had a ticket on one of their planes? So if Thai police arrest a murder suspect in a McDonald's in Bangkok (after a tip off by the Thai counter staff) you would expect Ronald himself to make the announcement in Chicago? Again I cannot understand your logic, other than to remove any credit from Thais.
  4. Why on earth would Singapore be doing the announcement? He was arrested in Thailand by Thai police after Thai ticketing staff in Thailand reported him. Because he was buying a flight out of Bangkok on Singapore airways then they should ship him over to Singapore so the Singapore police can announce it. Weird thought process you have - couldn't have Thais taking credit could we...
  5. The AOT is a publicly listed company (yes, with government majority holding). It almost exclusively self funds its own projects or seeks domestic loans as first priority. And this expansion is self funded, as publicly stated by the publicly listed public company with easily enough (publicly certifiable) cash flow to make it happen The satellite concourse that is almost finished was self funded (I believe). AOT makes huge huge profits. But again you know best, so no doubt they are secretly borrowing from China, lying to the SET, and falsifying their public accounts. All because of, erm,
  6. No. Maybe try reading the article before posting your Chinese paranoia. It really irks me how many people post (let's face it) racist nonsense without even reading the article concerned. You would have saved yourself looking foolish and ignorant. Maybe try it one day. "AOT president Nitinai Sirismatthakarn said the AOT is ready to make investment as planned. It has cash flow of Bt32 billion."
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