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  1. What, China the country which has the most extensive and reliable high speed network in the world? 36,000 kms of high speed rail which is more than two thirds of the world's total network. Or are you just a usual TVF "made in China must be bad" basher?
  2. What planet do you live on? You have the freedom of choice - choose to return to Thailand and do quarantine, or choose not to. And you think your human rights are being trampled on because you don't have freedom of movement? Awwwww. Nobody has freedom of movement even in normal times. You can't just choose to go and live and work in, say, Canada. Or New Zealand. Or the UAE. You need a visa, a work permit, and permission to enter. Sorry, it is the way the world works. And there is this thing called Covid at the moment. Nope, I don't see that as exploitation. I don't
  3. Seriously get a grip. Who's getting wrung? And how? This article mentioned 38,000 baht. 2,700 baht per day for hotel, including all meals, plus nursing staff on standby 24 hours, plus doctor visits, plus several Covid tests, plus airport transfers. You're just another one that parrots the line about greed but without putting any thought in to it. Sorry, I am sure you are responsible but to say the vast majority of people are is nonsense. The vast majority of people absolutely cannot be trusted to do what is right. Look at what is happening around the wor
  4. Not really. When there have been 45,000 deaths in the UK, hundreds of thousands of people who have lost a loved one, 20,000 new cases every day, that is stress for a lot of people! Having to get some documents and then stay in a hotel for 14 days before going home and having everything back to normal is not stress. And it is not prison. Sorry, the guy needs a reality check.
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