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  1. That's a great help, another top report. There is no Leam Chabang airport link station, nor does the airport link go anywhere near Laem Chabang at all. Perhaps they meant Lat Krabang?
  2. Like I said, all stations have lifts but the pavements are so awful I am not sure how you are supposed to get to the lifts. But they do all have lifts on either side of the road. And yes, the ramp to nowhere is an embarrassing joke.
  3. The BTS was a massive cock up on that front. But to be fair everything built since has lifts as far as I am aware. All MRT stations have lifts, all purple line stations have lifts, all BTS extensions have lifts, the ARL has lifts at all stations. Not defending them because it was an appalling oversight - many stations didn't even have escalators when it launched - they were added later. But newer systems are designed with lifts and this will be too. Of course the pavements are mostly unusable so not sure how disabled people are supposed to get to the lifts, but they are there.
  4. Explain how the CAAT banning the 737 Max is related to money. I am sure this is going to be good, can't wait! Try to avoid using the phrase "typical Thai greed" and instead explain your thought process here. Money?
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