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  1. And they don't want us here, you forgot that bit.
  2. Of course he wouldn't. If Gatwick was in Thailand though Jai Lai would be saying there were four hour delays every single time. Similarly I last visited the UK in the summer and we were stuck on the plane for an hour after arrival because the jet bridge broke down. Eventually they rustled up some old school stairs for us to deplane (in the rain). Just what we needed after a 15 hour journey with kids. Did I run to UKvisa.com and bitch and whinge about how incompetent the country is? No, it was a mechanical failure, they happen.
  3. Don't you think they might have interviewed his three friends at the scene?
  4. What complete and utter rubbish, absolute nonsense.
  5. Yeah, on the corner. Pretty much everyone in the place completely off their faces watching the sun come up....
  6. Yes, and what about the Star Bar? Rooftop. Outrageous. 1995/1996.
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