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  1. There's a shop in the mall connecting to Ramkhamhaeng ARL station that rents winter clothing. It's a weird little shop in a weird location but I pass it every day and it is stocked full of winter jackets, hats, gloves etc. No idea what their prices are like but may be worth checking out. I can confirm next time I get on or off the train there, but I think it's called "rent a coat shop". As yes, found it: http://www.rentacoatshop.com/ https://www.facebook.com/rentacoatbkk/
  2. I've never been to a Taco Bell. But I am intrigued after so many people rave about it on here. Does anyone know if there are still long queues or has it died down? I am tempted to try it but not if it means queueing up for it.
  3. That's reassuring to hear - thanks for posting.
  4. Oh yeah, total nonsense advice from everyone. He is in Asoke and he was asking if there are any trains from there that take him somewhere he can get a bus from to the airport to avoid paying tolls. It is obvious he was referring to BTS/MRT/ARL. And as we all said they don't run at that time and a taxi would be easy and cheap - no need for the tollway. In fact no trains at all run at that time, no electric trains, no "true" trains. So our advice was correct. But then Mr Smug trots along and denigrates everyone who offered advice. So let's look at your advice as you know what you're talking about and you don't post nonsense. So how do you suggest he get from Asoke to a train station to catch one of these imaginary all night trains to the airport? Take a taxi to Hua Lamphong? How much will that cost? The first train leaves Hua Lamphong at 4.20am and arrives at DMK station at 4.59am, one minute before his plane is airborne - and luckily these "true" trains are always super punctual. So, if I'm not wrong (but I only post nonsense so I'm probably incorrect), your advice means he takes a taxi in the wrong direction (remember he wanted to avoid cost) then catches a train that takes 40 minutes to trundle to an airport and arrives after his plane has already left. So, a journey of more than an hour, significant cost, inconvenience and smelliness, and he misses his flight. Or he could just get a taxi, as suggested, take the non toll route, not waste money, have an easy and quick journey and not miss his flight. Oh, but maybe you meant he could get the last train at night, around 11pm, do the same inconvenient journey, and spend 5 hours sitting on his arse at DMK? Would love you to explain what other imaginary train he could take, how we are all posting nonsense, and enlighten us. Can't stand people who insult others and post utterly incorrect advice which could potentially ruin someone's day. Run along genius and play somewhere else.
  5. josephbloggs


    You missed one. e) telling you the ARL is the worst thing in the world and only a fool would consider using it - especially at that time in the morning. Take a cab or drive etc etc.
  6. josephbloggs


    Thanks for the update. Like Impulse said, it's always nice when someone comes back to say thanks and give updated info that might be useful for others - usually people don't bother. And the other stuff he said is true too.
  7. When I was there, very recently (two weeks ago) the beach was pristine from end to end. There was no reconstruction, no heavy machinery, nothing, just a very nice beach over a couple of kms. Don't get me wrong, I think Pattaya is a turd hold and has been awful for ages, but I think this has been done well - at least from what I saw. And what I saw is not what you saw. I repeat, there was no reconstruction going on opposite soi 6, opposite Dusit, nowhere on the entire stretch. Maybe someone who lives there can confirm if that is still the case. If it has changed it means they have started digging it up in the last week or so. And thanks for being extremely patronising by suggesting I know nothing about fluid mechanics. You have absolutely no idea, you really don't - you don't know what I do. I am sure you have a masters degree in the subject. I am sure all the girls in the pink neon bar tell you how clever you are. Well done you.
  8. Yeah, saw that. I don't know why they planned so many years in advance - you can see where they will peel those off in sections as each part opens. It kind of makes sense though, although it looks stupid right now. And they do note connecting stations, but they are colour coded and don't have logos anymore. So BTS Sukhumvit connections are a green line, Silom lines in light green etc. And there is a key in the bottom right in really tiny letters explaining what the colours are. Again it's like they've planned for five years in advance when we are used to having different coloured lines rather than "BTS" or "MRT". But it must be very confusing for people, especially tourists. Who knew the ARL was that kind of grubby purply/brown colour? It's not very good.
  9. As Ronnie says, definitely no trains. Just take a cab and tell him no tollway.
  10. Seriously? How many CCTV cameras do you think there are in Suvarnabhumi? Must be hundreds. And how many people in there at any one time? Tens of thousands. And you expect there should be people watching each screen constantly and be able to react and stop someone who has just decided to jump over a barrier that might only be visible on one camera? I mean no-one ever commits suicide in the West where there is CCTV because the super vigilant CCTV watchers aren't on their phone and they pop up in an instant to stop it.
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