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  1. Seems the 800k deposited in bank account would more than cover the 400,000 inpatient coverage. DUH Much less many expats have far more in their Thai bank accounts than the minimum 800k. Obviously it's a scam to extort money from retired expats. No wonder so many are leaving for Vietnam.
  2. I was thinking of calling ours Satin, Demon lord or Killer but actually Devil is much more creative.
  3. Helmets might help. Removing babies mounted in front of drivers might help. Removing overloaded pickup trucks from the passing lane might help. Running lights might help. Drivers education might help. Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc.
  4. Not to mention that many refuse to sell their children into sex slavery regardless.
  5. Yes and much better to block the passing lane on the highway! But those overloaded pickup trucks will still be king of the passing lane. Hands down.
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