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  1. I'm pretty sure the Thais from my local mom & pop shop and restaurants are more happy to see me than yet another Chinese tour bus passing by. There is a Hotel in this town where I live which exclusively accommodates chinese ppl and it has 10+ tour busses every night parking outside. They come at 8-9pm ... and leave at 7-8am in the morning. You never see them walking anywhere or buying anything from any local shop. They never even see the beach. Sad kind of touring really, I could never imagine doing something like this. Also pretty strange, the beach is only a short 10min walk from that Hotel. I would go an explore the area by myself a little, but they don't do that. Complete herd mentality.
  2. That's all over the world, chinese buying loads of brandnamed goods and of course they want to have a refund for the VAT which causes huge lines. My wife also was in that line but she gave up after 30 min.... Happened to me at Munich airport also a few years back ... too long queues to get your VAT back, either wait or miss your flight. I think they do this on purpose. Only time this worked for me was in Singapore ... fully automated everything, with guys/girls next to you to help and speed up everything. Took all less than 10 min and done
  3. The most annoying thing really is, it doesn't cost Thailand anything to have Farangs here. Zero costs ... no social security, not any sort of allowances, nothing, zero, zilch ... only Baht benefits. The ones who have no money, good bye anyway. The money always only flows from one side, for any Farang who is here ... from Farangs/tourists pockets into a Thai pocket, whether this is government fees, visa's, supporting Thai families, Thai girls getting house ownerships and chanote titles for free from loved up guys, local businesses, Hotels, Hospitals, restaurants, bars, real estate, rents, cars, car tax, motorbikes, gas, local health insurances, 7/11's, police tea money ... name anything ... it doesn't matter. It doesn't cost them anything, they only benefit and create jobs around it. Who also benefit. All they would need to do and focus on is to get their border security under control and have a working system in place to keep the real criminals out. Or is this too simple of a thought?
  4. On the flip side, the farangs holding those 'high valuable' positions on an 'expat package', and get paid monthly ... these are not the Farangs leaving Thailand if they feel the pinch of the exchange rate (or any other immi regulations). They are doing fine. It's more about the Farangs who are retired, living off savings, rely on income from abroad etc. Or just the tourists who see are getting more value for their money elsewhere
  5. Lol ... everyone not in compliance to your own forum rules, or says something against you ... get's on ignore 555555 Suggest you get a "quality massage" and relax a little My god, some guys around here ...
  6. Jeez, let him post that ... it's on topic with quality. I for one enjoyed reading it ... it's something we all experienced. Good for a bit of amusement. Are you a moderator? Ironically, it looks like you are non-stop complaining about what posters post ;-))
  7. The crazy thing is, at this crossing/traffic light, you either turn right or left, 10 meters after where that tree is. There is no 'straight on', unless you want to drive right into a Navy campus. I've passed this crossing 10thousand times, no idea how you can end up against that tree? lol Unless you are super drunk or text messaging while driving ....
  8. You want to get 2 strangers living in your house? Or is it a separate house from where you live in?
  9. It remains a miracle The traffic lights are just about what, 10 meters further ahead? Maybe he was speeding up to catch a 'green light' and tried to overtake cars on the left side, bumping into the tree instead?
  10. I know, my edit was too late, sorry. But your comment lightened up the discussion a bit
  11. You can't upload a motorbike on a sidewalk in Germany? Amazing (I know what you meant, just joking)
  12. Yes, correct. Because then it's a Thai (or Thai authority) saying it ... not a Farang (or Farang petition). So what Digger70 said is not Rubbish, but spot on. A better way/strategy would have been to somehow get a Thai authority on your side and have them do it for you. But of course, how to do that or get this accomplished? Very difficult. That's the Thai way ... find a Thai with authority and have them do it. You have a pause in the background. Best chances to get something accomplished.
  13. That comparison doesn't even make sense, when you know that people on here are talking about Thai Officials vs. Farang complains, and how they are handled. We're not talking about a beach vendor There is reality and wishful thinking. It's going to be so much fun riding the bike around Thailand and to the GP this year through 3 provinces Clocking in every 24h on your phone where you are
  14. Yes, I've edited my post above to include this ... I see & experience the same thing with the kids and school.
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