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  1. Just another directive from the Ministry of Silly Directives who also put out closing schools in Chiang Mai because of the smoke.
  2. I think he gleamed it from the Sanook report ............. "Mr. Somkiat, Managing Director One of the famous tour boat companies The owner of the ship said that the victim was a 21-year-old US citizen "
  3. And you think the air is better inside than out?" I think he meant we all build pollution pods here in Thailand.
  4. So the smoke does not go through the flywire screens or open doors?? Oh yes, homes have special smoke screens, schools don't!
  5. What's the difference breathing in smoke at school or at home if schools closed down?
  6. True, I got told to keep quiet when asked the taxi driver to slow to 80 kph when doing an unsafe 100 kph and no seat belts in the back seats.
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