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  1. I think this is another example that the precautions are over the top.
  2. I think it is another demonstration that the COVID panic is staged. If these guys had any feeling that COVID is what they have made it out to be, they would be the first to practice the measures to assure their own safety.
  3. I wonder if people who wear masks, when driving alone in their car, wear condoms when they sleep alone at home ....
  4. It will be difficult to detach yourself in Bangkok. You might find more suitable temples in Kanchanaburi or Ayutthaya
  5. Why not take that taxi the whole way? That would be the most convenient.
  6. One thing that the graph did point out is that the number police linked killings has been going down.
  7. Got my custom spec'd iMac from the Apple kiosk inside Siam Paragon Department store's 'Power Mall". Takes no longer than a custom spec'd Mac through Apple; they all come from the same distributor. The best part was the Bank card's promotional discount and the Bank card's points discount. Although all the 'iStudios" are Apple resellers, all their staffs are trained by the retailer, not Apple. All I have encountered are totally clueless about the equipment. And, if you want custom, be prepared for whining and moaning. I never deal with the "iStores". Most staff at the Apple kiosks, in department stores, are far more knowledgeable. In fact, many, possibly all, are Apple trained employees.
  8. As you point out, accommodations are different - not the rats, rice and hole in the floor.
  9. He probably spent his "monkhood" at a posh Bangkok temple, reporting in for occasional sleepovers. Thai "prison", for the wealthy, is a different type of incarceration than what the little people experience.
  10. Every years, there are more whites killed by police than Blacks. But, that doesn't fit the narrative.
  11. Many of them become "nasty pieces of work" from working as police. I thought about joining law enforcement at one time. Then I started meeting cops. I had a friend that was one of the nicest guys I had ever known. He was a volunteer fireman, a paramedic and would always join in whenever anyone needed help. After working for some time as a volunteer deputy, he finally got on permanently. After about a year and a half, his mood had changed. He now trusted no one, saw everyone as a suspect, and had nothing nice to say about people. I stopped hanging around him. Unfortunately, when all you do is deal with people in violation of law, you soon become paranoid and callous. And, among the group, their are those that go over the top. They usually won't stand out from the others that have grown tired of public in general. In the Floyd case, the cop had raise a number of red flags. His instability was apparent. There should others held accountable. But, in the end, Floyd, although the spark, is not what is fueling the continued rioting.
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