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  1. Thais, in general, seem to be very accepting of the concept of "gender diversity". There are LGBT people in almost all walks of life, from store clerks, to school teachers, to TV personalities. I'm afraid that, once there are people demanding acceptance, this could change.
  2. In Bangkok, the fine is now 5,000 baht. And, if you video tape them, and turn them in, they are supposed to split the fine with you.
  3. Your shocking computer problem is from a lack of ground (earth). I bought a ground rod and ran a ground wire to the outlet that my computer is plugged into. I also added a UPS. between my computer at this outlet
  4. There were bumper sticks in Oregon that read "Welcome to Oregon - Leave your women and go home"
  5. I would imagine such a visa might require some cash before the "I"s are dotted and the "T"s are crossed.
  6. Whether she is involved, or not, she shows that she doesn't make good decisions. Most people can go through life without getting involved in such drama. This is your chance not to get involved. Have you been witness to the actual legal proceedings?
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