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  1. Trump could arrive, riding a unicorn, wearing a rainbow cape, singing Kum Ba Ya, and the media will still deem it divisive.
  2. At this point in time, I'm glad to be living in a "third world banana republic", rather than one of the "civilized" western counties ...
  3. If you have Netflix, watch "Filthy Rich". Many of the victims and witnesses speak openly.
  4. The New York penal system did such a good job holding Epstein, let's give them a second chance!
  5. At least it gives the monkeys something to keep them busy. Otherwise, they may form gangs and rob tourists!
  6. Maybe they should only allow princes and princesses arriving on unicorns !
  7. During my short stay at BKK hospital, we were billed just over 3,000 baht, for a private room, with meals and a mini bar. My wife stayed in my room with me. Never let taking advantage of a situation go to waste!
  8. We've had our best luck with "Better Vision". I'm sure they have shops in Pattaya.
  9. Then why substitute, may we ask?
  10. I never cook Thai. Lately, I have gotten into baking. Now, I am pursuing sour dough. It's been working pretty good.
  11. These telling photos all seem posed and in public settings.
  12. Very little speculation; there are many extremely public figures connected to Jeffery Epstein. To what extent is where speculation gets involved. That's where Mz Maxwell comes in. That's where the need for special protection comes in.
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