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  1. It's hardly a secret about the affect that volcanic eruptions have on climate and no one is trying to keep it a secret. It can take years for the climate to adjust to a massive volcanic eruption, but it eventually does. What humans are doing is on a larger scale and it is consistent, it is tons of CO2 and other gasses pumped into the atmosphere daily. You can't do that without paying a price.
  2. I pretty much agree. I find it very refreshing to see a Royal making his family the first priority. I totally don't understand the hate. It's not like he left the Monarchy in a lurch. Is there a shortage of Royals? Is there something he did as a Royal that no one else can do? He's served his country, he's served his Queen and now he is doing what many good soldiers do, he is taking care of his family. Welcome to the US. Many are happy to have you.
  3. Governments exist, in theory, for the benefit of their citizens not for the benefit of their economies. You can't have a well functioning economy without healthy citizens.
  4. I seldom watch the cable news channels so I don't know what they are reporting, but the regular news sources I see don't give Trump much air time. The 1/2 hour evening news gave his Supreme Court tax situation about 10 seconds. His name was only mentioned once. The Texas situation got infinitely more and longer coverage followed by the engine failure on the plane. Even Kim Kardashian's divorce from Kanye West got more air time. The leading story and the longest segment was on the White House tribute to the 500,000 lost to Coronavirus.
  5. I suspect they have their eyes on something else that will be easier to prove. The undervaluing/overvaluing is not going to be easy to prove. Usually, there is an appraisal or some other basis for it. It gets murky. Values change. My home's value during the recession was very low; now it's very high. The same is true with insuring a place. Insurance companies will generally not insure something for greater than its value, but will for less than the value. It gets really murky and messy and hard to prove. I suspect they will look at a number of things, but I suspect th
  6. Hopefully, he'll write a book while in jail, "The Art of the Steal."
  7. The investigation needs to be based on some credible reason. They cannot just ask for the tax records and then go on a fishing expedition to see 'what they can find.' Unless the IRS is behind it, and it doesn't appear that they are, then they must have a credible reason based on reasonable suspicion.
  8. I most certainly voted against Trump. I didn't care who ran against him, they had my vote. He was exceptionally dangerous and destructive to every belief I have.
  9. I suspect you are watching source that don't like generally positive news. Hospitalizations are down 64%. The death rate, although stubbornly high, is declining precipitously as well. The news I watch still covers Covid extensively. https://abcnews.go.com/US/covid-19-cases-hospitalizations-continue-massive-drop-january/story?id=75896236
  10. Unless they violate Fair Use laws or regulations, they should not have to pay a news provider. If they are actually publishing the sources stories, then some agreement has to be made. I don't live in Australia but if I post a link to an Australian source in my FB feed, should I have to pay? Should FB have to pay?
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