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  1. I recently me with a good friend from HK and then while flying through China a couple of people who are on the ground with how all this is affecting China. The information is anecdotal, but may be of interest. The Chinese friend sees the US as winning the trade war. He sees the Chinese economy slowing and the situation with pork and soybeans as harming china. According to him they imported pigs from China and they have caused disease. I have not been able to corroborate this, but will try. While going through China, I got a slightly different picture. Although the economy has slowed, most don't attribute it to anything specific, at least not tariffs. The one thing they did note was that the Chinese people have turned their back on US products. Whether it is Apple electronics, or American Fast Food chains and other goods, US products have lost their luster. It's a nationalistic pride thing for many. Just posted for what it's worth.
  2. I think it was Robert Frost who said, "Home is where, when you have to go there, they have to take you."
  3. Except the US never gains control over the oil. It didn't in Iraq either. It does get the situation to the point where the oil keeps flowing. I also wish they wouldn't interfere, but if they are, then a little more control of those reserves would be fine. As it is, we invade, fight, kill, spend a lot of money, and countries like Russia go in and take advantage of the situation to develop the oil fields. Northern Iraq is heavily dominated by the Russians, just as one example.
  4. It doesn't affect me directly, but I suspect the uncertainty is a big problem.
  5. I think the responsibility for getting her back should fall squarely on her shoulders. She embarked on a mis-adventure that was harmful not just to her, but to her own country. Such near-treasonous behavior should not be enabled. It's probably better for everyone if she returns and faces a court concerning both her words of support for terrorism and her actions. She should be silenced by the court as a part of her rehabilitation. It's best that she not become a pseudo-spokesperson or recruiter for militant religious causes.
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