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  1. I wonder how places are selected in other countries and how they have been selected in the US under past administrations?
  2. I am not a strong supporter of Medicare for All, but if that's the direction it goes, it will get my support. I much prefer the idea of people having a choice. As far as cost goes, it makes little difference whether we are paying to a gov't funded medical program or private insurance. Currently, we are spending around a trillion $ when you figure in all the costs. Here's a little more about what it costs us now: https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2019/10/16/americans-already-pay-gigantic-hidden-health-care-tax-economists-say/
  3. It doesn't matter how you try to spin it, you are wrong. The Kurds do not and could not militarily operate outside of the Northern Iraqi area. Falluja and Ramadi are no where near Kurdish controlled area. As for saying they pursued their own separatist agenda, again wrong. They did not declare independence from Iraq. The Kurds have long and hard and at great expense and loss of life both in Iraq and in Syria to assist in the defeat of ISIS.
  4. What you post is patently false. The Kurds were under direct military action by Saddam and were actively fighting against him. The Kurds are not a country, they do not have a unified fighting force and they most certainly had great difficulty in traveling out of the Northern area to actively fight Saddam. The Kurds have long provided a safe area for US military and cooperated far beyond what almost any other ethnic group ever has with the US military. I find it interesting that you have to deflect to Iraq and Saddam to try and score points. Even then, you can't do it without posting falsehoods.
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