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  1. The situation in the US has been primarily a failure in the leadership, not by the American people. I suspect that the majority of people in most countries don't have a good idea of how this or any other virus actually works. We have to look to our leaders to give us the information we need to keep ourselves and those close to us safe. This hasn't happened in the US. It has been highly politicized and viruses really don't respect party politics or national boundaries. In the past, when there was an outbreak it was the CDC (and related health agencies) that handle it. Unfortunately, the CDC has largely been gutted. They briefed the public, they explained they helped and advised the public. The politicians stood by them as a measure of support. This has not happened in this situation. The US is informed, or in many cases, misinformed, by politicians and health professionals are left to try to explain or correct them after the fact. There has been no leadership by example. The virus is also not even in how it spreads in a large country like the US. Rural areas have been spared almost entirely in some places. In other rural areas it is, as can be expected, just now arriving. There is no unifying voice on what medication should be used (there should be nothing about this except by doctors to other doctors) or what and when masks should be worn.
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