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  1. Interesting that nothing was said by the poster about a laptop.
  2. Hardly, the rise is increasing precipitously, the number of states, 41 with significant increases and dangerously high hospitalization rates is rampant. The topic is about the increase in coronavirus cases, not deaths, but don't worry death rates rise after an increase in cases.
  3. Interesting that you expect data but post none to back up your assertion.
  4. Well, in the past 3 years, we've seen the needle on gay rights move mostly in the wrong direction and in the past year, we've had very little good news on anything. So, I am going to give this a positive in rather negative time.
  5. This is actually a fairly big move, and a positive one, on the part of the Catholic Church. Considering the attitude in many of the predominantly Catholic countries, it may prevent a fair amount of discrimination and even deaths of gays. I'll take riding in the back of the bus for the time being. Baby steps are better than no steps.
  6. That maybe true. I think it was Standard Oil that was broken up, but Rockerfeller still owned all the smaller companies!
  7. It's just collateral damage from failing to do anything about Covid-19.
  8. During the debate preparation for the first date, Chris Christie had advised Trump to keep interrupting Biden. Biden has a speech impediment and interruptions tend to cause him to start stuttering. The 'mute' button might work to make it more pleasant for the viewers, but Trump can still speak and may be able to cause Biden to stutter.
  9. Targeted lockdowns means only locking down a particular area or institution. If people follow public health protocols, large scale lockdowns should not be necessary. Researches continue to learn more about the virus, including it's viability in various situations. The more we know, the easier it is to prevent lockdowns, but it still requires the cooperation of the population.
  10. These are not known for being the brightest people to begin with.
  11. So, basically if they would have shut down they would have saved lives, but by not shutting down they lost lives and their economy suffered. Do you see the problem with your reasoning?
  12. Public health measures are in place to help control diabetes, but diabetes is not contagious. Next time you want to know how much sugar is in something, just check the label. Alcohol is also controlled, but again, alcoholism is not contagious. The amount of alcohol in a beverage is listed and the rules around drinking and driving are quite stringent. Get caught and you will not be behind the wheel for a time. or So, your comparisons are false. Now go ahead and test positive for HIV and have sex with someone and find out how it is handled. You will face arrest and prosec
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