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  1. Well, they could, but then there would just be thousands of Pakistani kids in Cambodia who couldn't afford to go school. But hey, let's not give anyone credit for helping a creature that is suffering.
  2. Flynn, it seems is the quintessential loser. He's been fired by not one, but two presidents. I have no idea why you would support a liar and a loser.
  3. I have no problem with lessening the burden on the incoming President. There are enough people to prosecute.
  4. One of the major effects of any epidemic/pandemic is fear and that often leads to panic. People start doing strange things when they deal with the unknown. Many people will simply leave the area (spreading the disease), others will hunker down, buy guns and ammo and prepare like the end is at hand. I am pretty sure there would have been a lockdown of sorts, but given the mobility of people in the US, it would not have been particularly effective. Unfortunately, as we have seen emotions tend to win and knowledge at the beginning of an epidemic may be very limited.
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