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  1. I think generally the email comes evening before your appointment date? - my appointment is this Friday! still waiting? if not i will email Phyathai 2 (details above) tomorrow evening? cheers
  2. If you read back from a previous poster - about his conversation with Phyathai 2 hospital on FB, they mentioned about contacting you! before appointment! here/. Regarding Bangkok, had an interesting FB chat with Phyathai II Hospital's EN staff regarding people who booked vaccine appointments with them via the Intervac website for later this month.... I wanted to know if, at this point, the appointments scheduled for the last week of June were still valid, postponed, canceled or what? And this was the conversation that ensued: "Me: Question.... A lot of
  3. Yes i will keep you/everyone if i get vaccinated? or not. cheers
  4. Thank you , you have answered my questions, great! well done! cheers hopefully my appointment next week will still be on!
  5. i heard yesterday they got another 600.000 AZ vaccines now + 1 million more tomorrow? not sure if appointments will be affected next week at hospitals/centers! i manged to get through the app last week for Phyathai 2 hospital AZ vaccine on 25th? pm. i chk the app regularly and it says same date/time? lets wait and c? I will be <deleted> off if i travel the long way there and its cancelled? Phyathai 3 have a line app you can register now and purchase your vaccine! in future? cheers
  6. Hi there/. best option download sygic (from play store) put on your phone - is the best option than car systems! pay for options (not expensive 1 off for ever) traffic, etc. Updates many time free, voice instructions, way points! (Magnetic mount your phone) put on dashboard - lazada sell very cheap! Don't even need internet with this also? pictures for lane assist!, maps show most things! i have tried most, but this seems the best option! cheers
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