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  1. Airlines are obliged to report misdemeaning passengers to the police,BUT som banknotes are welcome.
  2. Real german passports are burgundy in color, like all EU passports.Butcher job?? Some real smartalexes here in the forum, knows all better but realy knows JS, how do you know the coor of an Iranian passport, are you an IS follower?
  3. In fact, around the same number of people have visited in the past six months than would normally have visited in a single day, pre COVID-19.
  4. Don't reax any preventure measurements ,AND STOP SMOKING, SMOKERS HAVE A 505 higher mortality risk to die from COVID 19 than non-smokers, its proven, just GOOGLE, WILLYA
  5. there are inexpensive leak detectors using a low-flame, when the flame suction hose detects A leaking refrigerant/freon, the color of the flame turns from blue to yellow green.
  6. Ihave an booklet/ vaccinatio report against Yellow fever, which is virus activated by Mosquitos. Upon checking in at an airport or at least at the immigration checkpoint at the flight dstinatio I have to show proof of innoculation against Yellow FEVER, that innoculation had to be administeed 2 weeks prior the travel date, or else, NO VACC= NO FIGHT. why cannot it be made the same as with COVID 19., get the shot and travel, vaidity of YF vacc is 5 years Thousend of travellers have that Yellow Fever vacc, booklet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. See todays news about a vaccination passport , I have that book since 20 years, I and thousend others need it to renew my YELLOW FEVER INNOCULATION REQUIRED MOSTLY WHEN working on driling rigs in Africa. some news WHO is run by some blackass from 3rd world countries, they dont know jack...t about procedures.My yellow fever passport is issued by the WHO, the right hand doesnt know what the left foot is doing LOL.BTW you can get innocuated at any mayor airport, I am an expat /extraordinary knowledgable expert ,nuff said.
  8. In Thailnd all the A/C tech knows is to top up the system w. freon, cars in general use a special freon gas, not same as in your fridge.I have the drive belt slipping, makes a hell of a rack, a fly by night ac mechanic wants to top up freon for 600 baht, he is not even checking for leaks as freon escaping the system carries oil and its visible.Now I have to find a competent shop, repairing the drive belt, hard to find a shop here in rangsit.It is prudent to change the freon now, and evacuate the system w. a vacuum pump,and start w. new gas, could be in the past some Pfusher/ fiddler topped
  9. Dont worry, Thailand driving icense is only valid in Thailand.My thai driving license has expired and I am unable now to renew it I have a vaid drivers license from my home country in Europe, can I legay drive around w. my car here in Thailand for the time being?
  10. My driver license for my car expired in August, 2021. I dont have a residency here in this province near bangkok, as my Yellow Tabian is issued at the house in a northern province and I cannot now travel there to the DLT, any problem now for me? Or can I extend/renew my DL later in 4 years when the pandemic is abating ( or never)?
  11. why let all the lameass tourist into Thailand and go into quarantaine for 2 weeks, let them get their shots at home and if akkok, let them enter the land of grinning. What about transiting first in another country, before entering (eg Thaiand)? A vacc, alone is not an guarantee that you wont get sick of COVID19 or the variants/ mutatations. I had stated in another forum previously,THAT THERE IS NO,POSITIVELY NO VAVV AGAINST VIRUSES AS THEY ARE MUTATING RAPIDILY. If a dog bites you and you kick th living <deleted> out of him... he wont bite another person, for a
  12. I have an YELLOW FEVER passport ( Yellow color, same as the Tabian baan booklet since 20 years, its required when working in Africa on/offshore or where yellow fever is presnt( caused by a mosquito sting)Validity 10 Years.Other innuculations can be entered into the book as well,BTW I am oilrigworker for 40 years, presently on the beach= laid off, I am an Electrical supervisor on VFD/ Amphion rigs. have an decent CV/RESUME w, all qualifications, live in THAIAND.
  13. I have an extension of my retirement until july. Iam not exactly worried right now as I have plenty of time. FYI, my extension was procured through the Pattaya immigration, but now no more?? Seems to me that procurement has expired, an natura death, cannot go, cannot stay, no borderrun no flight to Penang or Singapore to get new O visa, noflight to home country, I just wait and see.
  14. My retirement extension expires soon, is there an grace periode again, say to April 2021? Looks to me many foreigners have returned permanently home?>
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