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  1. A few months ago I went to koh samet with Thai family and friend's, entrance fee 40 baht for Thai people and 200 baht for foreigners, I showed the park ranger my pink I.D card saying I'm not a tourist I live here . He looked at my card and looked at me a few times and said in Thai , you old free ( well knock me down with feather ). P.S. I'm over 60 .
  2. Just finished my 12 hour shift i decided to not visit my local pub , i would instead go home make a sandwich and put my feet up and open a beer . I turned on the TV and watched a programme called Whickers World, they were filming the crew of the QE2 on shore leave in a town called Pattaya, 2 weeks later i was on a flight to Bangkok, that was in 1984. I visited Thailand many times over the next few years, early retirement in 2010 i moved to Thailand been living here happily since.
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