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  1. I'm all for enterprising kids, it's a rare thing to find a free thinker in any school here but.... She didn't "hit on the idea". Banana leaves have been used for wrapping food for centuries !! It's amazing how many times someone in Thailand can invent the wheel...
  2. cornishcarlos

    2019 Pick up trucks

    Just because we haven't had a Ford bashing thread for a while, here is an opportunity Transam So, last year we "sold" our 2010 Ranger to our rubber cutter.. He pays us 5000 baht a month, for 5 years !! He got a good deal but he does a lot of odd jobs and is generally a nice guy, from nice family. That has left us with the very old Nissan Big M, it's a family heirloom No aircon, no seat belts and rather suspect brakes... In 6 months time, I plan to be debt free and will then be looking at buying another truck towards the end of the year. What is coming to the Thai market and worth taking a look at ? I know you can't go wrong with any of the modern trucks but some are better value than others. Would be happy with another Ranger but not a Ford fanboy, so no worries testing any other models that come recommended.
  3. BBC reporting that too... https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-london-46953083
  4. cornishcarlos

    Article 44 may be used for poll postponement

    Yes, do that, set a time frame... It's like a road map, only more flexible
  5. The land office responsible for the plots of land we have bought. Donsak, Khanom and one in Chaiyaphum.
  6. Exactly.... A well made, quality pizza would have very little profit, if sold at 300 baht. Quality pizza dough, quality cheese (not a sprinkle of plastic) and some decent ham, you already over a couple hundred per pizza !!
  7. Depends on the quality of produce used in making the pizza...
  8. Funny, because I can confirm that it's not correct !! We have bought 4 plots of land and I have never signed anything. Guess it varies from office to office... Besides, what is purchased during marriage is owned 50/50 in the case of divorce.
  9. Their excuse for the delay, is that the results were due to be announced 60 days after the election. It is this announcement that would have clashed with the coronation ceremonies, not the election itself.
  10. cornishcarlos

    What is this morning market item?

    Junta brains... A delicacy but very rare in these parts, must have been expensive... !!
  11. cornishcarlos

    Septic tanks ?

    What have Florida building codes got to do with a septic tank in Thailand ?? Americans always want bigger There might be a huge margin of safety in their calculations to prevent anyone getting sued down the line !!!
  12. Where is the Swiss guy? That's what I want to know...
  13. cornishcarlos

    Non Immigrant O Question

    Same photo.. Expires 20th January...
  14. There lies the problem.. Looking at the clip, the teacher is trying to measure the hair horizontally