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  1. Lockdowns don't seem to prevent people getting Covid either judging by UK results !!
  2. If just for the occasional DIY job, then one of the previously linked ones will do. However, if he is a "tradesman" then something more durable and long lasting would be more economical in the long run. You really do get what you pay for with power tools...
  3. Exactly.. I've been onboard for 4 months now, although we have had no contractors onboard, the chef goes out and shops for provision. So there is always a chance that we could be exposed.. Having said that, I believe it's all over hyped and overkill...
  4. Everyone has an opinion on this social distancing... We are being told to stop living as humans, social animals, to save lives (very tiny % of lives) !! If you can't hug your relatives and mates, roll around in the grass with your missus, high five your buddies and stand around the BBQ drinking beers, is there any point ?? Life is for living and dying, let us get on with it....
  5. Apparently only for people between certain age brackets and only if you have already had Dengue !! In other words, as your doc said, it don't work...
  6. Because tests aren't reliable and quarantine is mandatory for all arrivals.
  7. 4 x Covid cases and no vaccine available !! Maybe they should lockdown the entire country ?? Just a thought....
  8. Oman Air suspended all operations and I haven't seen any reports that they resumed flying yet !!
  9. That will put the dampers on re-opening to tourists, aka foreign spouses, any time in the near future... Think I'll have to head back to U.K when I can leave Singapore and get my wife to join me there !! Not the best option right now but I'll take a chance if it means I can hang out with the missus
  10. "social distancing" = control and control only... Not health related in the slightest.
  11. International "wetlands", not international waters... There are no "international waters" off the coast of Suratthani. It's possibly a translation issue reference to the protected mangrove areas there ? More than likely this dude was involved in the profitable clam breeding/harvesting, in the marine equivalent of "forest land"
  12. In which case, there's a share of the 1.9 trillion baht aid package up for grabs... Need some good connections to get a sniff of that though !!
  13. Good... The other officers should be charged with conspiracy to murder as well. Very disturbing video of the whole incident and they had plenty of time to remedy the situation but chose not to. The guy will not stand a chance once inside prison, that's what you get....
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