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  1. All very valid points, so thank you all.. We have just got rid of a cousin and his wood store (a mess) so just looking into other options now... The thinking is, with a major chain outlet in that gap, the other units will do better business too !! Or we could just build a nice big warehouse type construction and do a wholesale business for local restaurants, it's a 50 min drive to Macro.. Or we could just clear it and sit on it to see what happens in a year or 2
  2. I think you are probably right there.. Next step will be getting in contact with someone that makes the decisions ???
  3. Long lease is what we want.. All those companies do lease land to build their stores on. Yes 7-11 franchise out but also operate their own stores. There is no issue for parking as there is 8m between the road and where the front of any building would be, us we own everything in those pics and have stacks of parking around the back of the red/yellow buildings. I was more after info from anyone that actually leases land to any of those companies but guess maybe no-one on here does... We will just have to contact them all and see what happens. Thanks anyway...
  4. Has anyone rented a plot of land to 7-11 store or Mini Big C, Lotus Express etc ?? We are looking at this as an option for one of our plots, on a main highway 400m before town/village main junction. The town/village is moving out in our direction rapidly There is one 7-11 at the PTT the other side of town and one not on the main road but in the center. What sort of rent would be applicable, the plot being about 1/3 Rai with 25m main road frontage ?
  5. Something like this would do and definitely consider the cordless hedge trimmer but don't buy cheap...
  6. No it clearly shows that the light was orange before you entered the junction but doesn't clearly show where you were when it went red !! Technically, you should have stopped on the orange light but you do that here at your peril, as 9 times out of 10 there will be someone right up your chuff.. I always take a look behind before deciding to stop or not
  7. It's a Golden Tree snake, you are not going to die... Next time just leave them alone
  8. Just get an HR-V, they are 2 wheel drive
  9. I have very similar blades. Took one to the local welder guy and had him make up 8 new ones. Now I just swap out when needed and take the used set back to him for a sharpen. Easy
  10. March election was a perfect example of that philosophy
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