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  1. If you aren't in a hurry and enjoy the back roads, why not... Regular stops for photos and food, avoids the sore rump syndrome. Waterproof bag and some bungee cords, away ya go Nothing wrong with touring on a scooter...
  2. They didn't deny entry either time, just pulled me aside for further questioning. Luckily, last year I was only staying 6 days before flying on to U.K and this time only 12 days.. Not sure what the IO saw on the computer each time to question my intentions ? I am married and have had lots of visa exempts and multi entry Non Os in the past 12 yes but only 2 exempts last year...
  3. I've been pulled aside and questioned twice now at Krabi. Seems like the lady boss there is on a mission. I hadn't been back in Thailand since August last year and got grilled yesterday !! I'll be applying for a multi Non O next month and hopefully she won't bother me again
  4. Why don't you pop into immigration and ask ? While there, find out why a foreign woman married to a Thai male has far less hoops to jump through than us blokes married to Thai ladies !!!!
  5. Teachers don't need 65k a month, only people on retirement extensions.
  6. Khanom or Sichon are both good spots. More going on in Khanom though.
  7. I know our local vet in Surat will, but she has certain criteria that have to be met before she will do it.. ie can't eat by itself, can't walk etc.. My dog faded out before I got back from work, otherwise I would have done it myself.
  8. Glad I'm flying into Krabi this week and not BKK.. Things might get rather tasty in the capital !!!
  9. Clarity ??? I think it went from murky to decidedly cloudy in the space of a few hours... But at least tourist numbers are up, that happens more than honest taxi drivers returning $3 trillion backpacks
  10. Just because we haven't had a Ford bashing thread for a while, here is an opportunity Transam So, last year we "sold" our 2010 Ranger to our rubber cutter.. He pays us 5000 baht a month, for 5 years !! He got a good deal but he does a lot of odd jobs and is generally a nice guy, from nice family. That has left us with the very old Nissan Big M, it's a family heirloom No aircon, no seat belts and rather suspect brakes... In 6 months time, I plan to be debt free and will then be looking at buying another truck towards the end of the year. What is coming to the Thai market and worth taking a look at ? I know you can't go wrong with any of the modern trucks but some are better value than others. Would be happy with another Ranger but not a Ford fanboy, so no worries testing any other models that come recommended.
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