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  1. Recent examples of patrols. As a Tourist I would not feel protected. I would feel intimidated. I would feel maybe Khaosan was not a safe place. When I saw most clubs have a lot of security staff I would feel the same. Actually I find it very safe, but the authorities are heavy handed and out of touch.
  2. Too many recent 'initiatives' from Bangkok authorities have not improved the experience at all. This dynamic economy does not need any help from committees of the elite. Widespread ownership of property by Crown Authorities is a concern. Much of Rachadamnern has been shuttered for the last year. And Democracy Monument is not easily accessible. This area, for better or worse, has become a world famous magnet for tourism of a certain kind and independent Chinese travelers may have started joining in, but the big groups are nearby, though not here. It might suit some if the Khao San of young, backpacking, independent world democrats never bounces back.
  3. If you believe we should know something, please don't be coy. Tell us.
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