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  1. All true. And there is too much of everything. Malls, beauty shops, accommodation, staff in department stores, shops of all finds....How can they find buyers for their goods and services if visitors are being asked to pay a lot more for the same things as before?
  2. Staff at a Khaosan guesthouse chain told their salary will be reduced by 12.5%.
  3. Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn may be in trouble with the Thai Disease Control Department for encouraging people to drink alcohol.
  4. How high up does this problem go? It's OK. No need to answer.
  5. "Pay the fine, consider it the cost of doing "business" so to speak, or just a tax on staying here. Your Grab or Taxi costs alone going to and from Immigration in Bangkok would rack up multiples of 800b over a year. " Agree. Better to be an 'outlaw.' I am an alien already.
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