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  1. I also think I should give another side. I know several delightful ladies who have been responsible, reliable and willing who have been passed over for promotion by bosses with relatives or new girlfriends. And have then been 'let go' at the age of 35 because they are too old.
  2. Staff who do not fancy their work one day can walk out and get another job in the afternoon. No references asked for or given. Trained to do the next job and <deleted> off again next time it suits them. Wages are poor, quality of work sometimes does not deserve even this! Burn out of bosses I can sympathise with.
  3. Their Champs Elysee is Ratchadamnoen. But there is a big and important Monument in the way. If high authorities think this should be removed things could become scary.
  4. Because tourists do not like to pay 50% more for the same thing they bought a few years ago.
  5. Entirely believable. Many things going on now only make sense if you accept "someone above Big P wants "......
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