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  1. 'TAT plans to design unique packages for groups like LGBTQ, food lovers, those seeking physical or spiritual retreats or even digital nomads' Isn't this the kind of things travel companies do? And they don't need a government funded budget. Disband them now. And then consider what use the Tourist Police are.
  2. Prem stayed in his army house until the end of his very long life. Another one of these laws to use as required, I think.
  3. Clever. Fight water cannons laced with tear gas with water pistols. Face rubber bullets and storm troopers with rubber ducks. The world media will get bored very quickly with 'Prayuth, ork pai.' Thai media is reluctant. When the politicians pretend to debate in chambers that are almost empty it should be obvious to the world who should be supported. The call today was for 1 million supporters. How many was it?
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