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  1. 1 hour ago, jaiyen said:

    I don't think that a bill for 448 million is from a "few scumbags" Many have had bad road accidents or heart attack and no money to pay for the over priced hospital treatment.  I hope you are one of the "scumbags" one day ! 

    Has anyone checked if the 448 million figure is true?  

    Is it all 'scumbags' or does it include low paid workers from nearby countries?

  2. We are lucky, yes.

    My Thai friend took a poorly paying hotel job at 300 baht a day.  And then the job became only paid for 15 days a month.  And then her daughter came to stay with her in a tiny room when her school closed.

    Last night she did not eat so that her daughter could.

    I am lucky I could take her to fill a shopping trolley today with food for the next week.  She would be happy to be deported to somewhere better.

  3. The Guardian today had an article saying 20 countries allow this.  14 April. 2021.

    Dr Natalia Kanem, executive director of the UN Population Fund (UNFPA)published the report.

    'Russia, Thailand and Venezuela are among the countries that allow men to have rape convictions overturned if they marry the women or girls they have assaulted.'

    I hope it is incorrect.



  4. Just now, RobU said:


    You quote a relative minority of people who probably take their holidays abroad anyway and consider local attractions beneath them. Last time I looked the average wage in Thailand was £5,645 and the average wage in the UK was £33,333 that means that there are millions of Thais who earn far less than £5,645 since as you point out there are a few who have great wealth that skews the statistics. The maintenance and wages often is gathered from the foreigner charges In order for attractions to keep going the price would have to go up for Thais taking that recreational resource out of the reach of a good majority of Thais and effectively reducing income because less people would go.

    Thank you for your considered response and my example was extreme.

    But the attractions should be paid for by all, and not rely on foreigners to pay too much.

    Often the Thai visitors do arrive in their private car, and good luck to them if they can give their family a nice day out.  The really poor people do not go.

    I hope all the admission fees go for what they were intended.

  5. 3 hours ago, RobU said:

    I don't see anything wrong with dual pricing in general Thai people earn far less than westerners and the price should be set accordingly i.e. look after your own people first. It is a principle of capitalism, you charge what the market can afford and maximise profits. If foreign tourists can afford to pay more then charge them more, it is still very cheap to them.

    What an idea......how much should you charge the rich Thais in their expensive imported cars, drinking their expensive imported whiskeys talking with their family about which expensive foreign university their children could attend and which part of the foreign city  they should buy an apartment for them?

    Better to just charge the fair price for everyone. 

    Do not encourage the population to forget their better nature and their Buddhist beliefs.

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  6. 18 minutes ago, kickstart said:

    That is part of the problem,it is written in the ASEAN ,rule book ?. That another country shall not interfere with anther country ,re political situations .

    ASEAN is an organization more to do with trade than anything else

    As for the UN doing something ,with one of the founding members Russia setted at the top table and China not far behind ,nothing will be done .look at Syria .

    Reading some BBC reports the Burmese people have had enough,  but shooting 13-14 year old children  in their  homes, the people have become resilient ,but I think it will not end well for them ,hope I am wrong. 

    Malaysia is considered relatively democratic but still 'A Myanmar footballer playing for a Malaysian club was suspended for displaying the three-finger salute associated with anti-government protests.'

    Thai Enquirer 29 Mar 2021.

    At least public opinion is against this verdict.

    Today Thailand is blocking refugees and rumours of arms crossing the border at Mae Sai.

    Several ASEAN countries would probably behave in the same way as Burma  if their populations demanded to live as though the country belonged to them, not those who appointed themselves to power.

  7. 4 hours ago, farangroby said:


    In Burma now protesters are looking for every way to attack a nasty illegitimate  force.

    One method is to show up the hypocrisy and greed of the usurpers.

    Where are their children being educated?  What property do they hold abroad? What well paid jobs do their families have with little justification? How do their assets match their salary?  What favours they do in government to business or other countries get well repaid for them, but to the detriment of their country?

    Revealing this important information could be called cyberbullying soon here?

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  8. 7 hours ago, PETERTHEEATER said:

    The challenge and cost of building any motorway from the Three Pagodas pass in NW Kanchanaburi eastwards makes this a non-starter. Unless the much-vaunted development of the deep-water port of Dawei in Burma is completed there would be insufficient traffic to justify the expense alone.

    The current situation in Burma absolutely makes this a non starter. And the Chinese had no interest already. There, I have saved you a lot of money.  Where is my commission?

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  9. 2 hours ago, Dogmatix said:

    I often wonder why the Royal Thai Police is just called the National Police in Thai. Same with the army, navy and air force. The word Royal doesn’t appear in their Thai names. 

    If they were known as 'Royal' would there be frequent cases that they had brought the monarchy into disrepute?

  10. 4 hours ago, bodga said:

    All taking a  cut.

    'Gambling Dens are operating in every Town and Village right under the Noses of the BIB, and high up Government Officials.' Thanks Cake Monster.

    But why is it the business of a Deputy Health Minister?  Would think he had a lot to keep him very busy at the moment with people's health!

    Another mystery of Thai governance.



  11. 2 hours ago, Trexpat said:

    As much as this is terrible for the local business people there are some that get no sympathy. I spent 4 years living on the Island and during that time Taxi's and the charges were a frequent topic of conversation. (as they are in other major tourist destination in Thailand).

    Taxi Operators have operated with impunity and total disregard for the law, now as things get tough they bleat like lambs about how hard done by they are. I would like to hope they have seen the error in their ways and think about turnng on their meter that are so proudly advertised on the exterior of their cars.

    I am sure the other operator with a disregard for realistic pricing, Bangkok Air, will also be crying in their congee about the state of affairs. Once again tough luck and time to get real.

    The inflated transportation costs have been hammering the Islands potential for years and now the Thais simply do not want to go as they fear being overcharged, same scenario in Phuket. I really hope they get their collective heads on straight and realise that it is going to take time for recovery and they need to take the lead. Unfortunately I doubt it, but I hope they prove me wrong.

    Totally agree the prices are a scandal

    This would be a good time to open up about why. Do they have to pay off various groups to be allowed to operate or find themselves in trouble. Special licences? Payment to wait in or go to certain places. Forced to join co-operatives?

    Threats if they charge a rate others would see as undercutting the 'proper' fare.

    Who might the forces be that benefit from all of this? How high up does/did the money flow and how much is for them and how much remains for the taxi driver?


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