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  1. It's funny when you think about it, when you apply for permanent residency here in Thailand they require criminal records from your recent place(s) of residence. Bloody hypocrites..
  2. Agree, I don't feel the need to get vaxed but I feel I have to do it asap because our lives will turn into living hell in the future if you are not.
  3. Waiting for a formal statement stating that all is a misunderstanding Besides flip-flops, misunderstandings are also their speciality.
  4. If I am not wrong, the vast majority of foreigners here are on non-immigrant visa I am not aware of immigrant visas issued by the Thai government.
  5. Please do care and explain to us the meek and children of a lesser god, how you define surplus within a timeframe?
  6. Not if they do it like the Chinese did, bolted the flats' door so nothing goes in or out
  7. Actually the contrary, locals would be sent home to self-isolate where foreigners would be sent to hospitels to be milked through their wallets..
  8. Similar to Hong Kong, they seal districts unannounced and they don't let anyone in/out so they can test as many as they can.
  9. It's always their house nomatter what..
  10. if they declare her age next - thousands of Thais will use that number in the next lottery...... Age and weight combined, that would be a great combo for a lottery number
  11. I am suspecting it will be more about placing more restrictions ahead of the long weekend, e.g. not allowing dine-in in food places and allowing only take-away/deliveries..
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