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  1. Did you actually READ the story? Nope, didn't think so. He's going to sink it. Did I say otherwise?
  2. Everything is copied from the commies, the resident registration book (blue book) is similar to the chinese one, you wouldn't be able to get out from your province without that. I remember end of '90 was touring south china and our tour guide got panicked when realized he was not carrying that with him during a police check. I can't remember how that ended up for him though..
  3. The first half of your sentence made me laugh.. 'tried to report me', that's what we usually do for criminals, don't we?
  4. Exactly, look where you are going, not where you are heading
  5. They can drop a submarine inside the lake, the current will draw it towards the breach plugging the hole.. voila.. Finally a use for those..
  6. Apparently they realized where the money actually have being going all this time..
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