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  1. That all sounds lovely but where do you find a healthy 85 yr old?
  2. with the same lady all the time? nothing for companionship or raising a family... if it is only sex, a massage would be better and probably cheaper in the long run... and you get variety.
  3. I was never a big cornbread guy and the last year or so, I have been hankering for some... not easy to find the good stuff...
  4. you get a nice guy who treats you well and w/respect and is a good provider, you are way ahead of the game - - give him some rope and you will keep him - give him a hard time and if the mia noy is more pleasant, he might opt out and go for her... I have seen this attitude proceed happily for all involved in upper class Thais - - in lower earners, it gets more difficult because they can't support 2 families... Practicality triumphs over the fleeting flurry of romance..
  5. And the one before that and that? so, are you saying the good girls are good but the bad girls are better... or nice to have a selection to mix and match?
  6. That is pretty generalized... how exactly do we love in the west? more of a touch of unrealistic, non-long lasting romance in the beginning? The old Joni Mitchell style - moons and Junes and fairytales - the dizzy dancing way you feel - for most of us, that doesn't last... I think divorce rates are about 50% in both cultures.... But take comfort - if that is really what you are looking for, exclusivity, it is out there... I have met Thai/farang couples here who do really seem to be soul mates... lovely to see, but I think rare in either culture. I love it when I see such unions..
  7. oh boy... you don't know my tribe!! First travelled around the world as a backpacker when I was 24...
  8. I recently saw a documentary on Netflix... there are algorithms which watch your every move on the net and analyze it... the purpose is to keep you on the net as long as possible by feeding you things that they hope will fill your beak... so, if you read a conspiracy theory article, and spend time there, it will send you more and more similar articles... others will get different news feeds... and the only purpose is not indoctrination but keeping you on the net... however, that is how propaganda works... repeating things over and over creates belief...
  9. A good friend of mine said it this way - - we are all different chemistry sets... you have to find out what works for you.. he was 450 lbs - he knew about diets.. currently 280 lbs and looks good - he is a big guy..
  10. The first one looked fairly skillful, though stupid... the 2nd could have been my father in his early dementia days [before a policeman took his keys]
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