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  1. it might depend on where you are located and what your issues are.. sounds like you need a good GP as most docs these days are specialists and you seem unsure...
  2. when I wake my wife - she says she is not watching the tv, - - the tv is watching her...
  3. my wife likes them but can live without them too. she falls asleep. your wifes sister was in them and probably got a lot of attention for it.. a bit of sibling rivalry here?
  4. and all the monkeys ain't in the zoo every day you meet quite a few and you'll be better off if you do... you could grow up to be a pig...
  5. Yeah, I think there was something abt partying like crazy in Hua Hin? Drinks on the house -wasn't it?
  6. correct... right on point... all conspiracy theorists think they are 100% correct.. that is their reality. and they can't see that they are possibly not correct...
  7. Sure, but isn't that the definition of a conspiracy theorist...
  8. This is a lot of pressure for a 6 yr old... Just let him know that you love him no matter how well he does or doesn't do on the test... I think the school systems here can put too much pressure on kids. I also did not like the idea of ranking the kids so early in their education... good luck to you.. and your son,
  9. ok.. good for you - my cost of shipping was similarly abt the same...
  10. hanes will ship here I did it through Border Free or someplace like that..
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