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  1. I understand this... I have taken the time to learn how to do the few things I enjoy on the net... And I am really happy with that... make changes [and for no reason that helps me] and i have to waste my time re-learning and often they use terms I am not familiar with and I lose the functionality I had before... it can be lose/lose sometimes...
  2. Thanks for the interesting posts and perspectives on this subject... I don't tend to be curious abt the workings of the internet but I did see a doc. on the way that people get sent down a "news" wormhole and that is why there are so many conspiracy theorists out there denying reality... and it wouldn't be a far leap to guess that it is people who are relatively new to computers who feel they have 'discovered' some vast hidden truth.. Well, you don't want to be ahead of the boomers as to ageing.. Outdated or outdating? Just have me home before 7 pm... I l
  3. maybe have your wife call the bank and try and do it on the phone...
  4. ok for me but that looks like 7 words... But Who's counting and he's on first...
  5. great, you can stop by and mow the lawn and rake the leaves...
  6. that is pretty much keto diet.. no carbs, no sugars including the sugar in fruit... I have had some success with this - - and there are now keto breads that are not reconstituted cardboard... they have some carbs but not many and there are desserts that are really good.. they use monk fruit sugar which also works for me and I am not into typical sugar substitutes..
  7. good luck and report back to us others who can also use to drop some weight...
  8. someone gave me some a long time ago and I did not notice any differences... my usual response is that if it really worked, the word would have spread far and wide and it would be quite popular and you would not see as many overweight people...
  9. is that the regular rhythmic call that I hear that sounds like an ambulance backing up... I can never quite pinpoint who it is coming from
  10. my experience w/such things is that you never can be totally sure and not just here but I had the same issues importing into the USA too... near anything can be categorized in different ways... so, whatever the individual agent sees is the duty you will pay... you might want to go to customs and try and find someone who can give you a guarantee...
  11. good lookin' out... good for them, good for you.. Thanks.
  12. Victory was my favorite Conrad... For all those who complain abt Thai loud music Joseph Conrad, quote from Victory “The Zangiacomo band was not making music; it was simply murdering silence with a vulgar, ferocious energy.”
  13. This was my favorite of all the Russian novels I read.. but read it a long time ago.. I even named my first dog Nicki.. wonderful character.
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