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  1. I don't know your budget, but you might want to try the area just behind CM Univ... There is a forest temple, it gets a bit greener, it becomes more a Thai neighborhood... and you are still in the city. The area just south of Suthep Road... if I have the name right. Some areas back there are actually mostly wooded...
  2. I have a friend, a mature Thai lady who has worked as a housekeeper for a farang for 13 years in Bangkok. She can cook and clean and is trustworthy. She wants to move to chiang mai and find part time jobs. I think there is a demand for this but not sure how she could go about finding work. Any ideas? Thanks.
  3. Sorry things did not work for you... So far, near 20 years and I have not had any of the issues you describe. Police have always been polite at checkpoints, no changes for me in retirement visa... I know finances can sometimes get out of our control but I wonder how much of the disgruntled responses here are caused by people not having adequate finances, which leads me to believe they will have issues wherever the choose to live... I do think the medical is going to be a big issue for many as I have seen large increases here... I guess every place will have its plusses and minuses... Best of luck to you.
  4. Its not you... it is that there are a flood of farang now... they don't understand the culture, don't know how to order food and they think "same same" and 555 is speaking Thai...
  5. greater than 90% chance of failure.. 99% if just buying a share... but likely you were just joking
  6. That does not sound like a rejection... she sounds like a nice lady though.
  7. I like it East of the Ping... I'll go to your house after you leave... will you give me a good price on it?
  8. How many kind of twonks are there? And what is a twonk anyway? I always use my Thai drivers license to check into a hotel. When they have that, nobody asks for a passport... ps - I would never leave my passport with anyone... a copy does fine.
  9. sure, it makes sense... you have enough time... and if Koh Chang is too touristy there are some smaller islands to venture to... have fun.
  10. I am sure it is helpful for some things, but... in conversation, the 2 languages do not translate too well. Phrases like "put on" and "pick-up" would be difficult and need context... whatever good you get from it is great but be aware that some of the translations might not come out correctly or comprehensible...
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