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  1. be careful, she has a long pin and a razor blade and she knows how to use them both...
  2. first misconception... sorry, flattery and making you feel good is a big part of initial phases here... maybe it is a first step and if you want love, I hope it works out for you, but it is a much longer road...
  3. I see even a little assimilation is not a big priority...
  4. Funny - I did ask once maybe even twice in almost 20 yrs now but I quickly forgot as everyone calls her Mer... though the dad has a name... and we all use that.
  5. Funny also was that she was referred as a healer, but she only has this one specialty... and she was kind of a bit nasty too... she was annoyed with us because she closes for the day at 3 pm and we arrived a few minutes after 3 - when we told her how far we had driven, 8 hours, she agreed to the treatment... but she was kind of nasty... [and it was not like we were trying to buy Greenland from her]
  6. Yes. at least for the few times my wife watched with me... not sure if for everything or not, but I also leave the English on when watching alone...
  7. Saw it happen with my own unimpaired vision... the cloudiness in his eyes was gone and never returned...
  8. You don't sound very happy... unfortunately commercial areas are not always sectioned out. If there are no rules against it where you live, then not much else you can do - put up with it or leave...
  9. I never have a problem at check points in northern and central Thailand... the police are friendly. But, I would say that in many countries around the world, immigrants are having problems...
  10. This will sound crazy... we drove my wife's dad to a lady outside of Rayong and for 200 baht, she pierced his upper ear with a pin and made a bit of a slit w/a razorblade nearby... we needed 2 visits, 2 weeks apart and his cataracts were gone... it was pretty amazing...
  11. You might want to look locally for help... unless you want a foreigner, you are not likely to find someone on this cite... and if a farang, you will have all sorts of work permit issues... That said, when your crop comes in, I would love to be a customer... do you ship?
  12. I liked the Dylan version... Hallelujah leonard cohen, april come she will, many tom Waits... karabou, Springsteen anything E street days and so many motown and 60s stuff always bring a nice buzz... Dave Van Ronk Joni Mitchel Missisippi John Hurt... Imelda May Girl from Ipanema.. Astrud Gilberto
  13. my goal was homeless with bank account... I have the bank but have 2 homes... I can still aspire.
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