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  1. You are being a bit paranoid... general rule I have seen is that if you don't get in fights or trouble in other countries, you won't here either... I have been here a long time and never known anyone to run into the type of problems you mention... relax and enjoy.
  2. Thanks for the helpful reply... I can already speak Thai... I am not asking how hard it would be for me to learn, but was curious if there are rankings amongst languages as to how difficult it is.. a friend who speaks Thai had wanted a comparison to Vietnamese and the question expanded from there. I have heard that Mandarin and Navajo were particularly difficult... Though even for a beginner - it would not be an invalid question to ask...
  3. I sometimes miss the crisp clean feel of the chilly morning air... especially in the middle of hot hot season when the heat can overwhelm... I never miss scraping the ice off my windshield in the morning...
  4. Any recommendations for a good step counting sports watch? Waterproof would be good too... Some of these say they do ekg's too? BP measurements - can they possibly be accurate? Thanks,
  5. maybe try a different forum where the contributors average age is less than 'I am glad each morning when I wake up.'
  6. I don't really get your problem... why would you expect that the IO would not want a proper statement and didn't you have your bank book w/you and a letter from the bank? And w/the way you describe the IO as turd etc, do you think they don't pick up on your attitude problems? Did you actually say that abt the vision check? I think it is pretty normal around the world that if you give <deleted> to someone w/authority over you, it will come back at you...
  7. If we could short cars, we would all be rich... I am already long 2 vehicles... but we need them.
  8. Did you buy it as an investment? What if you put that into Tesla stock instead...
  9. I don't get this. What are you saying?
  10. ME TOO!!! I cannot imagine trying to learn it with all the idiosyncrasies and colloquialisms... I fly You fly We fly They fly He/she flies????????? Why is that??
  11. I find that if I am speaking in sentences, if I miss a tone or mispronounce one word or speak grammatically incorrect, most Thai understand and it does not present a hiccup.. That said, there are some people who I cannot understand 20% of what they are saying and same for me, but others, I can speak to all day and not have an issue..
  12. It is not a matter of need but want... when I was 24 I travelled around the world for a year and surely did not pick up each language as I went and I functioned fine. Wanting to take communication to another level with people who do not speak English, has been my motivation. It is also an insight into the culture... I am sure you do fine - deaf people do ok too...
  13. If I don't regularly use a word or hear it used conversationally, I have trouble remembering also... Funny - I almost quit many years ago because of the months... after Spanish, Enero, Febrero, being so simple as to nearly be English... to have to learn Mokkara.kom.. Gumpa etc.. was a wall too high... I still struggle on the later part of the year...
  14. dictionary works well too... I also do not believe I will ever be able to write off the top of my head, speaking I am ok as tones seem to be just mimicking a sound and spoken in context really helps...
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