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  1. Mine they can carry out...
  2. and what secures your panic room? and what do you do in there anyway?
  3. Never really got the 'don't s**t where you live' axiom... we all do and are often grateful for the quick availability of indoor plumbing...
  4. yeah, welcome to Thailand... a gick can be many different things... many different types of relationships... lust? not as likely as affection and some companionship... though lust can be a part of it too... and it isn't so much about your shape or size or hairline - that is a Western concern... they like someone who is non-confrontational, fun, pleasant and sure, generous is nice... I lived near a small city w/no farang.. you see near anything/everything. I used to get approached very often and frequently by ladies who I did not know - they heard me speak Thai - asked if I was married, yes, then asked if I wanted a mia noy... As to your masseuse, quite common, and basically, she will be glad for whatever you want it to be... you not only have aces, but you hold most all the cards..
  5. no iphone - just samsung..
  6. seems a normal response to what sometimes appears to be an apocalyptic world... though it sounds like you are taking it a step too far.... get off the booze and see if that helps... though you might have some resistance at first if you have an addiction. As for me, I don't even like to watch people drink... drunks that is... many people seem to get help from AA meetings... good luck.
  7. Can you choose your playlist? How does that work? I like a wide assortment and probably none of it is popular today..
  8. just 2 really big guys taking up a few barstools each, I thought? Haven't been there in a few years...
  9. This is me .......... took Thailand 1 year to teach me better. Thankfully it didn't make you bitter and objectify women...
  10. Conversationally: How would a Thai person say this? Would the "when" not be used - and it would just be "pom ayoo noi" For some reason the "mu-arai" in the beginning does not sound right to me?? Thanks
  11. I have itunes.. and I have an ipod... what I need is a way to get more music from youtube onto my ipod... the tuttorials on youtube dont seem to be working... How do you listen to music in the car? What devices do you use?
  12. You go to Disneyland - see all of these guys fall in love with Minnie Mouse and don't expect many many to be named Mickey?
  13. Saw Pele play in NYC... past his prime but had a spark
  14. oh dear, no fear here, I don't need to fly... I think the photos were before Memorial Day in USA...
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