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  1. Phuket... you can drive across a bridge.
  2. kenk24

    Healthiest place to live in Thailand?

    I think you need to give the question more thought... There is an element of wanting contradictory things... lots of restaurants but not too congested etc... islands/areas with tourist services have plenty of tourists which is why they have lots of restaurants...
  3. you speak Thai... you must know nam jai... if she is that poor have some sympathy - -
  4. kenk24

    Stray dog/puppy what should I do?

    consider yourself the chosen one... keep the little baby... and she'll love you forever...
  5. what makes you think you got ripped off? more often than not i have seen that people who dont know the customs are not correct and the drivers are... songthaews are pretty standard either a set price or negotiated??
  6. kenk24

    SURVEY: What age is too old to drive?

    it is quite individual. I am going to say 97 for the Phillip guy in Brittania
  7. Nice photos, nice post, I have always enjoyed my trips to Nan province... thanks.
  8. I am so happy that they are all alive and well...
  9. kenk24

    New start Chris

    your relationship will be unique to the 2 of you... relax and enjoy... usually things are pretty good for 7 years... then it becomes more of a crap shoot... when someone told me that 50% of marriages end in divorce, I thought - oh my - that means there is a 50% chance I will have to live with her forever.... 9 months is still honeymoon phase... why worry?