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  1. the statistics for 1 day in fla are higher by far than the total event here.. why would i make plans to return w my family? things are fine in n. thailand. people wear masks wo having an attitude.. at this point no change in plans.. how abt you? it must be disconcerting to be stranded in one of the worlds hotspots
  2. there is not much profit and a potential for aggravation.. best off might be to invest in something you might enjoy using.. like a condo..
  3. the younger people i meet are often optimistic.. they see the destruction of some of the old as a new place to start... some is better some seems worse but getting older kinda sucks.. more achy than i would have liked and maybe less to look forward to.
  4. like complain abt every minor inconvenience in your life..
  5. Sounds like you got a good one.. mostly the ones I have had are pretty tasteless...
  6. from all the complaining I hear abt ladies here, sounds to me like some of these guys here might be better off.
  7. yeah.. get over it... you should be immune by now.. just expect it will happen and enjoy the rest... As Woody once said, "sex w/o love is an empty experience - but as empty experiences go, it is one of the better... "
  8. So they made a mistake on the bill and charged you too little - ?? And you want them to do it again the next night? What am I missing here...
  9. sounds like you got off easy the first night and somebody made a mistake... also sounds like you don't just have no Thai friends but have trouble w/people everywhere you go...
  10. and it's so inconvenient to find a decent restaurant for a vegan... I have heard they are kind of nasty too... oh! virgin - your mistake too - never mind
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