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  1. I have been in Jomtien for 1-year retirement extension a few days ago and I asked when I can visit them to show the money in the bank as I will not be in Thailand on the due date in July. They simply said "LATER, when you come back", without any reference about fines or how many days later is allowed (you know the attitude they have in this office when you ask something....). My problem as some people already exposed is that I have a Kasikorn fixed deposit and the bank told me that it is not possible to get it updated every time (see a new printed out line), but I think a letter from the bank stating that the money is still there will be ok. For this reason, I think a normal book bank is better than a Fixed deposit for this issue. I can imagine the chaos in Jomtien with this new report as if today they have an average of "maybe" 200 1-year visas a day, later on, they will have to handle 400 people on the same day due to the 200 new money in the bank reports, and you know how small Jomtien office is. Regards
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