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  1. A spouse can accompany his / her partner in the Thai passport line. I do it all the time. The IO thought you looked like a couple.
  2. Could be a perception problem. Fat people might see others like them as normal.
  3. The pH of the digestive track is not the same. The esophagus is generally neutral, the stomach acidic, the duodenum (upper small intestine is basic). Although sodium bicarb and magnesium can effect pH they do so mainly in the stomach. Gastro-resistant tablets or capsules allow the medications to bass the stomach to the small intestine. Most absorption takes place in the small intestine. I guess that if acid reducing medications are taken in large quantities the pH of the entire digestive tract could be altered, but that's not the issue here. ' Taking medications as directed, esp food, should reduce the effects of chelation. .
  4. Your electrical outages seem sever. We have had none this season. Outages are mostly when there is a lot of wind and heavy (thunderstorms)
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