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  1. I'm having a hard time believing you. This is about visa entries not trips to the can.
  2. I can understand that some don't have the money and/or unable to show foreign cash flows. However, for a marriage visa its only 400K in the bank or 40K/month. One can even work on a marriage visa, I suspect it's not so much a money thing as much as not wanting to be told what to do.
  3. They put a stop on back to back tourist and ed visas, because they knew people in the know were gaming the system. Those getting yearly Non O for retirement and/or marriage are gaming the system in that they don't have to show Thai Bank financials, if they do 90 days runs. I can see the next move will require the Thai Bank financials for the yearly Non O crowd to but everything on a equal basis. Something like first one OK but renewals require money in a Thai bank. BTW I think must of this started with the withdrawal of the embassy letters, but it' only my thought.
  4. Can we join in on the flogging? We can help you out. I thought real ninjas were silent and impossible to see. Perhaps you need more practice.
  5. Yinn, I fully agree with Denim. The long post is probably good practice at reading English, but often difficult (or impossible) for a native English speaker it comprehend and tend to be full of nonsense. So good for your practice but don't be disappointed when nothing is revealed.
  6. Well said. But there is a large number of dysfunctional grumpy old men on the forum. They are lazy because it's much easier to complain than offer something constructive. In my professional life, it was said that it's 10x more likely that people will complain about service, as to compliment on good service. I don't know about here but it appears that the grumpies are in firm control and need something to say (even if it's nonsense). If you can't say something nice, keep it to yourself.
  7. Being prepared is good, but over analyzing the situation isn't helpful. Take it one step at a time and you'll be fine. BTW are you on a OA or O visa? If on an OA you'll be OK because bit was issued before 31 Oct 2019. If it's an O you'll be fine. If questioned at the airport take a deep breath, stay calm and answer politely. If you think it's wrong just answer I didn't know and could you please check. It's worked for me everytime.
  8. So as I said before this will all blow over. It was a lot to do about nothing. However, the posters here seem to like to hyperventilate. If they die of a self induced coronary, having or not having health insurance isn't an issue. Maybe life insurance would be more important. Chill out and live a long life.
  9. Finally someone who makes sense and hopefully ends the endless speculation. Thanks
  10. How I see it, 29 pages on this thread alone but no real information. It is supposed to be OA visas on or after Oct 31 2019. Otherwise just a lot of empty talk for people who don't know. I'll simply wait until it shakes out and we know more.
  11. What kind of Visa do you have? If it's an OA you need to change to Non Imm O. I don't like insurance either. I believe it's the reason for the high cost of healthcare in US. Socialized medicine is even worse because with both the user (patient) rarely see or is concerned with the bill.
  12. A conversion from a TR visa to Non O is possible in Thailand. It's also available in countries that neighbor Thailand. The OA became more popular because some would renew every two years and avoid the requirement to have funds in a Thai Bank. Renewing in Thailand was less advantageous because of the requirement for financials in a Thai Bank but it wasn't worth changing to a Non O, because the requirements are the same. I think now that there will be many conversions to Non O visas because the OA's insurance requirements. Those on OA who were renewing every two years now must either buy insurance or convert to Non O and put money into the Thai Bank. I'd guess that people will either use more ME TR visa (those staying shorter times, stay home, or convert to Non O. The number of new insurance policies might not be as great as expected. For people with a Non Imm O based on retirement, this whole issue has been blown totally out of proportion and cause a lot of useless misleading conversations and posting. The Non O had 800K in the bank so couldn't run out. Tapping the 800K could effect renewals but medical bills would be paid. My only remaining question is what were the numbers using OA visas that were renewing every other year in the first place and how many actually ran out of medical bills. My guess is it's probably close to zero but I could be wrong. I suspect some sort of vested interest could be at play, but don't know.
  13. Years ago when living in Bangkok, I could get shoes made to order. They'd draw a pattern of your foot on a paper and take some measurement. I got some really good shoes back then, but no sport shoes. I don't know if there are still such places.
  14. Thanks but I wouldn't consider myself extraordinarily talented at learning languages, but if you say so OK. I think average Thai students in an intensive English program (6 hrs/day) could do pretty well after 7 months and that's not immersion in the culture. I don't have English TV programing and can understand. I watch the news in Thai and it's OK.
  15. I got some size 46 ecco sandals at the ecco store in Chiang Mai. I also saw some >44 shoes in the sports shop in Lampang recently. You can find them but it's not easy.
  16. There is. Change to a Non O and put 800K in the bank. Takes a little doing but it can be done. Isn't this the same in the end?
  17. Dtay 777 After 7 months living in Thailand and submerged in the language and going to school you should be able to speak pretty well. My question is what are you really doing with your time. I have suspicions that he thought you were either partying 24/7 or doing illegal work, but not studying. The IO all had to study and pass English exams and know foreign language requires work. You only have 4-5 months left so you best get with it. Sorry for the lecture but someone needs to tell you the truth.
  18. Are you chicken little? "The sky is falling" ha ha With the OA financials in Thai bank aren't required. So making a run for the border has little consequences. With an Non Imm O based on being retired requires 800K seasoned in a Thai bank. So they can get paid before you run. Easy to understand. It seems like the simplest solution would have been to require OAs to have 800K seasoned in a Thai bank, but maybe it's not doable outside of Thailand.
  19. I guess that Americans don't appreciate arrogant freeloaders. Actually Thais don't either, but talk about it among themselves. As far as Thai officials, most are really nice to me. I do understand Thai culture and afford respect if due. I also speak polite Thai. Generally, I ask what's needed and do my best to provide it. When my wife and I were transferring some land, the officer even stayed about 30 minutes past closing to complete everything. We were very grateful but she refused any gratuity. Other dealing in official Thai government offices are always cordial.
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