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  1. Yes, when within the transfer process and the payment to them, transferwise, came up and selected my bank as they requested, then a window opened that gave the appearance it was from my own US Bank, and was a login, requiring both my user id and pw, i just stopped--i will not provide that to transferwise, regardless of their promises made in the help section article i posted above. as many US citizens did before, i simply made an ach transfer(free) to bkk bank NY and then the money was transferred to my bkk bank account here in thailand. Now, while transferwise wants to pull/debit my account, they want my US bank login info--no way. If they allowed an ach-free--transfer to them, rather than requiring it be a wire transfer, i would still use them.
  2. i wish i could do this if they allowed an ach transer--as from their help page i referenced in another post, they will provide the details, but state it can delay the transfer , so i don;t disagree that you can "push"/send the funds to them, but they appear to prefer the "pull method, which they call an "ach DEBIT" , but, once again, they require it to be a wire transfer from my bank to them--not a free ach transfer--and so, i might as well just use a SWIFT transfer from my bank
  3. Yes, I registered recently and then later logged and completed most of the steps you indicate above, but then, when the "payment" option came up, they did not provide the option that you mentioned, nor another friend who uses transferwise as well, they had me select my bank from a list of US Banks, which i did and then a log into that bank appeared, with two slots, asking for my user id and my clearly my pw--when i did not go forward and researched more, i was sent to the info above that i shared in another post--about how they need my id and pw to "pull/debit" money, but will keep that info secure, etc--or.as mentioned, i can send them a wire transfer with the funds--if you google transferwise asking for bank "details", as i did, you will find a number of others who have complained about it--it is not me misunderstanding what they were asking for. of course, i do not provide my bank "details" to transferwise or anyone--and i can transfer money to them instead, but not via an ach transfer, which is free from my US bank, but by wire transfer for which my bank, and most all, charge.
  4. Hello, just to clarify--yes, they do request both one's user name and pw for the bank from which they are "pulling" the funds to pay for the transfer. it is considered an ach debit--one may opt of out of that, but then you must send to transferwise a wire transfer--not a ach transfer (which is free from my US bank, but most charge for wire transfers)--see the info below copied directly from transferwise's own support/help section of their website--so, my own bank would not like it, and hold me liable for any future online thefts, if they knew i was providing my pw to any outside source, regardless of transferwise's claims that no one sees it, its encrypted, etc--that's just what was said by all the big US corps that had millions of users' data breached. it is unwise to give your bank details to anyone--so, then if i must pay for a wire transfer, then transferwise's fees, i may as well just make a SWIFT transfer--see the help info copied below: Why do I need to enter my US online bank details? TransferWise has set up various local payment methods for each currency depending on the popularity and cost-effectiveness. ACH bank debit is a cheap and convenient way of paying, making it the most preferred method for our US customers.Entering your online banking credentials is what creates the "withdrawal" or "pull" of funds in the ACH network. * Your login credentials are not stored, nor are they visible to any TransferWise employee. They are used in encrypted format to authorise an online bank debit payment via the ACH network. It is not in our interest to misuse any customer banking details as it would easily compromise our trading licenses and most importantly - trust of our clients.* If you check the address bar when browsing our website, you may notice a green part in front of the URL. Upon clicking this you may see all the encryption measures that we've dedicated to keep the site safe and secure.As an alternative payment method to the ACH debit, our customers can also send their USD to us by domestic wire on their online banking interface on a separate tab instead without entering any online banking information on our site. We've combined instructions for most common US banks in our support centre here and you can find all articles related to security concerns here. Transferring money abroad has been overly complicated for some time now, and it is one of our primary goals to make it much simpler and accessible for everyone. ACH bank debit proves to be undeniably popular with our US customers for the convenience and low cost.
  5. exactly, i felt the same way, when i just opened a transferwise acct and got the same request--your own bank, i think, would freak about you providing your acct and pw to some outside source--they, transferwise, swears the info is encrypted and no one sees it, etc--but think to all the major corps in the US, even Paypal i think, who have lost customer data.
  6. Could you, or anyone, advise please on using Transferwise--I had used the Bkk Bank NY transfers that ended, so trying new methods, which seem to be a service like Transferwise or making SWIFT international transfers at a more costly rate. So, I decided to try Transferwise--opened an account, verified my ID, etc--and got to the point where i had to make payment from my US bank, and Transferwise wanted me to enter my US bank account number AND MY PASSWORD. Is this the normal process, providing a pw I protect so religiously--and mine is a two step authentication for added security, so not sure they could even use that (I understand they promise secrecy, security, and that no one sees it, etc, but----??), or am i missing something, and there is another way to make payment to Transferwise, without providing my bank account? If not, then it looks like i am back to making more expensive SWIFT transfers, as I don't share that pw with anyone. Thanks for any feedback.
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