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  1. While that may be generally true--i lived in San Diego also for quite a long time--if one is interested, and knows the right people, you can find fairly authentic Mexican and Thai food both--of course, as with all things, and especially food, it is in the "mouth of the beholder", to make their own individual judgement--i l"authentic" Mexican food, and I like Taco Bell, which is the furthest thing from authentic one can find.
  2. Actually, a lot of schools are moving toward requiring applicants to demonstrate teaching a lesson. Having a lot of stuff written in a CV, which my be verifiable or not, and knowing that some individuals are excellent at being able to "smooth talk" their way thru an interview, but having to actually teach a lesson from a lesson plan or topic and grade level at which the applicant will be expected to teach is one more piece of practical evidence of competence.
  3. i agree with your excellent advice--we have a pediatrician we see at CM Ram, and for the occasional visit for one of the children, the office visit might be 300-500 baht, and then i would see that medications could run an additional 1500-2000 baht--so, long ago, i quit buying the meds there--most doctors were cooperative and would write down the names of the prescriptions on a paper for me, understanding the markup (don't know if they get a cut of prescription fees, but wouldn't surprise me)--also, this process allows me to go online and research each prescription given for my children--even at ram, doctors here tend to very much OVER PRESCRIBE, and that can have long term negative impact on children--I have found one children's dr who seems to understand this and we now use. It's not always this drastic a difference, but on occasion, the prices for meds at Ram might be several thousand baht, and i have been able to get the same exact meds outside a excellent pharmacy for only several hundred baht. Yes, I like Ram for dermo, they have also have a part time excellent eye dr, who teaches at the university, and Dr. Morgan is great!!
  4. i lived many years in san diego--passable thai food but great mexican food of all kinds--not mexican food, really at all, but i love Taco Bell and now have, i think 5 locations in bkk, waiting for it to come to cm--great comfort food.
  5. I;d like to try this out--the Mae Hai market? by the Rimping or Riming?? can you clarify please--thanks
  6. I have been a regular at CM Ram for years, and yes, it is not as modern or clean as the newer Bkk CM hospital. I see common fixes--paint scrapped, wall paper torn, that could easily and should be repaired to give a better appearance--surprises me that minor things are not more promptly addressed. However, many of the hospital rooms\floors have been renovated and are quite nice. With all that said, it is what's inside--the doctors that make it--CM Ram, in the past, has had the best overall group of specialists, even if some only appear part time. In most recent few years, I have seen less, overall, of the best doctors at CM Ram--some retiring, some moving to Bkk hospital, some other hospitals or their own clinics. Most cm hospitals have websites where you can read detailed bios of each dr in each dept--well worth the read and to see background, training and experience. It may have changed recently, but when Bkk newly opened, I considered moving there, but when I took the time to read the bios of drs in depts i commonly used, i found that many did not have the level of experience or training that wanted. For me, CMR is still the best, overall, but unlike medical systems in the US and others, here you go right away to a specialist, which is often more than needed--that's why some of the local clinics mentioned are great for minor matters.
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