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  1. "Finally. The truth is laid bare. Irrefutable proof that the MAGA movement under the greatest US President ever Donald Trump has indeed made America more powerful." I shudder to imagine what the worst president must have been like.
  2. Not sure if you're joking or not. "i get to spend that 400,000". Isn't that just short term borrowing from yourself? Wonder if anyone thought about borrowing the equivalent 800K amount from ones home country bank and repaying the interest with the fee the agent charges.
  3. I understand your frustration. It can be a challenge to navigate the roads in Thailand. But if you had injured the Moto rider, wouldn't that be akin to attempted murder?
  4. Doing such a thing in Hua Hin would constitute a slaughter of mass proportions.
  5. This thread with the theme that the OP erred, got to post #6 before it was suggested he, the OP. can leave the country if he opens his mouth about anything. That's was actually pretty quick. I'd call the reply a "quick draw" response.
  6. If you're serious, that's one of the most restrictive ideas I've seen posted on this forum since I've been a member. myshem I was thinking that only farmers by ugly and uncomfortable trucks ?! I'd suggest you try out a modern comfortable truck and compare the difference.
  7. When I drive I do my best to show courtesy and patience to both pedestrians and other drivers on the road. Not always easy to do but in the long run I think it's the best approach for me.
  8. I have to ask where were you in the PI? Brown outs are a way of life.
  9. I knew a fellow who at a minimum wanted four opinions. I told him he was daft if he didn't get at least 7 and then flip a coin. Some people??
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