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  1. I wonder if you're certain about needing a police report for a new USA passport? I once changed one that was not expired and I didn't need a police report.
  2. That's a pretty weak argument for showing disregard for pedestrians. Can't you manage to limit yourself to the roads and not drive on sidewalks?
  3. Are they even aware you're unhappy? Before you do anything drastic maybe a peace offering and a friendly chat would calm things.
  4. I wonder why a UK based company isn't handling the visa and passport process.
  5. OMF It seems you just won't give up when you're finding your selfish attitude isn't supported. Again, sidewalks are for pedestrians and roads are for cars, trucks and motorbikes.
  6. No problem. Don't like a constitutional amendment just change it. It only takes a two thirds majority of the US States to ratify any changes. It's been done before and properly planned for by the framers of the Constitution.
  7. I'm assuming it was a "sealed bid" in which case someone should have been in the proper office to submit the bid exactly at the closing time. That eliminates a competitor from adjusting his bid. Major cock up here, I'd say.
  8. Thanks for the reply. Did you or someone on your behalf try to make an appointment and couldn't? Some have gushed on TVF about how wonderful their experience was renewing a license in Pattaya but when I did it months ago for a car license renewal I arrived early at 7:00 AM and didn't get the license until 4:30 PM. I'd hoped an appointment would speed up the process but I guess that's not to be. Thanks again.
  9. Many people drive more than a few meters on the sidewalk. Would it be possible for you to avoid doing this all together?
  10. I want to renew a 5 year motorbike license. The Mrs. tried to make an online appointment for me but wasn't able to as the system requires a 13 digit number which neither my passport or current motorbike license has. She called the Land transportation office here in pattaya and spoke with someone who told her the system is not set up for foreigners. My memory seems to recall it was possible but I must be mistaken. Anyone recently able to make an online appointment for license renewal in Pattaya?
  11. Mr. Sturman, an existentialist, once said there is "no justice in the universe". I believe he was accurate.
  12. I have the car in my name and have over the years heard it referred to as "Your car". I'll live with that and if I'm not living it'll automatically be "HER CAR" as all my other assets will become. Insurance wise, I don't know about Thailand's policies but in my home country there is what's called a multi car discount. I'd only suggest to be careful to allow your cars to have the rider of allowing other drivers than the car's owner or the insured to drive.
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