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  1. I feel for anyone trying to get work permit here. If they required transcripts from me, I'd have to look elsewhere for employment. I have a master's degree plus 105 graduate credit hours beyond that, many of those credits coming from weekend seminars, summer classes accredited by numerous US universities (15? 20?). Running all those down and getting verification.... that would be a full time job.

  2. "Another prevalent conduct of landlords is to fix their own utility charges by marking up electricity, water, and telephone charges from the utility providers for a profit. Security deposits and arbitrary installation charges for installation of a landline and internet fees can only be passed on at cost."

     My place in BKK does that doubling scam for electricity. If I want a DSL line, there would also be a monthly fee for that although absolutely no work would be done to earn that cash, just another gouge. My landlord would also only allow connection to True, as her sister works for them...

     Is anything stopping landlords from just jacking up the rent if they can't get you with utilities scam? Our one year lease ran out a few months ago, asked the wife about signing a new one, and she said no need, we just continue on old one month to month (is that common?)

  3. Me again. Gee, just watched Geelong squeak by NM. A squeak is as good as a holler. On the idea of trying not to have favorite team, I think there is some sort of hard wiring in our DNA to push us for favorites. I have maybe 5-6 teams I prefer, but dang it's hard not to have a fave for any number of reasons that pop up after get some emotional response.

     BTW, why all the hate for Collingwood? Are they similar to hate for New York Yankees in much of US? It's not like they dominate and take the fun out of the game....

     Oh, and limit is now 90 interchanges (I think) and some want it to be less. Seems like ought to up the number a tad, say 100 or 110. I prefer seeing players fresh v "the running dead". 

    Occasionally I try to promote Aus rules with my American friends (most of whom like US football). WSJ did study showing average US game has 7 min of action, furthest runners only go about 1/4 mile tops, all that armor (or armour), field 3x bigger, game doesn't stop if get clobbered.... wondered about those pink folks out there at first. And on and on. Imagine Aus rules won't catch on. US seems to be lacking cricket grounds. And when could they do all the ad breaks?

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  4. Many Thai's think the enforcement of laws in other countries is like Thailand, ( ignored ) thus they get caught and create problems for others. I saw them lie to get in the US as tourist, so they could work and then overstay visa time also. Get caught, sent home, change name and try again. Sometimes it worked, other times they got caught but they created problems for other who followed on legit reasons.

    By survey, about 70 % admit that they see nothing wrong with theft/corruption so the entire population is regarded as dishonest by many who are aware of this. I am sure immigration officials in other countries have the same info, thus they refuse entry to some who are not playing the game, but get the majority who are. The Buddist temples contribute to this problem in other countries by sponsoring individuals to work for the temple, while in fact they work in the private sector draw a cash salary, pay no tax, , overstay for several months or years and return home.They live at the temple grounds and are not taught that this is illegal, thus wrong, by the monks.

    "By survey, about 70 % admit that they see nothing wrong with theft/corruption so the entire population is regarded as dishonest by many who are aware of this."

    Care to cite this "survey?"

    When it comes to illegal overstaying, the multitude of farang who have posted on TV about their own overstays makes one wonder how many farang have been staying in Thailand for years or even decades illegally. Presumably those posting about it are but a small percentage of the total.

    64% by this result. There may have been earlier, higher result http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/440383-abac-poll-thai-people-can-accept-govt-corruption/

  5. The CIA already knows only too well. Check out the Frontline program about the "black" interrogation center in Bangkok. Extensive exposure to "music," usuallly rap or repetitive C & W or other obnoxious music was used as part of the advanced interrogation techniques. The Frontline program is very complete. I'm sure that it can be found on YouTube.

    Thailand with speakers is one big black interrogation center, if they would just ask us questions.... "please, stop the sound! I'll say anything!!"

    Under no circumstances give a Thai a mic and PA system. Never.

    I recall few years ago some Jomtien international bars football tournament. Kept blasting "Hey, sexy lady". I walked over to DJ or whatever and said "If you keep playing this song over and over, I will come back and destroy your equipment". I was calm, not aggressive, rather matter of fact. He changed the music...

  6. Those who slam democracy: what might you propose instead? Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.” ― Winston S. Churchill

    Yes, USA is turning into a plutocracy. However, if people decided to wake up and take interest in government, they could change the Constitution to end that. It is their inertia, distractions, and disinterest that allows those in power to manipulate them. There is still freedom of speech, press, assembly and votes are still counted for determining who is in office. So again, just what do suggest as better? Benevolent dictatorship?

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