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  1. ""If you have been to a Thai prison, you are not afraid of anything," he said."


    I see a future for training folks who lead fearful incomplete lives, being held back by their own doubts and insecurities. Could work out a deal with RTP to house westeners for a month in one of Thailand's fine detention facilities. Besides overcoming fears and becoming a new person, candidates will also learn about Thai culture, language, customs and cuisine on a person to person basis.

    Perhaps charging $8,000 (plus airfare) might be appropriate figure for such a unique experience?

  2. Yes, how about names and photos of Thais who hired the Chinese? "Individuals #1,2,3, etc"? Seems it would not be difficult to find those who hired them, as there were fake passports with names of Thais to present to testers. Hmmmm...

    If they had succeeded, gotten good scores, applied for Ed visa to the states, I wonder if they would then be liable for serious visa fraud charges... false pretenses/statements. I doubt US immigration would be as lenient as Thai authorities

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  3. From charter school's website

    " All human beings are deserving of dignity and worth, and University Preparatory High School is a place where the ideals of equality of treatment and equality of opportunity contribute to a culture of tolerance and respect for each and every individual."

    Thought might have been a religious charter school, update on Samson story, but just whacko teacher.... science teacher according to site.

    school's website

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