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  1. I honestly would not bother shipping your bike to Thailand. The effort in doing so does not seem worthwhile as the "hassles" you'll encounter this end importing it will be frustrating. My advice is to sell your bike in the UK for a good price & buy a similar machine here. Thailand has been building bikes for years, it's a "must have" mode of transport for every family here & they are good at it. The choice you will have will amaze you & you will not be disappointed at their cost. If you want to purchase a bike a little more up market than a 125cc there are many 300cc bikes on the market here & ideal for buzzing around town ....... Yamaha, Honda & Kawasaki are the main brands here, but there are local brands that are even cheaper. Remember that Thailand builds bikes ........ hence nearly every one you buy from new should give you years of loyal service. Good luck & I hope you find Thailand to your liking ........ I'm into my 20th year & still loving every minute. Secondhand is a risk as most Thai's will not service their machines & only do repairs if something goes wrong. Unless you know the history forget buying secondhand. Bikes keep their value well & easily sold if you decide to sell. Thailand is what it is & what you make of it. Just be sensible, watch your wallet & live the good life ........ don't be put off by people who tell you otherwise........ everything is possible here, just be careful. Cheers.
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