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  1. Sadly, I have witnessed many explosive situations here with Thai men ...... it always seems to end in violence if the police are not "on the spot". It's dangerous for anyone, especially a foreigner to argue, object or say anything as it will quickly turn into an unpleasant situation. I've been here nearly 20yrs & I have no Thai male friends ........ I think that fact speaks for itself. A sad fact of life here, but caution when you are out in town is a must.
  2. I thought this guy thought we were "too dirty" to be allowed entry into Thailand?? He must be the most xenophobic individual in the land & has proved that in his media statements. I for one do not forget his rants about us & now he's welcoming us ............. this guy needs telling that only those desperate & have families here will return now. The rest of us will go elsewhere ............... it's a fact that we are not welcome here & the recent events have confirmed this ......... we've got the message now & the "golden goose" is well & truly cooked, if not burnt!
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