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  1. That would presuppose that those who are responsible for the economic disaster are capable of fixing what they destroyed. I, for one, am not optimistic. More honest would simply to say, "We plan to stay in power and maintain the status quo and use any excuse we can think of to accomplish those ends."
  2. These are the kind of sentences you can expect when you're one of the 'wise guys'.
  3. When the bubble pops, those sitting on cash will be the new wealthy. And normal commoners sitting on cash will be able to afford real estate that they can now only dream of owning.
  4. Eventually the wheels come off the economic buggy. When it happens, people go underwater on their loans or if they purchase with cash, they end up sitting on asset losses. As much as we are told asset prices must go up, up, up - bubbles eventually pop, people take losses, and economic system gets reset to something that average people can participate in. Right now the system is set to make the wealthy wealthier and improvise everyone else.
  5. But if that is true, then she was actually busted for possession and not for simply "signing for the package." I really hope there is no law stating that if a third party with no knowledge of the contents of a package signs for it then they are guilty of possession. That's just a travesty of justice.
  6. So if someone sends a package containing drugs to a Thai bureaucrat and they sign for the package, then they are guilty of receiving drugs with the intent to distribute? But if their secretary signs for it then the secretary is guilty? Just saying that that logic contains a lot of holes and easily leads to the punishment of innocent people. And - if the package was signed by a Thai bureaucrat my guess is a different tier of "justice" would apply and they would never be jailed or considered to be involved. But commoners and foreigners. Guilty without a doubt. No wonder 80% of Thailand
  7. Actually, I like the change. The fonts are significantly clearer and easier to read. Kudos!
  8. 1997 Redux? I know. Just keep hammer the economic coffin lid closed in the name of a virus leaves 7.79 billion out of 7.8 billion people alive and well,
  9. "Covid's going to kill you all!" Probably not. "But 40 million people (40,000,000) have Covid!!!" <wrings hands> That means the 7.76 billion (7,760,000,000) people are not infected. "But 1.1 million people (1,100,000) have died world-wide!!!" <tears> That means that 7.79+ billion (7,790,000,000) are still alive and kicking In seven months Covid deaths amount to a rounding error in annual global deaths. "Infections" compared to the entire world population is insignificant. The vast number of humans on this planet are alive and doing fine and are gaining immunity. But
  10. Thais raise roosters in every village and khet in Thailand for use in cock-fights throughout this entire country. So tell me folks. If the authorities are such bleeding heart animal lovers suddenly, then why not crack down cock-fights under the Animal Cruelty Act? In my humble opinion animal fighting is just ugly, brutal forms of abject cruelty. How many articles have we read on TV about how authorities filing criminal charges against Thais for putting fighting chickens in harms way? About as often as we read articles about Thais being criminally charged for animal abandonment. I'm sure
  11. Wow. Talk about being an apologist for Thais who "feed them out of the goodness of their hearts" until they get tired of doing so. "Thai who care for dogs aren't owners!" Really.
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