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  1. Well, they do add a lot of hot air, but they do nothing to remedy the problem. That would cut into the profits of Big Ag as well as impact the locals who burn the forests to gather het top mushrooms in the rainy season. The government will wring their hand and moan and groan - and do zip, zero, nada.
  2. Burning continues unabated... ...as it does every year because burning ag waste is more profitable then other methods and the government doesn't give a ****.
  3. Just curious, but why does Thailand have to import 35 million doses when a local manufacturer given rights to manufacturer the vaccine? Wasn't the point of "stopping the pandemic in SE Asian" all about granting rights to a Thai company to make and distribute to countries within the ASEAN sphere. But instead? Imports. What's that about? Just wondering.
  4. Mohammed bin Salman is the USA's useful idiot. Just concede that the US gave him a Double-O-Seven get out of jail free card. Murder a political enemy and US resident and no sweat. Sam's Your Uncle!
  5. Headline should read: "US assists Russia in becoming completely independent from Western economies." Closer to the truth. "Si vis pacem, para pactum" as Lavrov would state.
  6. We've been assured by leaders world-wide that the only "normal" will be the WEF's vision of a New Normal. Digital IDs, tracking passports, travel restrictions, complete loss of privacy, etc...
  7. I remember some TV member recently asking if people though his son who has dual citizenship would manage to be exempt from the draft because he thought that 10K kids would volunteer due to the economic downturn. Uh-Oh. Guess not. I recommended that his kid volunteer for the Air Force. Better than being a IED or sniper target in the three southern-most Thai (Maylay) provinces.
  8. You'd think the British Embassy would help, but - Meh! About as worthless as nipples on men.
  9. Translated: The wealthy will be given the opportunities to get wealthier and everyone else will get rogered.
  10. That sounds perfectly reasonable. I've been ****ed by people in the past too whom I've totally written off including ex-wives. "Do you think your changing as a person as you get older ?" Such an odd question from someone in there 60s who is just beginning to mature. Well - Better late than never. The bottom line is: The Only Constant In Life Is Change. You can frame that and put it on your wall. Words to live by.
  11. Why not. I bank at two banks. I have a Fixed rate saving account for visa purposes at both banks and a debit account at both banks. It ain't a problem.
  12. You'll be required to find a source as soon as your 2022 Non-O extension is due (even if the source is charging 5 times the price you'd pay anywhere else in the world). Heck, Immigration may go as far as to say you must have a specific vaccine manufactured by a specific Thai company - sorta like the Non-OA retirees and their forced Thai-Company-Only insurance.
  13. How interesting. They have an extra special company given sole rights to manufacture AZ, but here is Thailand waiting for imported Covid-19 vaccines from AstraZeneca in June. In the meantime, the rest of the world is getting vaccinated. Yeah. Sole source monopolies are super duper efficient. I bet as soon as vaccines are no longer being given 'at cost' but instead for profit, said company will be cranking out vaccines with a vengeance. Little vaccine bottles making "Cha-ching" sounds.
  14. ...because the average Thai farmers will never be allowed to grow it. However, the extra-special "connected" growers who are granted a license by their connected friends stand to make 45K per kilogram. I'm thinking that beats the hell out of growing just about any other crop in Thailand. But Thai farmers will make nothing from grown the herb because they will never be granted permission to do so.
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