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  1. Reality? You deck him immediately. Then the guy's Thai friends kill you or beat you so bad that they will have to ship your 'vegetable state' body back to your home country after your friends and family raise sufficient Go Fund Me funds. Use a weapon? Then you do a long stint in the Bangkok Hilton. There is no 'win' scenario here. Welcome to Thailand.
  2. connda

    Lights on for safety

    Here's an answer from a non-Nanny-Statist: Reach down and turn your lights on if you believe they help. Yeah? I do. Do I think the government should mandate it? H*** no. Like most Thai traffic laws, it's unenforceable 99.999% of the time anyway.
  3. I'd love to see those results published on a demographics map which includes populations density and income.
  4. Snow report from my old ski area: 77" up top / 42" base area with 6" new in the last 24 hours. Hummm. Frost isn't much of a draw. Especially at the 10 times the Thai price for foreigner's entrance fee to the park pricing scheme. Nope. Not impressed at all. And...Thais are not charged 10 times what a US person is charged for a lift ticket where I used to ski. In the US they call that "discrimination" and it's against the law - legally and morally.
  5. Just submit to Islam and accept Sharia and there will be no further problems.
  6. connda

    Premchai and wife in court over tusk charges

    No doubt his properties will be deemed as "Elephant Graveyards". 'They just come here an die. What am supposed to do? Bury the ivory with the rest of the elephant? Not Guilty on all charges verdict coming soon. Buddha help the Cook.
  7. Really. You gotta be kidding me. We're two to three weeks away from the Great Annual Thailand Burn Fest where the rural Thais set fire to their forests to clear the under growth so they can come back at the beginning of the rainy season and collect mushroom which accounts for some infinitesimal fraction of Thai GDP.. Then that 2.5 to 10 ppm particulate in BKK basically becomes Thailand-wide until the real Rainy Season sets in. Stupid is as stupid does. The newspapers are replete with pictures of city dwellers wearing surgical mask that aren't even effective at filtering bacteria no less 2.5 ppm junk. Some budding entrepreneur will make a billion baht selling fashion-wear masks and this will become a status race to see who wears the most expensive and elite masks. <head shake> The most elite will not wear masks at all as they will never venture outside of air-conditioned spaces. Hummm. But, just to keep the 'image' perhaps Rolex and Richard Mille can produce luxury face masks for the upper crust so that they are not mistaken for the poor saps who have not choice but to breath the air-borne poison?
  8. connda

    Another new hazard on the road

    I've coined an apt name for them: Suicide Cycles. Just a matter of time.
  9. connda

    Another new hazard on the road

    Yeah, the last three times I've been in Muang Chiang Mai I've seen idiots on these things. It seems the foreigners who get on these electric scooters seem to have the mindset that they are 'vehicles' and therefore due all the rights and privileges as car - therefore driving down the middle of lane of the road without a care is the norm. "I have a vehicle! I have Rights!" Ok. Works in LA, New York City, and Seattle, but eventually gets you killed in Chiang Mai or any other Thai city. Really, as a kid I had a foot power one. You rode on the sidewalk or along the curb. No mirrors on the handles; no brain riding it. - what could go wrong?
  10. Let's point out the obvious: Retirees in Thailand are viewed as tourists as opposed to long-term assets to the financial benefit of their host country. Those countries who see retirees as financial contributors to their countries offer retiree's a path to permanent residence as opposed to treating them like tourist on a year-to-year extension, or like a parolee who needs to check in with the authorities every 90 days. Actually, Thai prison parolees to the best of my knowledge are under less stringent reporting requirements that foreigners on yearly extensions.
  11. If the brain-trust in Government House thinks it's bad now, just wait until the Northern rural locals begin this year's burning of their forests in order to clear the forest undergrowth in order to harvest mushrooms that account for a minuscule percentage of GDP and in turn, destroys the health of the country. At what point do these <insert your own word> start to actually address the horrendous problems with the 2.5 ppm pollution in this country that is endemic from, now, January until the start of the Rain Season.
  12. For Thais only or for all those who have valid Thai DLs?
  13. Then the powers to be should declared Karaoke Bars to be World Cultural Heritage sites as the proportion of Foreigner targeted 'prostitution' in massage shops is a drop in the bucket compared to the Thai male targeted prostitution in venues such as karaoke, whiskey bars, and shower massages. Legit "Thai Massage" is truly wonderful is given by an experience practitioner. The problem being that most 'Thai Massage' shops don't have staff that are proficient in much of any type of massage technique that doesn't require brisk vertical motion for a substantial 'tip' that is beyond stupid. I no longer frequent any place other than those that are normally used by Thais, and not necessarily Thai men, but by Thai women who actually want a real, traditional Thai Massage.