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  1. Yep. Right after the tramps, homeless, and lepers have had their shots. You'll be required to purchase the excess shots at three times the production cost. It will be outlined on the requirements page for your next visa extension in 2022.
  2. I am sure in the United States there is no abjectly racist, xenophobic, and discriminatory "US citizens first and then Thai Nationals and other foreigners next right before the homeless, tramps, and other outcasts" policy anywhere in America. I would be happy to change my mind if you can link to a source, but the last time I checked in California vaccinations offers were being made in about 20 difference languages and offered to any and all regardless of citizenship as a public health imperative. In comparison, the US government makes the Thai government look weak, ineffectual, and highly r
  3. Neither your Embassy nor Astrazeneca gives a rat's patootie about you, me, or any expatriated foreigners in this country. You've been shown your place! Right before tramps, homeless, and perhaps lepers. Probably below good Thai dogs.
  4. Whoa whoa whoa. Stop making sense man!!! You can't just have dirty foreigners, tramps, and homeless scum show up and expect to be vaccinated before every salt-of-the-Earth Thai is offered a vaccination. "Now get back down and prostate yourself at our feet like the lowly creatures you are. You dogs will have your day. Now "Down!". Wait for your betters cretins. Know your place pond-scum and grovel for your vaccinations or go without."
  5. Racist xenophobia - unbridled - raises its ugly mug in a smug, rictus grin and openly reaffirms it's disrespect and abject hatred of all foreigners and non-Thais. "...foreigners then the homeless or tramps" Lord - you cannot make this up. Well by golly, if dirty foreign scum here in Prathet Thai didn't understand their place in Thai society before - they should understand it now - immediately before tramps and street people!!! <--- Take note of that!!.
  6. Foreigners will definitely get vaccine in Thailand; urged to register from August Maybe, highly probable, until tomorrow, then maybe not, well...for a price, in back of the line, or "if you don't like it go home and get your shot", but foreigners will be treated fairly or course, until they are not, or until the next Flip-Flip. Blah blah blah - whatever.
  7. Come to Wonderful Phuket. Come enjoy a memorable vacation that you will never, ever forget. Meet with friends by the pool and enjoy a beer and a wine in the balmy Thailand twilight.... <Sirens - Flashing lights - Yelling - Commotion> Then get busted my the Royal Thai Police and unceremoniously dragged to the police station with a bevy of Thai reporters and cameramen recording every sordid tidbit for Thai TV, radio, press, and social media, then fined 68,000 THB for illegal gathering, 20,000 THB for illegal drinking, 6,000 THB for drinking without wearing a mask, and 40,000 THB
  8. It's my responsibility not to give a rip. We'll wait until forced by immigration decree. If not forced? Just like flu shots, I'll give it a pass.
  9. Flip Flop, Flip Flop Boss-man talks From both sides of his mouth. Flip Flop, Flip Flop.
  10. I believe the only "plans" involve how some members of the upper-crust of the Thai elite can financially benefit from this public health disaster without any of the blow-back getting on said "elite." The public and the public health be da*med. And blame the public for everything. Double blame the foreigners. Triple blame migrants.
  11. Thai govt must revisit, review, replan vaccine rollout to survive latest wave "Hey! I have a grand idea! How about we roll out a regressive, bordering on repressive tax on all vaccines imported by private hospitals? In these pandemic times, that's sure to help efforts to get Thailand vaccinated and protect the public health of Thailand! What say you? All in favor of taxing imported vaccines raise your hands!!!" (more likely to protect the financial interests of certain domestic pharmaceutical companies and their bottom line, but......Shhhhh)
  12. They'll be moaning and groaning about floods like they have done for the last two decades that I've been around. Once the flood waters recede? Outta sight, outta mind until the next floods. But coming soon
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