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  1. May want to consider adopting Portugal's model on drugs as the current Thai model isn't working unless you consider prisons packed with users to be a success.
  2. But until we know if you are a "bad one" or not, we'll just treat you all like you are potential criminals.
  3. They must have some pretty sophisticated labs in Myanmar, but would be surprised if they are stopping 10% of the traffic. Netflix should do a season of Narcos that focuses on the cartels running that show in neighboring Burma. Shine a light on it instead of ignoring it and they may be able to put a bigger dent in the traffic. However, the War on Drugs is unwinnable. History pretty much is a testament to that fact. During their short, dangerous lives the members of the cartels tend to be the winners. End-users, tweekers, are the ultimate victims. If Thailand wants to really address the methamphetamine problem, they should adopt Portugal's model for dealing with drug use, abuse, and trafficking, i.e., Decriminalization, medical interventions, treatment, and education while still attempting to stem the illicit trafficking. Meth, like crack cocaine, is a problem for sure. I feel sorry for all the wreaked lives.
  4. Learn Chaat Thai and sing it with feeling for the interviewers. Bob's your uncle!
  5. Like the carnage on the road, the yearly air pollution problem has a solution. Unfortunately it takes the state to intervene, and the state seems unwilling to do what it takes. So - road carnage, bad air in the North from Feb to May, bad air in Bangkok every time that and inversion layer arrives to trap the air over the city - all solvable problems, but there seems to be no will to do so. Authorities and 'experts' spouting hot CO2 only adds to the problem.
  6. Most everyone has heard about the new police order regarding the changes in the rules regarding using the 800k THB in the bank method for extensions to stay in Thailand based on retirement 1) Now the 800k THB can not be used 2 months prior to the extension application and then can not be used for 3 months after the extension; and 2) during the other 7 months of the year when the funds can be drawn out and used for living expenses, the balance of the account can not fall below 400k THB. So, there we have the constraints of the new law. Now the question is: "What happens to a retiree who either uses the funds during the 5 month period that they can not legally be accessed, or who draws their account below the 400k THB threshold sometime during the year?" I've read all the articles on ThaiVisa regarding the new retirement extension rules and most all of the commentaries on those threads, but I have yet to see anything official or unofficial as to what the penalties will be for non-compliance. I guess we will know for sure after March 1, 2020 when the first retirees show up at immigration with bank books showing they were not able to comply with the police order. But that leaves any retiree who is unable to comply with 1) and 2) above in absolute limbo if the 800k THB in a Thai bank is their chosen or only option. There really needs to be an official statement regarding how Immigration is going to handle these cases which I guarantee will show up on their doorsteps after March 1, 2020. Will they: * Escort the retiree to the local Immigration Detention Center * Issue a one to seven day extension for the retiree to book a plane ticket out of the country * Advise the retiree to return to their home country to obtain a new O-A Retirement Visa * Advise the retiree that they are no longer welcome to retire in Thailand Having laws is all well and good, but people effected by those laws need to understand what the consequences will be if a retiree, for whatever reason, can not adhere to those new requirements, especially if they actually have 800k THB seasoned for 2 months in a Thai bank prior to their application for an extension based on retirement in 2020.
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