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  1. Which means foreign tourist will avoid Thailand. Do these people completely lack common sense? (rhetorical question, I know the answer). "We want tourists but those dirty foreigners will need to be quarantined and submit to severe restrictions on where they are allowed to go if they plan to come here!!! Ha! We'll show them!!!" I know! Let hand out 100 Billion THB in loans! That will solve the problem. <until tourists fail to show up, business don't make any money, and then are saddled with 100 Billion THB in loans that need to be paid.> That plan has a short shelf-life before in implodes taking what is left to the industry with it as well as leaving the Thai government holding on to billions of THB in loans that will never be paid back. Great plan.
  2. But - you can readily see exactly where condo owners stand with the Thai government. Anyone planning to do the same in the future should read and heed.
  3. I got sick virtually every year that I got a flu shot. I stopped about 15 years ago. Have not had the flu since that time. Coincidence? I don't believe so. And for those who sing the praises of flu vaccines. The efficacy of flu vaccine is low. Between "40 to 60% effective1" for those stains that were targeted, and yearly flu vaccines are at best a guess at which stains will be prevalent in any given year. A Covid vaccine when produced probably will not fare any better. A Covid vaccine will not be a panacea, it will be a tool of repression and control for those who mandate it, and a marginally effective prophylaxis or simply an effective placebo for those who demand it. And in-between that the vaccine will probably end up being "40 to 60%" effective against the exact strain of SARS-Cov-2 that is targeted. But we won't know until we know. Let's say about 5 years worth of data. Maybe it will be manna from heaven! "Rejoice!" I'll join the line. Or perhaps those who take it begin to have serious health issues. "Disclaim!" The vaccine makers and politicians will make excuses and wash their hands of the damage that is done in the name of irrational fear. 1Source: CDC
  4. Efficacy is a moot point. It doesn't matter. What matters is how much money the pharmaceutical companies will amass once governments mandate the vaccine. $60 a pop. 7 Billion people. 1 dose. And of course, they'll need to be a regular vaccination schedule to make sure the world isn't wiped out by killer Covid. This will soon be a multi-trillion dollar industry. Money that will of course roll downhill as 'campaign contributions' to the politicians who support legislation that mandates as well as provides blanket protection (indemnification) of all companies producing 'approved' Covid vaccine. Humanity is a captive audience. The vaccines could kill as many as the virus itself in the long term but the reaction from those racking in the cash will be, "Ho hum, it's the price humanity must pay to be protected from the killer virus." If the vaccine is 'completely safe and effective' than those who make it should be liable for adverse results. Because they are not, there is no incentive to actually produce a vaccine that is safe as well as effective because - "We need a vaccine now!" And once will be produced in a jiffy and injected into every human on the planet. What could go wrong?
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