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  1. You can tell the people posting here who have never experienced a thrill in their lives <laughs>.
  2. Flashback (2020) Quirky "flashback" movie centering around a drug called Merc. Use subtitles. Some of the dialogue shoots by too quickly to catch but it's relevant.
  3. I heard that in Northeastern Lamphun province. I was like, "What the hell?" I'm not the only one. Not too loud but sorta like a JDAM in the distance.
  4. The moralists and their pro-temperance, anti-alcohol, pro-prohibition followers have found a sure fire way to keep the establishments closed. "If you dare open them the entire country will be infected with Covid!" <cue shrieks and screams> The government power-junkies are happy to oblige.
  5. I wasn't expecting anyone to take that little slice of lampoonery hook, line, and sinker. Lol
  6. If anyone thinks that oil is non-renewable resource, how long do you think lithium needed for batteries is going to last. And guess who has most of the lithium (hint: they have most of the rare earth metals too).
  7. "Filling up" with coal fired electricity when the grid works. Yeah, green. Lol
  8. The Thai government better get the testing labs to drop their PCR cycle counts to 28 or below and start calling Covid hospital admissions "the flu" again if the want to get to "green." And stop the mass testing of factories. Stop mass testing altogether. I'm sure Thailand will "do the right thing" for Thailand.
  9. Neti pot, Betadine, Colloidal silver solution. Bob's your uncle.
  10. You must pre-purchase Day 2&8 PCR tests to take during isolation. From my understanding that "pre-purchase Day 2 and 8 PCR test go for a whopping 180 to 200 pounds apiece. Your not allowed to get the ones being handed out for free. Someone's making a killing.
  11. I wouldn't go near the place. With all the special, special special no doubt the prices have been jacked up sky-high to cover all the special certifications.
  12. Oppsy! Floodgates just opened. Tourists need to be allowed to 'water' at 'the wotering-hole" or else there isn't going to be any tourists. Sorry Dr Aphisamai, but keep trying. The authoritarians in Thailand tend to Flip-Flop so perhaps you can get them to shut the alcohol spigot off at restaurants. Flip-Flop, Flip-Flop Now there's alcohol, And then there's not.
  13. "OMG. The 4th Wave is coming for sure and will kill half of Phuket." - Signed: Every doctor in Thailand aspiring for a photo-op and 15 minutes of fame
  14. Actually I'm going to wait until at least 2025 or until the Phase 4 trails are complete and the vaccines are fully licensed by the FDA. In the meanwhile I keep looking at the VAERS database and public testimony. https://vaers.hhs.gov/data/datasets.html James Patrick Anthony Dore is an American stand-up comedian and political commentator (liberal). He hosts The Jimmy Dore Show. -Wikipedia Dore received his second Moderna shot an April 17. Public statements by Dore easily source via internet seach "Jimmy Dore Moderna" May 15th "I still have stiff neck…I still have flu-l
  15. I fully expect the US to hold the line at reaffirm that US citizens aboard aren't their problem and to "feel free to ****-*** US expats."
  16. Reopening bars: People drinking alcohol are difficult to control and risk spreading virus And this will be the excuse going forward ad-infinitum. "Drinkers bad. Cause Covid outbreaks." In the meantime alcohol consumption goes underground. Keep them shut. Wipe them out. Force them to close. Watch what happens to the economy and tourism both domestic and international after a sufficient number tour "Prohibition Thailand."
  17. This entire sick world is about money, wealth, and favoritism.
  18. I think this is the way to go. Open a crypto account in Thailand and one in the US, convert funds to crypto, move them to the US crypto account, and then immediately covert them back to USD and transfer to your bank. The tax implications although reportable should be minimal unless then is some major move in BTC or ETH or whatever your using in the 10 minutes or so needed to covert, move, and reconvert.
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