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  1. I also completed the online 90 days reporting about three weeks ago, but have had no response, not even a rejection.
  2. Thank you for your rant! However, there is more than one Apple Store in Thailand. True, you may not have one near you, but just thought you would like to be corrected so that you can rant a bit more? By the way, I am word processing this on my Apple MacbookPro, which I bought locally here on Koh Samu, which in fact has two outlets that cater for Apple Enthusiasts. Good luck with your purchase and happy days on your MacBookPro when it arrives.
  3. When I first arrived in Thailand and was living with a lovely very well educated Thai Lady (whom I subsequently married), who speaks excellent English as well of course Thai. One of her degrees is in Thai Language and Culture. I felt that since we were going to make our life in Thailand, I should learn Thai, so that I could communicate with all her Family and Friends, many of who do not speak English. I embarked on a couple of courses and was getting along quite well, and suggested to my Wife, to improve both my learning and retention skills of Thai, we should start speaking Thai at home. No, no she says, I will forget my English. Being the weak willed character I am, I stopped learning and now find that when my Wife is talking Thai to her Friends, I "tune out" because I can't follow the conversation. I keep telling myself to "buck up" and start learning again and to ignore my lovely Wife's advice about not speaking Thai at home, but something always seems to come up and disrups my plans........."hello Coronor Virus do you know you are distupting my desire to get back on the Thai learning Band Wagon again?' And so it goes on. I can speak a bit of Thai, but no where near as much as I should be able to speak, having lived in this lovey Country for 15 years. So hopefully after isolation, I will pull up my socks and crack on with it...........I hope!
  4. It would be great if they could combine the CCTV Cameras as Speed Trap Cameras. I live just off the main road in Bophut and after about 1800 hours and later, you can hear big bykes, little bykes and cars screeming along the road, clearly doing much more than the speed limit. Remember to moto, "Speed kills", which is very relevant to some of the driving in Thailand. Apart from which, it would make a nice little income, perhaps to be able to afford a good incinerator?
  5. How very sad that yet again, due to the deceipt of a Politician, Thailand yet again becomes the laughing stock of the World. I can just imagine Politicians around the World saying, "what are these Guys on!"
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